teavana glass teapot_raannt

Teavana Glass Teapots…Sexiest Item of the Day!

We are so absolutely obsessed with these glass teapots from Teavana! In our home, both tea and coffee are enjoyed, but at night, as the moon comes out and the spring night air dances through our windows, we’re filled with a magic that only tea can accompany.  Whether we’re sitting on our patio [...]
justin timberlake sexy 1_raannt

Justin Timberlake…Sexiest Man of the Day!

We’re a little surprised Justin Timberlake hasn’t made our list already, being that we’re such huge fans…but here he is for the first time.  We’ve been in love with him since the Britney days so there’s a good chance he might make our Top 10 Sexiest Men this year…who knows.  Make sure to check [...]
liam dean lindsay lohan sexy 2_raannt

Liam Dean…Sexiest Model of the Day! (Just Ask Lindsay Lohan & Kate Upton!)

Last week, while catching up with the docu-drama, reality show Lindsay, about Lindsay Lohan, we noticed an attractive youngster in the background, whom she referred to as her friend “Liam”.  She stated the tabloids had made claims they were dating, but in actuality, he was just her friend. It took [...]
amber heard sexiest sexy woman 2014_raannt

Amber Heard…Sexiest Woman of the Day!

We have been huge fans of Amber Heard since the beginning of her career.  And why not, she is both talented and beautiful, making the perfect deadly combination for a true Sex Symbol, making her our Sexiest Woman of the Day! Check her out from Maxim.com below! Check back tomorrow for our next [...]
raannt sexy beats volume 3 edm_raannt

SEXY Beats of the Week! Volume 3

We’re keeping the lists coming and the beats bumping! This week we received some heavy hitters, some dirty bass, and some afterhours bumps! A lot of tracks are starting to crawl out of the Ultra Music Festival stages and without a doubt we placed them on our list. Check out the list, tells us what [...]
hardwell everyone is in the place official_raannt

Hardwell – “Everybody Is In The Place”

Here we go! Hardwell is working on releasing Revealed Recordings 100th release. The #1 DJ is featuring the classic sample from The Prodigy’s 1991 “Everybody Is In The Place” while utilizing current beats and sounds to make this track murder every set its played in! In full celebration of the [...]
high tops 2014_raannt

Best High Tops for Spring 2014!

Aaahh yes… the high tops! Probably one of the sexiest, must have accessories of the year. This killer style is back from the 90’s and this time, they’re here to stay! Though they’ve been in style, in some “genres” of fashion, since then… high top shoes are really taking over. A few years ago, we [...]
adventure club david solano unleash life in color anthem zak waters official_raannt

Life in Color Anthem 2014 ‘Unleash’ by Adventure Club & David Solano ft. Zak Waters

The track that has been splattering paint all across the state is finally out on Spinnin’ Records! Adventure Club and David Solano’s ‘Unleash’ steps away from their regular sound into something that is fresh, new, and connects with listeners with vocals by Zak Waters. The track is exciting, [...]
lil jon freakly bass rager day official_raannt

Lil Jon & Freaky Bass “Rager Day” Out Now on Dim Mak Records

Lil Jon has teamed with French producer Freaky Bass to create “Rager Day”. Lil Jon has been penetrating the EDM world with collaboration after collaboration… and they’re killer!!! The hip-hop artist has molded his “party-out-of-control-boy” personality and translated into the beats that rage [...]
matisse sadko signore_raannt

Matisse & Sadko – “Sigure” Out Now!

Armin van Buuren dropped some sick beats at multiple events during Miami Music Week… one of them being “Sigure” by Russian DJ/Producers Matisse & Sadok. The track is incredible and after its Armin van Buuren introduction, we had to not just get it… but also write about it! Check it out! Check [...]
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