NEW Demi Lovato…Made in the USA(Official Video)…All Grown Up!

demi lovato

Earlier today, Demi Lovato released the official video for her new single Made in the USA! Being grown men, it was a little tough to relate to Demi’s adolescent wows in Skyscraper, and even though Made in the USA is not the greatest track in the history of music, it shows that Demi’s grown up and has become a woman in her own right, not to mention that she exudes, or is possibly even trying, to slide over a little bit to the country likes of Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.  Nonetheless…Made in the USA definitely shows that Demi is all grown up…and still as beautiful as ever!

As far as the video, we love that she has released a video in the summer which is full of American, county fairs, patriotism and summer love!

We especially love the last few streams of guitar which fade out to the wind…

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