10 Best Gay Pride T-Shirts of 2013




We LOVE T-Shirts!!!! And since its Gay Pride Week in our hometown of Indianapolis this week, we thought we’d pick out a few of our favorite Gay Pride T-Shirts of 2013!!!! Over the last few years, American Apparel, The Human Rights Campaign, The It Gets Better Project and many other companies helped out the cause by coming up with some really awesome gay pride tees.  Hell, even Nike made a line of Pride shoes!

So, the following are our favorites this year.  But, just because we didn’t mention a brand or campaign doesn’t mean we don’t support them.  If you know of a T-Shirt we should have mentioned, please contact us and we’ll get right on it! And by all means…send us your gay pride tees and we’re wear them everywhere we go…proudly! And of course, proceeds from all of the tee-shirts below(except for the last one!) go towards helping the campaigns involved, so also check out their stories because they’re amazing!


1. Gay O.K. – American Apparel $25



2. Love Conquers Hate – HRC Human Rights Campaign $28



3. If Dad Says No, Ask Dad – Marc Jacobs for HRC Human Rights Campaign Kids Tee $35



4. Love, Equality and Penetration For All – Chelsea Handler for the Give a Damn Campaign $21.99



5. Marriage Is So Gay – ISSO – $29.95



6. I’ve Got Your Back – The Trevor Project $14.99



7. It’s All Fun. And Gay ‘Til Someone Loses Their Rights – Revel & Riot Collaboration with the band FUN $15



8. I’m Gay You’re Gay She’s Gay He’s Gay They’re Gay We’re Gay Gay Gay Gay – Revel & Riot – $30

We’re soooo obsessed about Revel & Riot, their mission, commitment and especially their merchandise that we had to throw in a few more of their shirts just so you guys could see how incredible they are!!!! Below is the shirt we mentioned above, plus the anchor which represents the Trans community, the Harvey Milk tee and the LGBTQ tee.  Check them all out, plus more, on their website above and see what this incredible company is doing to better the world!



9. I Don’t Date Bullies – Rachel Roy for National Bullying Prevention Center $19

Makes a good gift for your sister or bestie!



10. Sorry Girls I Suck Dicks – Everywhere on the Internet – Cheap…but worth it! (Or Ebay if you’re lazy HERE!)



We know these tees are tasteless, but that’s why we love them.  Blunt. Too the point.  Read between the simplicity.  The fact that the tee became famous and Tumblr viral due to a faked picture of Harry and Louis from One Direction wearing them holding hands is absolutely reason enough to buy one!



No matter what you wear, make sure to be proud of who you are…gay, straight, fat, thin, tall, short…whatever.  After all, like the motto we live by at the top of our site, “Be Yourself, Be Fearless. Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!”

Buy one of these amazing tees and contribute to those who don’t have it as easy as some of us do.  Make a difference!

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Comme des FUCKDOWN!!!! It’s Just a T-Shirt!

commeIt’s T-Shirt Tuesday here at raannt and we are sooooo excited it is finally summer so we can break out our favorite vintage tees and tanks and of course, shop for new ones.  This week we’re spotlighting one of our newest faves from street wear designer SSUR! We’re absolutely obsessed! Ruslan Karablin, the designing force behind this innovative and artistic blend, combines catch phrase commentary on society and fashion while intricately creating works of art within his street wear.  We’re obsessed with all of it, including his tees, hats and hoodies…as well as other goods! This guy has so much amazing shit that we became a little overwhelmed just reading his blog and checking out all of his stuff.  Get obsessed!

coco made me do itcavier cartel

Go check out all of the amazing stuff over at SSUR HERE! And make sure you check out his gallery of artwork too!

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The Perfect Summer Tee For Day to Night Transition!


Yesterday we talked about the super cute AG Jeans and we had to go back and talk about their Tees!!!

This color block pocket tee – faded indigo is perfect for summer! Lets face it, we all love to be outside and when the weather is nice and the heat is perfect, the last thing we want to be doing is work.  So this tee is perfect for that day-night transition… Blazer and Tee for your morning meeting and just the tee for happy hour!

Best Worn With:

Jil Sander “Amalia” Blazer

Dior Classic Chino

ASOS Brogue Shoes Made in England


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The Perfect T-Shirt: Robin Tabari

robin 1

It’s a fact that we’re in love with  t-shirts.  Obsessed might be a better word.  Our drawers are crammed full of our favorite tees; old friends we refuse to throw away…and our shelves are stacked with some amazing tees that still have the tags on them! We love them in every color, size, shape, cuts, and also with different graphics, words, saying…we love them all.  Scratch! Not all of them! The perfect t-shirt must have three components; 1)It must be comfortable, 2)It must have some sense of style or even remotely a lack of style in its’ simplicity and 3)It must tell a story.  It doesn’t really matter what the story, whether personal or borrowed, but every great t-shirt has a great story!

For this T-shirt Tuesday we’re going to show you the awesome and must have spring / summer 2013 t-shirt line by Robin Tabari. We literally want one of each!  Simplicity is found in the basic design style of each tee, the graphics and words are amazing and we especially love the shorter sleeves reminiscent of the 50’s rockabilly rebellion we’re ready to see come back! Our new favorite t-shirt line! Robin Tabari has created…The Perfect T-Shirt!

robintee1robintee2robintee3robintee4robintee5robintee6robintee8robintee6 robintee7robintee10robintee11robintee12

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Ain’t Laurent Without Yves

ain't laurent

Maybe Chanel will change it’s name to Anel.  This seems to be the trend as the classic fashion empire Yves Saint Laurent changed it’s name to the simply put…Saint Laurent.  We’re confused? Are they two separate fashion houses? We don’t like this at all.  We like our classics to stay classic.  For that reason, we are absolutely obsessed with these new t-shirts from What About Yves. Available for $42, this website also offers sweatshirts and hats.  We’ll take all three thank you.  And let’s keep the classics classy!

Oh…and make sure to ONLY buy these items at What About Yves HERE since they are a trademarked brand and others are only imitations! Please…let’s keep it legit and real!

yves sweatshirtyves hat


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T-Shirt Tuesdays: Rare Vintage Concert Tees!

led zeppelin

If you watch our style closely, you know we are huge fans of mixing the old with the new.  While Alex is definitely a fan of high quality designers(Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, Michael Bastain, Michael Kors, Hermes and Dior) I(Peter) fall more to the vintage, filling my closet with pearl buttoned western shirts, dusty Red Wing boots and vintage concert tees.  We thought it would be interesting to see if anything I own is actually worth anything, being that I have old concert tees of my father’s dating back to the 70’s.  Yep…I actually own an original Dylan and The Dead.  After researching this a bit, we found we might be able to get a few hundred dollars for one of these tees(the Bruce Springsteen baseball shirt is actually worth the most) but who wants to part ways with the jewels of the closet.  Not me, that’s for damn sure!

But it got us wondering…just what is the worth of those dated treasures in your closet?  We searched all over the web and found the listings for tons of expensive concert tees dating all the way back to the 50’s.  You might be surprised to find that some concert tees, like a signed Britney Spears from her first concert, are among the most valuable! Right now on Ebay, the most expensive vintage concert tee is listed as the RAREST LED ZEPPELIN 1979 Knebworth Original Backstage Pass Concert Tee at only $7000!!!! (They have 2 offers that they’ve already declined!)Not bad if you want to look badass as hell and you have the coin to back it up! It’s like buying an original Catcher in the Rye or pair of Frye boots!

Your best chances are probably digging through your local thrift stores! Do you have any hot, vintage concert tees??? Let us know your favorites or better yet, send us a picture! And if you’re trying to get a few off of your hands…I’m always here with open arms!

To find vintage concert t-shirts in your area, search online for thrift, 2nd hand, consignment or vintage stores! Good Luck!

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T-Shirt Tuesdays: Sorry Girls!

sorry girls tee

We have seen pictures of these hilariously outspoken tee shirts all over the internet.  Pictures of celebrities wearing these tees have been reposted over and over again on Tumblr and other social media sites.  We’ve loved these tees for so long and have been desperately trying to find the authentic tee that first came out, but so many imitators have played into the game we’re not entirely sure who was first BUT Break The Labels tees, one of our favorite tee shirt makers, has what looks to be authentic.  Check out the link HERE to buy these groovacious tees for just $24 and show your pride this summer! Break The Labels Tees!

If someone knows who came up with these catchy tees…please let us know and we’ll post it here.  Feel free to send us a few tees too! (wink…wink)

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T-Shirt Tuesdays: Burberry


Less is more and in this case, Burberry is 100% correct.  The color blocking in this tee is exactly what makes it a must have staple piece.  Its simplicity makes it versatile enough for any casual or formal event.  Throw on a denim jacket with colored pants or a tailored blazer with fitted slacks and you have two completely different looks.  If you know you can never go wrong with Burberry, why go someplace else?

Follow this link to purchase: T-Shirt Tuesdays: Burberry Prorsum colour block t-shirt

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The Art of TEE: Kim Kardashion Shouts Green Living in ENC TEE!

CoCo Chanel said “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Therefore, graphic tees are evidently the fashion billboards of our minds.  We’ve always been of the belief if a tee shirt designer could get one celebrity to wear their tee shirt, they could gain overnight success.  Richard Wheeler, the founder of Emperors New Clothes, could be the very example of this statement.  He believes “tee shirts, more so than any other clothing, provide their wearers the perfect canvas for self expression.”

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Matt Damon, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Jon Stewart, Jessica Alba and many more have been seen wearing his tees. (For more evidence of this famed fashion, check out his website at Emperors New Clothes!)

Obviously we’re huge fans and waiting for the “we raannt about pointless shit” tee to hit the stores! Til then…

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

For a store locator, visit their site at Emperors New Clothes or visit their Facebook Fan Page HERE!