BooHoo Makes Summer T-Shirts Extra SEXY

boohoo t shirt_raannt

Summer gear can get totally repetitive… So how do we make our summer wardrobe pop! And in the right way?! The uber killer minds at have mix and match prints and colors and traditional “jersey” numbers to the ever so classic summer tees, making them fresh and unique again! Seriously, there’s something SEXY about a number in an unusual print on a tee or tank! Check out our favorite pieces from their newest items! (PS: we totally love how they call their tanks ‘vest’… we’re totally stealing that!).

1. Floral ’90s’ Printed T Shirt
2. Burn Out Printed Vest
3. Holy Grail Number & Sublimation Printed T Shirt
4. Raglan Sleeve T Shirt
5. Tropical Sports Mesh T Shirt
6. 66 Baseline Sublimation Printed Vest
7. Number 33 Sublimation Printed T Shirt
8. Aloha Print Vest
9. 55 Floral Infill T Shirt
10. Floral Lucky Number 13 Printed T Shirt

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Spiked Apparel Has Renewed Our Hope in Sluts, Thugs and Whores!

spiked apparel look_raannt

While rolling through Tumblr, we found the site of Spiked Apparel, one of our newest favorite t-shirt/street wear brands! Their designs are raw and honest, but hilarious at the same time, the perfect combination to speak for the youth of today! While they also have sweatshirts and jackets, their t-shirts are what sold us on their amazing look! Check out some of our favorites below!

spiked apparel diamond thug_raanntspiked apparel slut tee_raanntspiked apparel whore_raanntspiked apparel stained glass_raannt


We’re in love with all of their stuff, most of which is totally unisex! Check out their wears and order it all up today! You’ll love it!


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Obsessed with The Dope Lyfe!


We’ve been following The Dope Lyfe for awhile on Tumblr but recently came across their new tees, which are absolutely amazing! These guys also have groovy hats and had previously been selling a backpack that we would love to get our hands on quickly!

the dope lyfe hat_raannt

the dope lyfe backpack_raannt

Go to their website HERE and check out all of their goods! And check out their Tumblr HERE!

We want one of everything!!!

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American Horror Story Tank Top

american horror story tank top_raannt

When we saw this beauty floating around Tumblr, we knew we had to get it.  We are obsessed with American Horror Story and this tank top is the perfect accessory or gift for the absolute super fan.  Unfortunately, this tie-dyed wonder is sold-out and it doesn’t appear that she’ll be filling any requests any time soon to make new ones.  You might send her a nice little message via her Etsy shop HERE and maybe, just maybe, The Tiger Shop will make a special consideration.  If she does, let us know…we chop off someones leg for one of these beauties!

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Dirtee Hollywood…The Perfect Baseball Tee!

dirtee hollywood tee shirt 1_raannt

The killer minds behind the Dirtee Hollywood brand have brought a new form of style to the classic baseball square tee.  The prints and color combinations allow these baseball tees to be a bit funkier, stylish, original, and visually less boring…intriguing in fact!  These puppies are perfect for the upcoming fall season, from class to tailgates to casual Fridays at the office.  Check out Dirtee Hollywood for more looks and tee styles. We are absolutely obsessed with Dirtee Hollywood and everything on their website!!!

dirtee hollywood tee shirt_raannt

1. Optic Square Baseball Blue

2. Paintbrush Baseball

3. PolkaDot Baseball

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Sunset Print T-Shirt from ZARA…The Perfect Summer Tee!

zara t-shirt_raannt

Ok we love t-shirts! No…we love them. Especially when the t-shirt itself makes you feel like you’re on vacation, even if you’re not.  ZARA currently has a great spring/summer line that incorporates tees that makes us feel just that, on vacation permanently!! Among the many in this line, these are our top faves. Check out more HERE at Zara!

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Casual Business Fridays…What To Wear to Be Stylish!


Friday is our favorite day of the week!  First, it’s the start of the weekend; and second it really allows us to express our fashion sense beyond the suits and ties. Check out these perfect Casual Friday items your closet and your body must have!

Shoes: Dare to step out of the business week norm, but still feel like you would like to add a bit of flair to your Friday.  Pick a pair of bright, fun, loud, and masculine shoes! Here are some of our faves:

Cash In House, Blue Canvas by Sneaky Steve


Klein, light grey canvas by Generic Surplus


Pants: Fit is always best! Not too tight and not too loose, just perfect.  You want to show the world what you got, and not in a vulgar way.  Plus, you’re still at work so you don’t really want everyone staring at your goods!

K Slim Taper denim by KR3W


D by D Grey Wool Jogger


Shirts! Play with prints.  Be crazy but not too crazy; none of that Hawaiian floral stuff.  Think plaid, stripes, or even a bit of color blocking.  It’s really the simplest way to show some style and still be professional

Graviti Henley Stripe Tee w/ Pocket


Higgins Contrast Oxford in Ocean by Frank and Oak


Most important…add a beautiful smile.  After all, it’s Friday!

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Men in Stripes! Men’s Style Striped T-Shirts!

stripes 1

Stripes are strong right now and will keep their strength through fall.  The classic sailor stripe print has been around forever and lately we’ve been seeing this print all over the place.  Although it’s a definite summer theme, this year stripes are keeping their strength for the cool months to come. Here are some great choices for those hot days ahead and cool months around the corner.

White and Blue Breton Striped T-Shirt!

stripes 2

Selected Homme/Ask Stripe Split Neck

stripes 3

Blue and Grey Stripe Patch Pocket T-Shirt

stripes 4

Black and White Breton Striped T-Shirt

stripes 5

Diesel Black Gold “Angie” T-Shirt

stripes 6

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Best Summer Tanks by Karmaloop!


While some are enjoying summer from the inside of an office, we’re lucky enough to have enough summer days off to enjoy the heat.  We think that the best way to really enjoy the heat is by sporting a trendy tank. All we see are tanks that we must have!

karmaloop 2

For their summer line, Karmaloop has introduced killer styles and incredible prints that have us shopping for more… every other week! Let’s face it, the more you buy, the more you want and Karmaloop does not disappoint!

Check out their latest tank selection, and keep your eye on them! They totally have awesome sales that some times go up to 90% off HERE! 

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He Ate My Heart T-Shirt!


In the past we’ve posted some of our favorite vintage concert tees…but what about music tees of today??? We are huge fans of Lady Gaga, so when we saw this pic of this cutie adorned in Little Monster adoration, we had to post it in our T-Shirt Tuesdays section! You could probably go to your local t-shirt shop and make it yourself, but we found it for you online HERE! Only $19.75! Of course you’ll have to break out the scissors and customize it yourself!

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*We could not find a photo credit since this photo was on Tumblr.  If you have a photo credit please contact us.