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YouTubes’ Trisha Paytas…Sexiest Woman of the Day!

You may have noticed that we’ve been posting a lot of famous YouTubers lately as our Sexiest Men and Women of the Day.  Well, there is a method to our magic; we’re obsessed with watching YouTube videos, interviewing YouTubers(Check all of them out in our Interview section) and we even gave it a [...]
chris pratt sexiest man_raannt

Chris Pratt…Sexiest Man of the Day(And Almost Nude!)

This past weekend we went to see the Blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy.  We weren’t quite sure what to think going in but let us set the record straight…The movie is totally worth the hype.  We see tons of movies and Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely a perfect late summer flick.  It also [...]
mat gordon sexiest model_raannt

Mat Gordon…Sexiest Model of the Day!

Recently we’ve been obsessed with stalking the Instagrams of some of our favorite male models.  Mat Gordon is no exception.  Although he doesn’t have tons of pictures of himself on his Instagram, the photographs offer an view inside to his soul…and we like what we see.  He is one incredible [...]
sls las vegas_raannt

Vegas’ Sexiest NEW Attraction – The SLS Hotel

We’re seriously in love with Vegas… I mean we got married there, so we love it! Now we love it even more!! The SLS is taking ownership of part of the Las Vegas strip and we’re incredibly excited! The lux concept will be providing Vegas lovers unreal rooms, clubs, restaurants, and places to hang [...]
tyler ritter main_raannt

Tyler Ritter Introduces Us to ‘The McCarthys” and Tells Us Why Naomi Judd is the Sexiest Costar– An Interview

As much as we may love summer… and we really love summer… we look forward to fall for a few reasons; Halloween, sweater weather, Starbucks fall theme drinks and a never ending lineup of TV shows. “The McCarthys” joins the CBS family this fall as its brand new( and only new )comedy this fall and we [...]
are we faded keys n krates_raannt

Keys N Krates New Single “Are We Faded” Out Now!

Keys N Krates are back with a killer new single ‘Are We Faded’ which is the first one from their much anticipated Every Nite EP coming out September 23rd. The short lived track has generated huge momentum and is taking over sets throughout the festivals of the world. Making the closing of summer [...]
marquee monday nights_raannt

Mondays are NOT a Drag!

Mondays are NOT a drag; In fact, they’re unreal!! The Marquee LV has become one of THE spots for ragers to come thump to the beats of some of the biggest DJs in the industry. And just like that, DJs are taking note and coming in on their off nights to party it up too!!! On Monday Tiesto, Erick [...]
nicki minaj anaconda official exclusive video uncut_raannt

Nicki Minaj’s Official Anaconda Video Totally #ASSassinates the Original!

Taylor Swift might have just released a really cute new song and video, but Nicki Minaj is blowing us away with her incredible #ASS in her official video for Anaconda.  If you haven’t seen it you have to check it out below! Check back for more of our daily music reviews and posts in our Music [...]
panic city bang bang_raannt

Panic City Drops Bang Bang

Bang Bang! This killer track by Panic City brings a new level of high energy… the ideal drop right after the “Bang-Bang” really makes the track stand out and brings a whole new level of #rage to the set. Check out the track and make sure you download your own copy bellow! Check out all of our [...]
shaun frank vanrip vagabond_raannt

Shaun Frank & Vanrip Team Up for ‘Vagabond’

Thanks to Dim Mak Records we were introduced to this #Unreal track! So, really… Thanks guys! We’re totally obsessed with the collaboration of Shaun Frank and VanRip ‘Vagabond’. That track is high energy and perfect for the final days of festival season! Filled killer beats and a dirty bass the [...]
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