The Perfect T-Shirt: Robin Tabari

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It’s a fact that we’re in love with  t-shirts.  Obsessed might be a better word.  Our drawers are crammed full of our favorite tees; old friends we refuse to throw away…and our shelves are stacked with some amazing tees that still have the tags on them! We love them in every color, size, shape, cuts, and also with different graphics, words, saying…we love them all.  Scratch! Not all of them! The perfect t-shirt must have three components; 1)It must be comfortable, 2)It must have some sense of style or even remotely a lack of style in its’ simplicity and 3)It must tell a story.  It doesn’t really matter what the story, whether personal or borrowed, but every great t-shirt has a great story!

For this T-shirt Tuesday we’re going to show you the awesome and must have spring / summer 2013 t-shirt line by Robin Tabari. We literally want one of each!  Simplicity is found in the basic design style of each tee, the graphics and words are amazing and we especially love the shorter sleeves reminiscent of the 50’s rockabilly rebellion we’re ready to see come back! Our new favorite t-shirt line! Robin Tabari has created…The Perfect T-Shirt!

robintee1robintee2robintee3robintee4robintee5robintee6robintee8robintee6 robintee7robintee10robintee11robintee12

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