The EC Twins Are Hung to the Left! THE Interview

The magic of EDM – Electronic Dance Music – is that it brings culture together.  Every race, religion, sex, sexuality and social standing comes into a fist pumping, body shaking movement that welcomes the beats into their soul and projects out displaying their love for music.  This is exactly what brought the EC twins into the industry of creating beats; music beats that will continue to help grow this musical movement and propel future generations of electronic music lovers.  The journey of these two hasn’t been easy, even quite difficult at times, but their passion for music has allowed them to change, shape and share the magic of EDM.


1. Who are the EC Twins?

DJs, producers, house music messiahs.

2. What was it like to transition from growing up in Manchester UK to life in LA?

Well in Manchester we lived in a shitty city in an even shittier neighborhood in the shittiest house. We didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Our life in L.A is now the opposite of that. Obviously it didn’t just happen overnight, we had to work our asses off we have paid our dues. Being broke and homeless in L.A wasn’t too much fun, but at least when you sleep on the streets in L.A the sun is out. It’s a long story for another day…

3. How can we tell you two apart? Which one is Marc and which one is Allister?

Some strange placed moles and freckles help people tell us apart. Knowing our luck some of these things are skin cancer.

4. Any sibling rivalry?

Not really

5. Tell us something about each of you we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

We are both hung to the left…

6. What brought you guys to the music industry and especially the dance music industry?

Music was always in our life, even if we didn’t have money for food as children our dad always had music and when he worked night shift he left us with our cousin to babysit who was a legitimate punk rocker. So those influences dictated a constant soundtrack in our lives. Plus the only tv station that we had was MTV, as it was free back in the day so we really didn’t know much else. The first time we went to a house music club the sense of freedom and fun was mind-blowing, every race, religion, sexuality and socio-economic class was represented on the dance floor. Its’ effect were irreversible for us. We knew we wanted to be involved in any way possible.

7. The dance music industry in LA is its’ own monster.   Do you guys think it stands out from any other city and musical communities?

Ironically when we decided to move to L.A, it really did have the smallest house and dance music scene we had ever witnessed in any big city. We made a conscious decision to put every ounce of our energy into changing that situation. Now it has become some kind of hub for producers and DJ’s  from all over the world and without a doubt we feel responsible for some of that change and we are so relieved. The media controls so much  of today’s pop culture and it’s all based here in LA so we decided it’s  perfect place to spread the message of dance music. We were right.

8. You guys produce constantly.  Any new projects you can talk about?

We are excited about our new remix for Bass Kleph called “Make Me Forget“. It’s an amazing track. We have so much coming out soon it’s unreal. As for an original track? A collaboration with our friend Andy D’Arrigo called “Rock n Roll Music“, which in our opinion is one of the most bad ass tracks we have produced and that’s coming out towards the end of the year.

9. Does each of you have an all-time favorite song you always work into your sets?

It changes. We nurture our tracks, we love them like family. It would be hard to think of particular tracks but  Robin S has the classic track, “Show Me Love” and it’s been ubiquitous to our careers I guess.

10. When performing, what are your favorite moments and why?

Every second on stage we live in fear that the crowd is suddenly going to hate what we do and leave the club in some kind of mass exodus, so the greatest moments happen when every hand is in the air or when you have ended your set and the crowd is still there chanting for more. The relief steadies our nerves (until the next time).

11. Who are your favorite major artists you’ve mixed?

Stand out for us would be LMFAO. Redfoo and the Party Rock Crew have been friends of ours for years and seeing them blow up has been awesome. So our remix of “Champagne Showers” was fun to do and has special feelings around it for our friends. Our remix of Adele’s “Someone Like You” got us a lot of attention and air play on the radio, other than that our remix of Dirty Vegas’ Doves” has become a cult underground classic. If we don’t play it in a set we get emails from fans complaining.

12. Outside of dance music, who are your top 3 favorite musical artists you respect and why?

That question is too tough. We can only respect people who we know something about personally. We aren’t unconditional fans of anyone. We enjoy music not musicians, if you can understand what we mean there. But we always loved Luther Vandross’s voice and also many of his contemporaries.  We just love old school soul. Guys like Vince Clarke, who was a member of Depeche Mode, Yazzoo (Yaz in America), Erasure and also enduring artists like Sade would be amongst our favorites.

13.     What inspired your latest single “Like You’ve Never Seen”?

We just went into the studio and laid down a high energy track that we love and would fit into our sets.  Then we sent CeCe Peniston an instrumental version and she delivered a great vocal. The validation from artists such as Tiesto, Chuckie and Sander Van Doorn supporting the record is refreshing to us.

14. If you could master another genre of music, which one would it be and why?

Most likely soul music. Traditional R/B, not this auto tuned piss poor bubblegum shit that R/B is today. We are VERY passionate about Soul music and rare groove. The market isn’t really there though and we can’t sing a fucking note so we don’t see it happening anytime soon. It’s best for everyone if we just stick to electronic music.

15. How do you define sexy?

We Google it.. Heres a link..

16. What do you think is the sexiest city, club, hotel, song, place to kiss?

Edinburgh is an undiscovered romantic city and Florence is also nice. But to be honest, we don’t know much about being sexy. We just know music. To almost quote our friends LMFAO “WE AREN’T SEXY AND WE KNOW IT”.

17. Aside from producing music and shows, what do you guys do for fun?

We ride bicycles. Yes that’s correct; we wear spandex and ride bicycles. We have done it since we were kids. Now try and get the image of us in spandex out of your mind, it’s kinda gross.

18. When are you guys hitting the Midwest?! We want to come see you!

As soon as possible. We want to come and see you too.

19. What’s next for the EC Twins?

As usual, more of the same. Just a bigger version.

20. What are your three simple luxuries?

Being born into poverty means it doesn’t take much to make us feel indulgent but our 3 luxuries would be Food, Food and more Food!

Thanks Guys!


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