10 Best Gay Pride T-Shirts of 2013




We LOVE T-Shirts!!!! And since its Gay Pride Week in our hometown of Indianapolis this week, we thought we’d pick out a few of our favorite Gay Pride T-Shirts of 2013!!!! Over the last few years, American Apparel, The Human Rights Campaign, The It Gets Better Project and many other companies helped out the cause by coming up with some really awesome gay pride tees.  Hell, even Nike made a line of Pride shoes!

So, the following are our favorites this year.  But, just because we didn’t mention a brand or campaign doesn’t mean we don’t support them.  If you know of a T-Shirt we should have mentioned, please contact us and we’ll get right on it! And by all means…send us your gay pride tees and we’re wear them everywhere we go…proudly! And of course, proceeds from all of the tee-shirts below(except for the last one!) go towards helping the campaigns involved, so also check out their stories because they’re amazing!


1. Gay O.K. – American Apparel $25



2. Love Conquers Hate – HRC Human Rights Campaign $28



3. If Dad Says No, Ask Dad – Marc Jacobs for HRC Human Rights Campaign Kids Tee $35



4. Love, Equality and Penetration For All – Chelsea Handler for the Give a Damn Campaign $21.99



5. Marriage Is So Gay – ISSO – $29.95



6. I’ve Got Your Back – The Trevor Project $14.99



7. It’s All Fun. And Gay ‘Til Someone Loses Their Rights – Revel & Riot Collaboration with the band FUN $15



8. I’m Gay You’re Gay She’s Gay He’s Gay They’re Gay We’re Gay Gay Gay Gay – Revel & Riot – $30

We’re soooo obsessed about Revel & Riot, their mission, commitment and especially their merchandise that we had to throw in a few more of their shirts just so you guys could see how incredible they are!!!! Below is the shirt we mentioned above, plus the anchor which represents the Trans community, the Harvey Milk tee and the LGBTQ tee.  Check them all out, plus more, on their website above and see what this incredible company is doing to better the world!



9. I Don’t Date Bullies – Rachel Roy for National Bullying Prevention Center $19

Makes a good gift for your sister or bestie!



10. Sorry Girls I Suck Dicks – Everywhere on the Internet – Cheap…but worth it! (Or Ebay if you’re lazy HERE!)



We know these tees are tasteless, but that’s why we love them.  Blunt. Too the point.  Read between the simplicity.  The fact that the tee became famous and Tumblr viral due to a faked picture of Harry and Louis from One Direction wearing them holding hands is absolutely reason enough to buy one!



No matter what you wear, make sure to be proud of who you are…gay, straight, fat, thin, tall, short…whatever.  After all, like the motto we live by at the top of our site, “Be Yourself, Be Fearless. Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!”

Buy one of these amazing tees and contribute to those who don’t have it as easy as some of us do.  Make a difference!

Check back with us daily for men’s style and fashion reports, as well as interviews from models, designers and other’s in the fashion industry in our Style section!

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