Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays…THE Interview!


Before Chasing the Saturdays aired on E!, we had never heard of Frankie Sandford.  We had somehow completely missed out on the phenomenon that is The Saturdays, what some might consider this generation’s Spice Girls, before their show began airing in the United States.  As soon as we began watching Chasing the Saturdays, the reality show following their crossover from the United Kingdom to the United States, we fell in love with these girls. Mollie wowed us with her blonde locks and upbeat personality.  Una tantalized us with her beautiful family and super, sexy, red hair.  Vanessa enticed us with her incredible voice and hilarious sense of humor.  Rochelle rocked and intrigued us with her intense body and incredible voice.  And then of course there was Frankie! We instantly became obsessed with her great sense of style, amazing voice and unique personality, making her an instant fan favorite! Check out what she told us about living life in the spotlight and life behind the scenes of what is sure to be one of the greatest girl groups of all time!


1. Introduce yourself in 7 words or less.

That’s an easy one actually, most people call me “sunshine and showers” because I’m either really upbeat or quite introspective.

2. How were you introduced to the music industry?

Myself and Rochelle were actually in a band together from the age of 12 called S Club Juniors, so I’ve been in this industry awhile.

3. How do you think music has changed throughout your career?

Music has changed quite a few times during my career. Pop was massive at the start then went away for a while and was replaced by R&B. SO happy that pop seems to be back once again.

4. Tell us about your experience filming Chasing the Saturdays?

It was surreal. We’ve filmed 2 reality shows back in the UK before, but we’ve never had such a massive crew before. Luckily they were all lovely and became our LA family. We often forgot they were even there, which means we’re a bit scared to watch the show back!

frankie35. As a musical group, do you ever disagree on creative ideas?

We’re 5 girls so of course we all have our own opinions on styling, videos, artwork, music – pretty much everything! But I think it really helps – everyone has great ideas so it’s always a discussion, not a disagreement.

6. What’s your favorite thing about each girl on the group?

I love how optimistic Mollie is, she keeps everyone upbeat. Rochelle is the band’s big sister and is always on hand to give advice. Vanessa is such a laugh, if you’re looking for a party, she’s your girl. Una knows a little bit about EVERYTHING!

frankie67. What are some creative things you do to keep your songwriting fresh and interesting?

We are lucky enough to write with different songwriters across different genres, so we bounce off with each other which always keeps things fresh.

8. Who are the three biggest musical inspirations and why?

I love Taylor Swift, Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton

9. If you could work with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

It would be amazing to collaborate with Rihanna.

10. How do you define sexy?

Sexy is being confident in your own skin.

11. What do you think is the sexiest City? Hotel? Club? Store? Musical artist? Place to Kiss?

I think Paris is the ultimate sexy city, even if it’s cliché. Rihanna is the sexiest woman in music – she’s fearless. Zara is a great shop for affordable, sexy clothes. they do the best fitting blazers.

12. Who is your favorite designer and what is your signature perfume?

Rachel Gilbert as I’ve worn one of her dresses for pretty much every red carpet we’ve done. Bvlgari its just a fresh clean smell not too over powering.

frankie413. What advice would you give to an artist trying to make it in the industry?

Practice, practice, practice. Get out there and do as many shows as you can, whether it’s in front of 5 or 500 people.

14. What’s next for Frankie Sandford?

Things have been going well in America so far, so we hope to go back there this year. We will also hopefully be going to Europe and Australia for promo, which would be awesome

15. What are your three simple luxuries?

A Sunday roast in a local pub, quality time with my family and friends, and staying at home with the dogs in front of the fire!


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Didier Casnati of The Gypsy Queens…THE Interview!

didier casnati 3

About six months ago, we heard a clip of The Gypsy Queens’ L’Americano on National Public Radio and became instant fans.  We came home and quickly Googled their name, expecting to find several chart-topping albums in Europe.  We were surprised to find they hadn’t even released their debut album, which was just recently released last December.  After watching the video for their debut song, L’Americano, we not only fell in love with their music, but also with their style, grace and overall essence.  They encompassed something, as men, we wanted to embrace in ourselves and that which most women would want to seduce.  As a band, they were just so damn sexy and their music made us feel sexy! When we read the About section on their website, we were even more surprised to find their lead singer and “soul of the Gypsy Queens” had been serving tables several years ago when the bad was discovered.  After listening to their music and reading their stories we became quite enthralled and had to find out more about the man behind the soul of the Gypsy Queens…the next big thing!

the gypsy queens

1. Introduce us to the Gypsy Queens using five words?

Real, acoustic, fun, unpredictable, witty.


2. How did you come together as a band?

Through the large music community of music and musicians in Nice, and busking.


3. How were you discovered?

We are still to be discovered.


4. How did you come up with the name the Gypsy Queens?

I didn’t. It was a notorious restaurateur in Rome, who said we reminded him of the gypsy kings, cause we were going around with our guitars etc, but because his venue was a gay venue, we were to be called the gypsy queens.


5. What can we expect from your first album?

To discover how with Larry Klein, we have put together 5 different cultures to make our listeners travel with us.

didier casnati 1

6. Your sound is a great mix of many different genres.  How would you define your sound?

Maybe we created a new sound with Larry. I would have to ask him, but I may suggest “acoustic busking” as our sound.


7. What is your all-time favorite movie?

Scent of a Woman.


8. If you were to recommend a book to a friend, what would you recommend?

“The Making of the Gypsy Queens” but I haven’t written it entirely yet.


9. Your look, feel and sound almost seem to have a magically fictional quality.  Who is a fictional character you idolized growing up?

I got into music because I wanted to be Michael Jackson. Although he was a real person, I think he had created a MJ that was quite fictional to simple people like me, because he seemed inaccessible. Otherwise, I am the Pink Panther – but that’s a secret.


10. Who are your three greatest musical influences?

Although he doesn’t have much to do with how the band sounds, Michael Jackson. The Eagles, and The Beatles.

the gypsy queens 2

11. If you could play with any musician, dead or alive, who would you choose?

Ray Charles, Elton John, and The Beatles


12. How do you define sexy?

Its beautiful women like Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, or Charlize Theron who define the word sexy, not Didi of the Gypsy Queens…


13. What is the sexiest city? Bar? Drink? Song? Hotel? Place to kiss?

With the right person, any place is magic. Having the right person with you. There is a little restaurant on the water in Bonaire – Dutch Antilles, where the sun disappears behind the ocean around 7 pm at night in January… I don’t remember the name of the place, but it’s magic!


14.  What advice would you give someone about making their dreams come true?

Stay awake! And don’t take anyone or anything for granted.


15.  Frank Sinatra or Freddie Mercury?


didier casnati

16.  Speedo or Trunks?



17.  Red Wine or Whiskey?

Don’t drink alcohol. But it would be red wine.


18. What is a great finale song?

Every performance is different, and that could be a different song every time. Hit the Road Jack?


19.  What can we expect next from the Gypsy Queens?

To let us welcome you into our world and for us to be the same as we’ve always been; hard working, humble, sincere and happy!


20. What are your three simple luxuries?

Spending time with the ones I love, doing what I like the most for a living (music) and being at home a few days a month!


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Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano: THE Interview of THE House DJ Duo!

sunnery james and ryan marciano

Their Facebook About section states The World’s Most Energetic House DJ Duoand we agree! Not only do Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano bring energy to the world of EDM-Electronic Dance Music, but they combine it with a love potion of sensuality and groove, conjuring up a revolutionary takeover to every set they spin.  They have been compared to Holland’s version of Swedish House Mafia and are quickly becoming contenders of their own.  Having already gained worldwide fame, they are quickly moving towards being one of the #1 DJ’s in the world.

Sunnery James 2


1.   Introduce us to each of you in 7 words or less.

Sunnery: Always happy and ready to get down!

Ryan: Always in search of a hair band!


2.   How did you guys meet?

We met at a shop I worked out. Ryan needed a job and I hired him immediately.


3.   What brought you guys to embark in the music industry together?

We liked working together and both of love music, so we thought we’d give it a show. Same as everyone else that get’s into music I guess!!


4.   Sunnery – What’s your favorite thing about House Music?

Have to say the energy love and groove of it.


5.   Ryan – How do you think EDM has changed the music scene in the last year?

It’s a powerful time for dance music, everyone seems to know about it now and want a piece of it.

Sunnery James 1

6.   If you guys had to master a different genre of music, which one would it be and why?

Hmm. I guess we’d probably do rock & roll so we could still shake it on stage, haha.


7.   You guys are well known for your DJ sets.  What do you believe sets you both apart from all of the other DJs?

We have a great energy with each other and the crowd. They want us to party with them, and we love that!


8.   What should we expect from the second leg of the Life In Color (Formerly Dayglow) Summer Tour?

Always a blast at Life in Color. We’ll bring some new ones and be sure you’re all wet with paint


9.   Tell us some of your highlights from the tour so far.

Touring is always an adventure. So many people and new places, what’s not to love?!


10.      For those that haven’t been to a DAYGLOW show, from your perspective, what are the shows like?

Wow. They’re incredible. Just raw fun with a lot of paint splatter!!

Sunnery James 5

11.      How do you guys keep your sets fresh and current?

We are always looking for new music and getting new music sent over all the time. We don’t want to get bored of playing the same ol stuff, and people want fresh music as well.


12.      How does it feel that many of your tracks have become top choices for fellow DJ’s?

Always amazing when that happens. Sometime you can’t believe it’s your own music being played by people other than YOU!


13.      If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, and it couldn’t be mixed, which one would it be and why?

Can’t answer that because it changes with our moods!!


14.      How do you guys define sexy?



15.      What do you think is the sexiest city? Club? Hotel? Place to kiss?

New York is sexy and places in Brazil are amazing. Club would say that Pacha NYC we always get sweaty in, place to kiss…do you mean a city or body part?

Sunnery James 4

16.      If you could collaborate with any musician – dead or alive – who it would it be and why?

Michael Jackson because he is one of the greatest artists of all time.


17.      What’s next for Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano?

New releases on Spinnin and Size!


18.      What are your three simple luxuries?

Family, hot baths and friends.


Thanks Guys!

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The EC Twins Are Hung to the Left! THE Interview

The magic of EDM – Electronic Dance Music – is that it brings culture together.  Every race, religion, sex, sexuality and social standing comes into a fist pumping, body shaking movement that welcomes the beats into their soul and projects out displaying their love for music.  This is exactly what brought the EC twins into the industry of creating beats; music beats that will continue to help grow this musical movement and propel future generations of electronic music lovers.  The journey of these two hasn’t been easy, even quite difficult at times, but their passion for music has allowed them to change, shape and share the magic of EDM.


1. Who are the EC Twins?

DJs, producers, house music messiahs.

2. What was it like to transition from growing up in Manchester UK to life in LA?

Well in Manchester we lived in a shitty city in an even shittier neighborhood in the shittiest house. We didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Our life in L.A is now the opposite of that. Obviously it didn’t just happen overnight, we had to work our asses off we have paid our dues. Being broke and homeless in L.A wasn’t too much fun, but at least when you sleep on the streets in L.A the sun is out. It’s a long story for another day…

3. How can we tell you two apart? Which one is Marc and which one is Allister?

Some strange placed moles and freckles help people tell us apart. Knowing our luck some of these things are skin cancer.

4. Any sibling rivalry?

Not really

5. Tell us something about each of you we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

We are both hung to the left…

6. What brought you guys to the music industry and especially the dance music industry?

Music was always in our life, even if we didn’t have money for food as children our dad always had music and when he worked night shift he left us with our cousin to babysit who was a legitimate punk rocker. So those influences dictated a constant soundtrack in our lives. Plus the only tv station that we had was MTV, as it was free back in the day so we really didn’t know much else. The first time we went to a house music club the sense of freedom and fun was mind-blowing, every race, religion, sexuality and socio-economic class was represented on the dance floor. Its’ effect were irreversible for us. We knew we wanted to be involved in any way possible.

7. The dance music industry in LA is its’ own monster.   Do you guys think it stands out from any other city and musical communities?

Ironically when we decided to move to L.A, it really did have the smallest house and dance music scene we had ever witnessed in any big city. We made a conscious decision to put every ounce of our energy into changing that situation. Now it has become some kind of hub for producers and DJ’s  from all over the world and without a doubt we feel responsible for some of that change and we are so relieved. The media controls so much  of today’s pop culture and it’s all based here in LA so we decided it’s  perfect place to spread the message of dance music. We were right.

8. You guys produce constantly.  Any new projects you can talk about?

We are excited about our new remix for Bass Kleph called “Make Me Forget“. It’s an amazing track. We have so much coming out soon it’s unreal. As for an original track? A collaboration with our friend Andy D’Arrigo called “Rock n Roll Music“, which in our opinion is one of the most bad ass tracks we have produced and that’s coming out towards the end of the year.

9. Does each of you have an all-time favorite song you always work into your sets?

It changes. We nurture our tracks, we love them like family. It would be hard to think of particular tracks but  Robin S has the classic track, “Show Me Love” and it’s been ubiquitous to our careers I guess.

10. When performing, what are your favorite moments and why?

Every second on stage we live in fear that the crowd is suddenly going to hate what we do and leave the club in some kind of mass exodus, so the greatest moments happen when every hand is in the air or when you have ended your set and the crowd is still there chanting for more. The relief steadies our nerves (until the next time).

11. Who are your favorite major artists you’ve mixed?

Stand out for us would be LMFAO. Redfoo and the Party Rock Crew have been friends of ours for years and seeing them blow up has been awesome. So our remix of “Champagne Showers” was fun to do and has special feelings around it for our friends. Our remix of Adele’s “Someone Like You” got us a lot of attention and air play on the radio, other than that our remix of Dirty Vegas’ Doves” has become a cult underground classic. If we don’t play it in a set we get emails from fans complaining.

12. Outside of dance music, who are your top 3 favorite musical artists you respect and why?

That question is too tough. We can only respect people who we know something about personally. We aren’t unconditional fans of anyone. We enjoy music not musicians, if you can understand what we mean there. But we always loved Luther Vandross’s voice and also many of his contemporaries.  We just love old school soul. Guys like Vince Clarke, who was a member of Depeche Mode, Yazzoo (Yaz in America), Erasure and also enduring artists like Sade would be amongst our favorites.

13.     What inspired your latest single “Like You’ve Never Seen”?

We just went into the studio and laid down a high energy track that we love and would fit into our sets.  Then we sent CeCe Peniston an instrumental version and she delivered a great vocal. The validation from artists such as Tiesto, Chuckie and Sander Van Doorn supporting the record is refreshing to us.

14. If you could master another genre of music, which one would it be and why?

Most likely soul music. Traditional R/B, not this auto tuned piss poor bubblegum shit that R/B is today. We are VERY passionate about Soul music and rare groove. The market isn’t really there though and we can’t sing a fucking note so we don’t see it happening anytime soon. It’s best for everyone if we just stick to electronic music.

15. How do you define sexy?

We Google it.. Heres a link..

16. What do you think is the sexiest city, club, hotel, song, place to kiss?

Edinburgh is an undiscovered romantic city and Florence is also nice. But to be honest, we don’t know much about being sexy. We just know music. To almost quote our friends LMFAO “WE AREN’T SEXY AND WE KNOW IT”.

17. Aside from producing music and shows, what do you guys do for fun?

We ride bicycles. Yes that’s correct; we wear spandex and ride bicycles. We have done it since we were kids. Now try and get the image of us in spandex out of your mind, it’s kinda gross.

18. When are you guys hitting the Midwest?! We want to come see you!

As soon as possible. We want to come and see you too.

19. What’s next for the EC Twins?

As usual, more of the same. Just a bigger version.

20. What are your three simple luxuries?

Being born into poverty means it doesn’t take much to make us feel indulgent but our 3 luxuries would be Food, Food and more Food!

Thanks Guys!


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DJ Dainjazone! LMFAO’s Resident DJ: THE Interview!

Every now and then we find an artist, of any kind, that shakes the industry they’re in and reshapes the stereotypes and logistics recreating the rules and boundaries. DJ Dainjazone has done just that.  After touring the world with LMFAO as their party rock dj, Dainjazone has learned and been able to craft a sound that is a mix of old school pop/hiphop into the overwhelming sounds of electric music; creating with it a new generation of sound and soul…which has absolutely blown our minds! Ladies and Gentlemen…we give you DJ Dainjazone…the leader of the new school!

1. Define your DJ’ing style using only 6 words.

Creative. Entertaining. Artistic. Unexpected. Reverie. Story.


2. How did your passion for being a DJ begin?

The power to control music and the battle DJs ignited my passion. My initial interest was to be a battle DJ and do a few parties here and there. Something about turntablism struck a flame of desire to make the art form my own.


3. How did you come up with your stage name?

In the midst of becoming a battle DJ I was an avid listener of the rapper Big L. He has a song called “Danger Zone”. The verses and chorus made the name come to life. It was organic. Something hit me. I wanted a name that would sound intimidating in a battle. If a competitor said, “I have to battle Dainjazone next?” then maybe mentally he would be distracted and intimidated by the mere thought of the name and what it represents.


4. Tell us a bit about your DJ’ing skills.  How are you different from everyone else?

My focused mind set isn’t comparing myself to other. Surely words and opinions can twist into a comparing scenario. My focus is delivering a sound that feels right. Our uniqueness defines us and for the critics it will help separate us from the norm. I don’t think its my skills that make me unique but rather my ideas. I take chances. I tell a story throughout the course of a night. An emotional roller coaster if you will.


5. What is something we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

I’ve read 50 Shades of Grey.


6. Tell us about your experience touring with LMFAO.

The experience is like no other. Touring is no joke. It’s a mental challenge that break you down if handled carelessly. I ended the tour mentally comfortable and at peace with my inner being. Building confidence was an exceptional learning experience. You have to express confidence and love for what you do. It relays and rubs off on the crowd. They will be inspired to have fun.


7. How were you introduced to LMFAO?

I went to high school with their manager’s, Ian Fletcher, baby-mama. Between her vouching for me and my DJ friend, Mikiwar, introducing me to him I was more or less introduced to LMFAO.

8. They have an incredibly unique sense of style and music.  What have you learn from touring with them?

Responsibility, showmanship, delivery and music theory seem to pop in my head first. Partying with them, having a good time and dressing the part is easy.


9. What has been your favorite thing about touring internationally?

The learning opportunities. The knowledge I’ve acquired regarding knowledge of self, the tour lifestyle, music, controlling emotions, mental health and survival in four months has been intense, gratifying and rewarding.


10. What are 3 things you always have with you while traveling?

Laptop, clean underwear and Cazal glasses.


11. Who are your top 5 favorite musicians and why?

Tough question. In no particular order…

1. The Weeknd. His music is like no other. It may very well be timeless. The modern day Sade.

2. Michael Jackson. The best to do it. His music was consistent and for the most part a step ahead of its time.

3. Travis Barker. Watching him live is a joy. His passion and skill level is inspiring.

4. DJ Premier. His sound is unique and has inspired hip hop producers for over 2 decades. His work can put you in an inspiring hip hop trance.

5. Prince. He’s Prince.


12. If you could work with any musician, dead or alive, who would your top 3 be and why?

As a DJ I can only do so much for the musicians of the past so my focus would be geared to the hip hop generation.

1. Kanye West. I’m a fan of art and his ability combine art in general with art in music can’t be explained.

2. Chris Brown. He’s an incredible performer with hits. He’s successfully entertaining both markets of hip hop and house and those fields are what I enjoy mixing.

3. The Weeknd. I thoroughly enjoy his music and would love to be a part of his movement.


13. If you had to master another genre of music, which one would it be and why?

Funk. The music was live and it felt like there wasn’t a terrible track produced since labels and pressings were hard to come by. seemed like a fun era of music and the soul was alive and kicking.


14. How do you define sexy?



15. What do you think is the sexiest city? Club? Hotel? Club? Place to kiss?

Cannes, France is my personal favorite but the whole French Riviera is gorgeous. Liv in Miami is all around great. We stayed in so many sexy hotels in Europe. Hard to call it. The French Riviera seems fitting for the best place to kiss.

16. Tell us about New School Music and what inspired this concept?

Music forever changes. So do people, fashion, slang, etc. Moral, ethics and integrity doesn’t when it comes to quality business. As the new wave of talented DJs evolve, they need guidance. We need guidance. We don’t want the ego to steer us off course. Its easy to be arrogant these days since that’s what sells and where the focus is for marketing strategies. My success has proven that being yourself and owning integrity can lead to infinite possibilities.


17. What piece of advice would you give a DJ starting out his/her career?

Study every DJ including him or herself. Know who he or she is. Live right. Respect yourself and others. Speak well of others. Exercise mental toughness. Be ready for anything. What you do today sets up tomorrow.


18. What should we expect from your upcoming solo tour?

A unique delivery;  Party Rock energy; amazing clubs; and a story for the dance floor.


19. What’s next for DJ Dainjazone?

I will ride out the remainder of the year as LMFAO’s tour DJ. In the midst of that ill be working w/ a talent agency that will get me involved in modeling and commercial opportunities.


20. What are your three simple luxuries?

Comfortable bed, power outlets and a shower.


Be Yourself.  Be Fearless. Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury

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Bassjackers…THE Interview: Room Service, Car and Vodka!

The center identity of EDM(electronic dance music), its nucleus, is the bass.  The deeper the bass, the sweeter the tunes.  And it’s this  deeply rooted nuclear bass,  surrounded by an intense range of  high and low notes, that push an electrifying chill down every moving body that hears it. A concept of music so many don’t get but yet so many so love has been pushed to greater limits by the incredible duo Bassjackers, a  childhood friendship fueled by the love of music and its power of people.  Bouncing all over the world displaying their passion for EDM these true rock and rollers have shown that music is more than just love, sex and drugs… it’s also a little bit of side boob, hotel room services and incredibly deep bass.

1. Introduce to Bassjackers. Who are you guys outside of the music?

Marlon (DJ) and Ralph (Producer). Marlon is more a cat person, whereas Ralph is more of a dog person. Marlon is more a night creature, Ralph tends to enjoy the mornings. But when there are waves, we both surf.

2. How did you two meet?

In high school; playing football in the courtyard.

3. Marlon, how did you guys come up with the name Bassjackers?

We were just describing our sound at the time…it jacked…and it had loooots of bass!

4. Marlon, how were you introduced to house music?

We used to have these very popular compilations in Holland, ‘Turn up the bass’ & ‘House Party’.

5. Ralph, when did you start producing music?

A while back, around 2006. I downloaded Fruity! Rest is history

6. Ralph, before producing house music, what kind of music were you producing?

Really everything! From drum & bass to lounge. Marlon got me hooked to the house virus.

7. Guys – if you had to master a different genre of music, which one would it be and why?

Rock!! Ralph on the guitar and Marlon on the drums. We love the energy in it.

8. How does it feel that your music has been picked up and mixed by some great international DJs

The greatest compliment you can get. Those guys know about music you know, so if they play yours…that’s cool!

9. Who has been your favorite DJ to work with?

Pff, that’s a hard one. Playing alongside Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and Sidney Samson was awesome this summer. And recently we had lots of fun with Showtek and Dyro in the studio.

10. Outside of house music, which musician inspires each of you and why?

We get inspiration out of everything really. We do like to listen to Phoenix a lot, they’re great!

11. If you could work with any musician, dead or alive and in any music genre, who would it be and why?

Again hard to answer. Can’t pick one really but Michael Jackson seems to be an interesting guy

12. You’ve been touring a lot the last couple of years, what has been your favorite thing about touring and why?

Meeting new people. It’s interesting to meet people from other places.

13. You guys are part of the Life In Color (Formerly Dayglow) Tour.  How has your experience been so far?

The Life in Color shows are unbelievable. The energy is super high. You can go as hard as you want and that’s what we are about! Also amazing production and super fun to see how crazy the paint makes the party people go.

14. Describe the Life in Color concert experience for those that don’t know what it is.

High energy house music! Amazing visuals and dancers! you get blasted with fluorizing paint and then you go all in!!!

15. How is your set different from the other DJ’s in the tour?

We differentiate by playing loads of own music bootlegs and mashups. We also like to throw in some different styles like dubstep moombahton trap drum & bass or whatever once in a while. No set is the same, it all depends on the crowd & the vibe of the night!

16. How do you define sexy?

Sideboob and underass

17. What do you think is the sexiest city, hotel, club, artist to mix, place to kiss?

City: San Diego, great weather, vibe and sexy people.

Hotel: Redbury Hollywood, Red walls, vintage-inspired design. translucent window to the shower and the table has some kind of stripper pole

Club: Voyeur San Diego, Great sound huge LED wall with hot dancers in the wall.. crazy crowd.. that’s SEXY!!

Artist to mix: Nadia Ali has a very sexy voice

Place to kiss: any place where you can take the kiss to another level

18. What are three things you don’t leave your house without?

Credit card, ID, keys

19. What’s next for Bassjackers, Marlon Flohr and Ralph van Hilst?

Lots of new music, new tour, seeing and experience new things, work hard and have a lot of fun doing so.

20. What are your three simple luxuries?

Room service, Car and Vodka


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*Image Source: Bassjackers

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Who Is Qwote??? THE Interview!

Earlier this summer, we listed Qwote‘s Throw Your Hands Up as one the best club songs this summer.  Immediately, our post got thousands of hits making us want to know more about this amazing Haitian born musician who is collaborating with almost every famous name, including Pitbull and Shaggy, on the R&B charts. What we found out about this guy was that he is incredibly passionate about music and authentic and genuine in his nature.  Not only was he an absolute charm to interview, but he also personally addressed our interactions, blessing our success and our families!

1. Introduce us to Qwote in 7 words or less.

Save the Bullshit for someone else!

2. What are three things we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

I’m a comedian at heart, I have a tremendous fear of flying, and I suffer from acrophobia(really fucking bad)

3. Tell us about growing up in Haiti and moving to the United States?

Well I don’t remember Haiti very well; I was too young. All I remember is the frisco man who used to come through the block with this ice box cart of friscos.  Friscos were flavor covered crushed ice. That shit was good! Moving to the US was a blur to me but according to my grandmother she had to sacrifice a lot to bring my mother and I into the states.

4. Do you ever use Haiti as inspiration for your music?

Yes I have. Especially when the country experienced the earthquake. The island feel/vibe flows through my blood and you can hear it sometimes in records like Throw Your Hands Up and Sexy Diva.  I’m an island boy at heart!

5. When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

I was 12 when I knew I wanted to be a musician. Music became my refuge from the family issues I was dealing with then.

6. How do you get introduced to the music industry?

I remember working on reggae artist Wayne Wonders album and realizing “wow I think I just got introduced to the industry”. So it was when I was first introduced to writing on his project.

7. What is the variable that sets Miami apart from the other cities?

Haha.  The weather. Also the melting pot of people from all over the world. It’s a beautiful thing to be introduced to so many cultures at one time. That’s Miami for you!!!

8. How did your working relationship with Pitbull begin?

I’ve known Pit for a a long time. We have great respect for each other’s work and always have. However, it took management to finally make that collabo connect happen.

9. 2012 has been a great year for you.  Out of all the musicians you’ve worked with this year; who has been your number one favorite?

I’ve enjoyed working with everyone. And the reason being is because I’ve learned so much from them. For example, determination and humbleness from Pit, respect and wisdom from Shaggy, and that’s just to name a few. There is no one favorite. They’ve all been trendsetters for me.

10. If you could work with any 3 musicians, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

I would love to work with Prince. He’s a musical genius. That record would be a smash with just a chorus and music TRUST! Michael(Jackson) would have been an incredible experience. Just writing for him would have been enough. Wouldn’t mind working with Kanye West.  I’m very impressed with him. He is definitely a metaphoric lyricist.

11. Outside from your music genre, who is a musician you look up to and respect, and why?

Prince. We share the same religious beliefs but he is more active and involved in it than I am. I respect the fact he is able to balance music and his faith.

12. If you had to write out side of your music genre, which one would you pick and why?

I would write country. I love the writing substance and how devoted the fans are. Young and old. Impressive.

13. How do you define sexy?

Sexy is waking up next to me with no makeup on in sweats, pedicure toes , a wife beater on with the prettiest smile ever for me or a brand new black on black Bently straight off the lot!! Now that’s sexy!

14. What is the sexiest city, club, hotel, place to kiss, song to have sex to?

I can’t honestly answer that since I haven’t been all over the world yet but for where I have been, sexiest city has to be Miami, sexiest club would have to be Liv in Miami and hotel would be the W in Miami as well.  Sexiest song would be mine “I WANT YOU” featuring Rick Ross.

15. Tell us about your new single “Letting Go”.  What inspired this song and video?

This record is an incredible record with feeling, club vibe and substance,  all in one. It’s a great radio friendly record. The song was inspired by a true life experience I was involved in. Same scenario. Keep in mind the album is based on my true stories. As for the video, that came together from creative director David Rousseau.

16. What upcoming projects do you have planned?

I’m putting out the new mixtape soon.  I have an incredible album coming out next year called L.U.S.T(living under sin truthfully). Also part of an amazing Pitbull and friends collabo album coming out this fall. And finally working on the next tour.

17. What’s your favorite part of the music industry?

The industry is so fucked up, but I have to say my favorite part is where I can see the expressions on my fans faces when I perform for them! Then I understand why it’s all worth it!

18. Outside of music, what are you most passionate about?


19. What is next for Qwote?

The big screen

20. What are your three simple luxuries?

Air conditioning, my laptop, and that good ass pizza down the street!

Thanks buddy!!!

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Sander van Doorn…THE Interview! Inside the Mind of an EDM Genius!

Sander van Doorn has been one of our top favorite DJ’s for quite some time, so it was no surprise to us when he was nominated for DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJ’s of 2012. The man is an electronic phenomenon transcending dance music into a new era. Hailing from Holland, Sander has collaborated with some of the greatest names in the music industry and also has his own radio show called Identity.(All links can be found on his website at Sander van played almost every major electronic dance music festival in the last few years, Sander van Doorn is at the top of his game.  We were lucky enough to grab him from his busy schedule and find out a little bit more about the man behind the genius!

1. Introduce us to Sander van Doorn in 6 words or less.

Music producer and DJ from Holland.


2. What are three things we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

That I am thinking about the studio or a new track idea.


3. How did you get into producing music? EDM music?

Same as most, I went out and experienced it as a clubber. It hooks you pretty quickly.


4. What’s your favorite thing about the current genre of music you’re producing?

I don’t really have a genre I wouldn’t say. I just write and what comes out is my own style. I love the high octane energy of some of the new tracks and songs I have coming out, pretty intense!


5. If you had to master another genre, which one would it be and why?

Maybe indie rock.  I play a mad flute. Hehe.


6. Many world known DJs use your tracks and production on their singles and remixes. How does it feel to be one of the best?

Great! Always feels nice to be appreciated for what you do in the world.


7. Who has been your favorite musical artist you’ve worked with?

Julian Jordan is a great new talent. 16 years old and full of ideas. That’s fun.


8. Talk to us about your single “Kangaroo”.  What inspired the lyrics and collaboration?

Lyrics? No lyrics in there just kind of a call to action. This is a collab with Julian Jordan, just happened by us talking and giving it a shot in the studio. Seems to have worked out!


9. You have a radio show called Identity, What inspired the show and what should we expect from it?

Just another way for me to connect with fans all over the world. I try to keep it very relevant for listeners and also update them on my whereabouts and any competitions or news.


10. Tell us about DJ Magazine’s Search for the Top 100 DJ’s. Are you in the running and who would you like the top 5 DJs to be?

It’s voted on by fans, so I guess it’s up to them if I’m in the running. I haven’t had the chance to be out much so I couldn’t rate a top 5. I really like Showtek’s energy and show and, I haven’t seen him live, but I really like the stuff from Zedd.


11. You’re all over the world this summer.  What is your favorite thing about touring?

Getting on stage is my favorite thing about being on tour. I rarely get to see the places I play, but when I can, this is a great aspect too.


12. How does the crowd differ from country to country?

 Some are more reserved than others, so I always customize my sets as I watch how they react and interact with what I’m playing.


13. When traveling, what are five things you must always have with you?

 iPhone, laptop, a credit card that hasn’t been fraud alerted by my bank, toothbrush, world-wide power adapter


14. How do you define sexy? What is the sexiest city? Sexiest hotel? Song to kiss to? Sexiest DJ?

Confidence is sexy. The rest is too subjective because it changes for me all the time.


15. What’s next for Sander van Doorn?

New track coming with Julian Jordan, working on new album material, touring


Thanks buddy!


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Image Source: Sander van


Justin Utley…Out of Isolation with an Ex-Mormon, Gay, Country Music Singer!

Long before Justin Utley was known as an out, gay ex-Mormon country singer he was a celebrity within the Mormon community itself.  In a previous interview he stated, “I was the Prince of Mormon pop with a couple of albums that did pretty well when I was 15.”  He also explained that he wrote several songs for movies in the Mormon film industry.  Today, he has no ties with the Mormon church, having written his own ex-communication letter and being known also for being outspoken against the Mormon church’s use of conversion therapy, which he endured for two years. He is a renown country music singer in the gay community and his music and activism have been nominated for many awards in the LGBT community including 4 OutMusic Awards, including Best Songwriter and Artist of the Year and winning Best Country/Folk Song of the Year.
All of this makes for a perfectly sound biography attached to the home page of a singer’s website, but that wasn’t what interested us.  Honestly, his music isn’t necessarily what we would pump through our speakers while headed out on a Saturday night.  While watching a video of one of his live performances of his single Stand for Something, we began talking about the difficulties he had faced in his life that got him to the point where he was how headlining at Pride events, winning awards and releasing full albums of music.  If he only spoke out about the Mormon church, that alone would be enough to garner him some recognition from being an activist.  And then we realized what made him different…what made him a star.  Justin Utley wasn’t simply a survivor.  He wasn’t simply an activist or a gay, country singer.  Justin Utley, while singing and smiling to thousands of gay youth, represented hope.
1. Introduce us to Justin Utley and tell us why we should fall in love with you?
I’m 5’10”, brown eyes, 1/2 Sicilian (thanks mom), play guitar and piano, am just as passionate about life and equality as I am about my music, and I speak English and enough Spanish to say “hello I am a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”, “where is the bathroom” and “no, mister, I do not want tickets to see the donkey show”. (all phrases I used while a Mormon missionary).
2. When did you first realize you wanted to become a musician? And how would you define your sound?
I started writing my own music while I was in junior high.. It seemed to be my artistic outlet (my brothers and father are all very talented painters).  A lot of what I was experiencing and feeling was reflected in the music I was writing.
As for my “sound”… Some rock/pop, country (but never full ho-down), contemporary, inspirational. Alt Country Rock seems to be the genre that sticks the most. People suggest that if the latter-career Dixie Chicks went Big Love on Daughtry, and their son was raised by Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, with Rob Thomas as a babysitter…..then you have me.
3. Tell us about your religious experience growing up and how this translates into your music today.
I was raised in a devout Mormon home, baptized at age 8, served my 2 year mission, the works.  I was even on the religion council for my high school and college.  During all this, I was writing my religious-based music, and there are definitely some recurring themes as far as life, the ups and downs, and finding strength that have carried over into my music today.  I think those experiences and emotions are pretty universal.
4. Tell us about your experience with ex-gay therapy.  Do you believe it is a reliable form of therapy?
Ex-gay therapy was the first step in my coming-to-terms with myself so-to-speak.  For the first time I didn’t feel as alone and as isolated as before.  However, the tenets and doctrines of the church also dictate its social science, which on many counts can be severely the opposite of what is emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically sound.  At first, I believed in their therapy (or treatment rather, since they don’t actually call it ex-gay therapy. Its a “condition” called “same gender attraction”.  Its “treated” much like a disorder.. that its a learned behavior or a symptom of a failed childhood).  So, no, not reliable, to say the least.  However, I guess I could say it worked for me.. I realized after 2 years of it that my mom was right.  You can’t fix what isn’t broken.  (Thanks mom)
5. How is your relationship with your family today?
It was shaky at first.. both in my perception of how they would react to me both coming out and being so outspoken about my experiences.  But for the most part, my family has been very accepting and supportive.  My dad tells me almost every time we talk that he’s proud of me and what I’m doing.  And that feeling is about as amazing as winning a Grammy. Though, I wouldn’t object if I got one.  No offense Dad.
Though I still have some push back from some of my orthodox Mormon family (who supported Prop 8).  They seem to think its ok to “hate the sin and not the sinner”.  And I have to keep reminding them that phrase isn’t found anywhere in their scriptures, and secondly, the message of Christianity was about love.  Its unfortunate that this “love, live, and let live” belief system only applies within the confines of their own minds and existence and not for the other few billion others on the earth.
6. How does a Mormon boy from Utah end up in New York City?
Great Escape.  Its song #2 on the new album.
7. Why do you believe you receive most of your inspiration, as you’ve stated, from “highly emotional states” and how did this play out in the development of your newest album, “Nothing This Real“?
Some of the best work done by Van Gogh was through tragedy.  Melissa Etheridge’s best work, in my opinion, was her Skin album.  I think when emotions run high, some of the best art is born.  For me, I think some of my best work materialized within that same margin.  For instance, Goodbye Goodbye, from my first album Runaway, was written in about 10 minutes after I’d realized I was being played (by a woman in fact.. yes, this was one of my experiments while in ex-gay therapy).
8. As a songwriter, do you only write for yourself or do you write for other musicians as well?  Who would be your dream musician to write a song for and why?
For the most part, I write for myself.  I’ve collaborated on few occasions with musicians I really connect with musically.  If I could, I would love to write a song for Rob Thomas, the Black Crows, or Gavin Degraw..  (and I know that’s three, and you only asked for one, but variety is good)
9. Are you currently in a relationship? What are three “deal breakers” a potential partner must have or not have in order to be with you?
I am currently and unabashedly not single.   He’s a wonderful guy.  Three deal breakers include:
must be: spontaneous (I’m a Sagittarius)
must have: patience (see answer #1)
must have: knowledge of at least five B-52s songs previous to 1989
10. How would you feel about one of your songs being mixed into a dance mix and played in a club?
Did that.  It was ok.. but then I was asked to PERFORM it.  I didn’t go over well (for me at least).
11. If you could collaborate with any three artists alive today, who would you pick?
Dixie Chicks
Tears For Fears  (either Roland and/or Curt)
12. What advice would you give a Mormon, gay teenager who is afraid of coming out or addressing his or her sexuality?
Your local LGBT center has so many answers and support than you currently have or are even aware exists, and there are people that are going through (and have gone through) exactly the same struggle.
13. What would you tell a non-Mormon to help them understand the struggle a Mormon suffers in deciding to leave the church?
That once you realize your self worth and value isn’t determined by a book of rules or standards, life will become richer, better, and you’ll realize nothing is as real as living life on your own terms.
14. If you carried a purse, what five things would we always find in your purse?
HaHa.  Can I just say this is a kick ass interview!  Lets see..
1. My smartphone
2. Purell (its NYC)
3. My metrocard
4. My passport
5. Guitar picks (I’m always leaving them behind at gigs)
15. How do you define SEXY?
16. What is the sexiest city? Sexiest hotel? Sexiest place to play live? Sexiest place to kiss? Sexiest musical artist?
Sexiest city?  New York
Sexiest place to play live?  As of today, my gig in Stockholm Sweden last year tops that list.
Sexiest place to kiss?  watching the sunset at Shirley Heights, Antigua
Sexiest musical artist?  Meatloaf.  Makes me hungry.
17. What is some random detail we wouldn’t know by looking at you?
I was an accomplished ventriloquist in elementary school.
18. What are your three simple luxuries?
spending a weekend at home in NYC with Joe
19. What is next for Justin Utley?
more gigs, a music video or two, and a new single out at the end of the year. Bring it.
20. Boxers, briefs, jockstrap…or nothing at all?

boxer briefs. Its all about having coverage and support at gigs.

Thanks Justin!

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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*Images provided by Dan Maierle for Justin Utley.

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Kaskade…THE Interview

How do you even begin to write an introduction for the man named “Amercica’s Best DJ” in 2011 by Pioneer DJ and DJ Times? Although the New York Times recently referred to him as the “new face of electronic dance music“, Ryan Raddon, better known as Kaskade, has been around for more than a decade.  His accolades within the EDM movement, electronic dance music, include amazing remixes for everyone from Lady Gaga to Beyonce, 7 studio albums, headlining at 150-200 shows a year for the last ten years and playing at every major summer dance music festival including Coachella and EDC(Electric Daisy Carnival).  The press release bio we received was three pages of every contribution he has made to the EDM movement.  In a word…he is phenomenal.  He has defined his technique by stating, “The first thing I think about when making music is the melody and the lyrics.  Production styles come and go, but good songs can stand the test of time.” He has just released his newest album Fire & Ice and has just embarked on his summer tour, Freaks of Nature(find the most recent tour dates HERE).  His bio goes on and on but the bottom line is that when we listen to his music…we are elated.  His beats transcend us to a world where, for awhile, we don’t have to worry about every day problems and are able to be present in the moment…dancing…losing ourselves and smiling.

1.  Define Kaskade using 6 words.

Melodic, Euphoric, Shining, Floating, Serene, Escape


2.  How were you introduced to the Music industry? EDM music industry?

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, which is the birthplace of this sound.  I heard it when I was young and was hooked.


3.  Who are three non-electronic musicians who inspire you?

Robert Smith of The Cure.  Morrissey.  Sting.


4. If you had to listen to one CD, and it couldn’t be a mixed CD, for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why?

Daft Punk – Homework


5. You’re  participating EDC in Las Vegas this year. What are you looking forward to the most?

Just seeing the sheer size of that crowd is an experience in itself.


6.  Tell us what to expect out of your Freaks of Nature tour this summer?

Massive production and a show that has been thoroughly thought through. It’s about the experience and how it relates to my music.  Sound and visuals merging together to make something special.



7.  Will you be introducing new tracks in this summer tour?



8.   How do you define sexy? What’s the sexiest City?

LOL! Um yeah not sure how to define that.  But Barcelona has to be up there or maybe even Ibiza.  Seems like in Spain they ooze sexiness.


9.  What’s next after the summer tour?

I plan on going back into the studio once I am fully rested after this tour.  I am always excited to get some studio time in.


10. What are three of your simple luxuries?

Mac Book Pro, iPhone and Sony MDR 7506 headphones.


Thanks buddy!

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Image Credit: Mark Owens courtesy of Kaskade and Rogers & Cowan.

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