Gaga’s Applause Video! Politics Vs. Pop! See Official & Lyrics Video HERE!

lady gaga applause artpop_raannt

Have you seen it yet?  Duh…we’re talking about Lady Gaga‘s new video for her new hit single Applause from her upcoming Artpop album! Ok, we have to admit, as huge Gaga fans, mature monsters so to speak, we weren’t too impressed the first time through.  Maybe because we expected something super weird and electrifying.  But after watching the video a few times, we fell in love.  Not only does she go through about 50 “look” changes throughout the video, maybe a small reference to her constant reinvention, but she also seems to be making nods towards the strong division between art and politics…or in 2013, is there one? In case you missed it, we’re pretty sure that was Gaga as Hilary Clinton! Check out the video below and let us know in our comment section what you think!


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Applause for Lady Gaga’s “Applause”! Official Audio…Buy HERE!

lady gaga applause_raannt

Lady Gaga has released her newest single Applause from her upcoming album ARTPOP.  We weren’t entirely sure what to expect being that Gaga is always cooking up something new.  What we found was the the Gaga we love, bumped up a little to some EDM(electronic dance music) beats and some great lyrics.  Check it out below and let us know what you think!


Hot or Not???? Leave it in the comments below!


Lady Gaga has announced the single Applause will be released tonight HERE on iTunes!

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We LOVE Ariana Grande’s “Baby I”…Is She the New Mariah Carey?

baby i

We’re finding ourselves more and more obsessed with Ariana Grande every day.  Sure she’s poppy…but her sound is so reminiscent of old-school Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson! Her cover of Mariah‘s Emotions is even spot on!  2 days ago she released her newest track for Baby I and we love it!!! Check out both songs below!






What do you think? Love her…or can’t be bothered? Let us know below!

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Is Austin Mahone the NEW Justin Bieber???

austin mahone

Watch out Justn Bieber…there’s a new kid on the block.  At just 17 years old, Austin Mahone is taking over the pop culture world with his new hit What About Love, which is moving fast up the US pop music charts.  Austin found fame in 2011 when videos of his performances went viral.  Since then he has opened for several tours including Taylor Swift’s Red Tour and was nominated for an Artist to Watch VMA Award! Although his music is very poppy and catchy, the this kid has his own style and we’re sure a huge fan base of teen girls dying for his attention! He’s definitely on the rise!

We’re super excited to see what this kid has to offer and if his sound propels him to super-fandom.  Check out the official video for his song What About Love and see what you think!





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NEW Official Britney Spears Ooh La La Video!

britney spears

She’s Back! And dare we even say…It’s Britney Bitch, since this video is definitely family oriented? In Britney Spears‘ new video for Ooh La La from The Smurfs move, she’s definitely upstaged by her tiny guys…her boys, not the smurfs.  Those kids are adorable! We are HUGE Britney Spears fans, but she’s lost a little bit of her vibe in the last few years.  Although this video is not the Britney we’re used to, it does show that she’s back, looking great and embracing her role of motherhood! Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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NEW Jonas Brothers…First Time! OFFICIAL Video!

jonas brothers

First off all…damn! Those boys have grown into some fine looking men! And to top it off, they have incredible style and a new sound…all from the adult Jonas Brothers.  How appropriate that their newest official video should take place in Vegas.  We don’t want to ruin too much of it for you because we were actually pretty surprised ourselves by how much we liked it and the sound.  One thing is for sure, these guys are still a force to be reckoned! All grown up and ready to go!

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NEW Demi Lovato…Made in the USA(Official Video)…All Grown Up!

demi lovato

Earlier today, Demi Lovato released the official video for her new single Made in the USA! Being grown men, it was a little tough to relate to Demi’s adolescent wows in Skyscraper, and even though Made in the USA is not the greatest track in the history of music, it shows that Demi’s grown up and has become a woman in her own right, not to mention that she exudes, or is possibly even trying, to slide over a little bit to the country likes of Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.  Nonetheless…Made in the USA definitely shows that Demi is all grown up…and still as beautiful as ever!

As far as the video, we love that she has released a video in the summer which is full of American, county fairs, patriotism and summer love!

We especially love the last few streams of guitar which fade out to the wind…

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Lady Gaga’s “Delivers” Child “ARTPOP”: New Album, Single, Release Date and APP!!!

lady gaga1

Going live in the middle of the night, Lady Gaga released a statement earlier today on her Facebook announcing the “delivery” of her new album, which will be simply titled ARTPOP, to drop November 11th, with the first single being released August 19th and the pre-order date set for the album set for September 1st in conjunction with a new app!!!! Oh my! We are extremely excited.  Even more excited by the mystery Gaga always conjures up around her work.  Is it any surprise that she “delivered” this news exactly 9 months to the date of this mysterious Tweet:

lady gaga tweet

We don’t think so and of course love the mystery and the drama of it all! And we’re going to try not to over-analyze Gaga in any way and just appreciate the child she’s delivered to us!  Just bring us that damn single already!!!!

Check out the statement below which was posted explaining the details of the release!

lady gaga3

Are you excited??? Let us know what you think and leave your comments below! And you know what this means, right? Britney is sure to be right around the corner with some exciting news of her own!

We do wonder what Gaga would name her child; daughter, if she did have one of her own.  What do you think?

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Manila Luzon’s Boobs are 3D!!!

manila luzon

Manila Luzon of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame released a 3D video today for One Night in Bangkok, which coincides with the release of her most recent T-Shirt line(watch out…you might see it on T-Shirt Tuesdays on raannt!) When asked why she chose to do this song in 3D she responded, “One Night in Bangkok has always been one of my favorite songs…and out of all of the asian stereotypes I’ve portrayed, I haven’t done a Thai impersonation yet.  And I did the music video in 3D because I wanted everyone to see how great my boobs look in person!!!”

Check out the video, directed by Francis Von Legge, below and see those boobs for yourself!

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