DJ Dainjazone! LMFAO’s Resident DJ: THE Interview!

Every now and then we find an artist, of any kind, that shakes the industry they’re in and reshapes the stereotypes and logistics recreating the rules and boundaries. DJ Dainjazone has done just that.  After touring the world with LMFAO as their party rock dj, Dainjazone has learned and been able to craft a sound that is a mix of old school pop/hiphop into the overwhelming sounds of electric music; creating with it a new generation of sound and soul…which has absolutely blown our minds! Ladies and Gentlemen…we give you DJ Dainjazone…the leader of the new school!

1. Define your DJ’ing style using only 6 words.

Creative. Entertaining. Artistic. Unexpected. Reverie. Story.


2. How did your passion for being a DJ begin?

The power to control music and the battle DJs ignited my passion. My initial interest was to be a battle DJ and do a few parties here and there. Something about turntablism struck a flame of desire to make the art form my own.


3. How did you come up with your stage name?

In the midst of becoming a battle DJ I was an avid listener of the rapper Big L. He has a song called “Danger Zone”. The verses and chorus made the name come to life. It was organic. Something hit me. I wanted a name that would sound intimidating in a battle. If a competitor said, “I have to battle Dainjazone next?” then maybe mentally he would be distracted and intimidated by the mere thought of the name and what it represents.


4. Tell us a bit about your DJ’ing skills.  How are you different from everyone else?

My focused mind set isn’t comparing myself to other. Surely words and opinions can twist into a comparing scenario. My focus is delivering a sound that feels right. Our uniqueness defines us and for the critics it will help separate us from the norm. I don’t think its my skills that make me unique but rather my ideas. I take chances. I tell a story throughout the course of a night. An emotional roller coaster if you will.


5. What is something we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

I’ve read 50 Shades of Grey.


6. Tell us about your experience touring with LMFAO.

The experience is like no other. Touring is no joke. It’s a mental challenge that break you down if handled carelessly. I ended the tour mentally comfortable and at peace with my inner being. Building confidence was an exceptional learning experience. You have to express confidence and love for what you do. It relays and rubs off on the crowd. They will be inspired to have fun.


7. How were you introduced to LMFAO?

I went to high school with their manager’s, Ian Fletcher, baby-mama. Between her vouching for me and my DJ friend, Mikiwar, introducing me to him I was more or less introduced to LMFAO.

8. They have an incredibly unique sense of style and music.  What have you learn from touring with them?

Responsibility, showmanship, delivery and music theory seem to pop in my head first. Partying with them, having a good time and dressing the part is easy.


9. What has been your favorite thing about touring internationally?

The learning opportunities. The knowledge I’ve acquired regarding knowledge of self, the tour lifestyle, music, controlling emotions, mental health and survival in four months has been intense, gratifying and rewarding.


10. What are 3 things you always have with you while traveling?

Laptop, clean underwear and Cazal glasses.


11. Who are your top 5 favorite musicians and why?

Tough question. In no particular order…

1. The Weeknd. His music is like no other. It may very well be timeless. The modern day Sade.

2. Michael Jackson. The best to do it. His music was consistent and for the most part a step ahead of its time.

3. Travis Barker. Watching him live is a joy. His passion and skill level is inspiring.

4. DJ Premier. His sound is unique and has inspired hip hop producers for over 2 decades. His work can put you in an inspiring hip hop trance.

5. Prince. He’s Prince.


12. If you could work with any musician, dead or alive, who would your top 3 be and why?

As a DJ I can only do so much for the musicians of the past so my focus would be geared to the hip hop generation.

1. Kanye West. I’m a fan of art and his ability combine art in general with art in music can’t be explained.

2. Chris Brown. He’s an incredible performer with hits. He’s successfully entertaining both markets of hip hop and house and those fields are what I enjoy mixing.

3. The Weeknd. I thoroughly enjoy his music and would love to be a part of his movement.


13. If you had to master another genre of music, which one would it be and why?

Funk. The music was live and it felt like there wasn’t a terrible track produced since labels and pressings were hard to come by. seemed like a fun era of music and the soul was alive and kicking.


14. How do you define sexy?



15. What do you think is the sexiest city? Club? Hotel? Club? Place to kiss?

Cannes, France is my personal favorite but the whole French Riviera is gorgeous. Liv in Miami is all around great. We stayed in so many sexy hotels in Europe. Hard to call it. The French Riviera seems fitting for the best place to kiss.

16. Tell us about New School Music and what inspired this concept?

Music forever changes. So do people, fashion, slang, etc. Moral, ethics and integrity doesn’t when it comes to quality business. As the new wave of talented DJs evolve, they need guidance. We need guidance. We don’t want the ego to steer us off course. Its easy to be arrogant these days since that’s what sells and where the focus is for marketing strategies. My success has proven that being yourself and owning integrity can lead to infinite possibilities.


17. What piece of advice would you give a DJ starting out his/her career?

Study every DJ including him or herself. Know who he or she is. Live right. Respect yourself and others. Speak well of others. Exercise mental toughness. Be ready for anything. What you do today sets up tomorrow.


18. What should we expect from your upcoming solo tour?

A unique delivery;  Party Rock energy; amazing clubs; and a story for the dance floor.


19. What’s next for DJ Dainjazone?

I will ride out the remainder of the year as LMFAO’s tour DJ. In the midst of that ill be working w/ a talent agency that will get me involved in modeling and commercial opportunities.


20. What are your three simple luxuries?

Comfortable bed, power outlets and a shower.


Be Yourself.  Be Fearless. Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury

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