christy pastore 1_raannt

Author Christy Pastore Weaves Together Fashion, Passion & Intrigue into Fifteen Weekends! An Interview

We met author Christy Pastore years ago when she first launched her fashion blog, Fashion Wrap Up. Through the years, we were lucky enough to collaborate with her on a few projects and follow her dream as an up and coming contemporary romance author. With the debut of her book Fifteen Weekends, [...]
rich kids of beverly hills season 2_raannt

#RichKids #Junkie! Season 2 Premieres August 3rd on E! A Preview!

We’re total #RichKids of Beverly Hills #junkies! We’ve been waiting long enough! Starting August 3rd the #RichKids are back with more #fabness #sexyness and #dramaMESS than ever! This bunch of jetsetters is not only incredibly head strong with fashion but also in the way they live their lives! And [...]
never say never basement jaxx_raannt

Basement Jaxx Never Say Never is the Perfect Summer Beat!

We are so completely obsessed with Never Say Never, the new sultry and sensual track from Basement Jaxx! It is the perfect summer beat and we have it playing constantly! Check it out below!   Check back for more daily music reviews and posts in our Music section!
cameron diaz the counselor 2 sexy_raannt

Cameron Diaz…Sexiest Woman of the Day!

After watching The Counselor the other night, we both decided that if we were given the option to be women, we would definitely be Cameron Diaz‘s character! What a badass! We’re really surprised we haven’t put this gorgeous beauty on our list before, but sometimes those things and people we find [...]
freaks timmy trumpet_raannt

Obsessed with Freaks from Timmy Trumpet!

We were driving on the interstate, the sun blaring through our windshield and sunroof, when Timmy Trumpet’s Freaks came on Sirius radio.  We were instantly obsessed.  It isn’t often that a song takes us over so completely and this one definitely had the best of us! The perfect summer 2014 jam! [...]
Ladies Of London - Season 1

Noelle Reno, Lady Hustler from Ladies of London! An Interview

Noelle Reno from Bravo’s Ladies of London is incredible! Really a true testament of work hard, Play hard, look fab! The gorgeous American doll has become a household name by not only embracing the social pages of London’s newspapers but now our TV screens as well in Bravo’s reality hit Ladies of [...]
michael fassbender sexy 3_raannt

Michael Fassbender…Sexiest Man of the Day

Michael Fassbender made our Sexiest Men of the Day list in 2013, but the other night, while watching The Counselor, we were so intrigued by him again, that we decided to add him to our list in 2014.  In fact, he’s so damn sexy, he just might be a contender for The Sexiest Man of 2014! Check out [...]
hotel hell season 2_raannt

Our Addiction Returns! FOX’s Hotel Hell Season 2!

Every so often, a show comes around that you can’t believe you haven’t heard of and as soon as you start watching it you’re immediately addicted. When we heard about Hotel Hell, our initial reaction was “Shut up! A scary reality?” but then we realized what’s scarier than that… Dirty hotels! Hotel [...]
victorinox swiss army watch 1_raannt

Victorinox Swiss Army introduces: ALLIANCE

A few weeks ago we were asked to check out the new Victorinox Swiss Army watch: the Alliance. We were incredibly excited to review a watch brand that we’ve loved for so long, so of course we jumped on the opportunity! Victorinox Swiss Army introduces ALLIANCE – a watch that plays with the classic [...]
Ladies Of London - Season 1

Marissa Hermer, Lady VIP from Ladies of London Goes Global! An Interview

Marissa Hermer from Bravo’s Ladies of London makes it seem like, for once, the grass is greener on the other side! Rubbing shoulders with Grammy winners, Royals, moguls, and super models… this hostess really does have it made! Her charm and grace on the scenes of Ladies of London made us love her [...]
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