Yes Man Watches…Sexiest Item of the Day! Again!

yes man watches 2014_raannt

Earlier in the year we posted Yes Man Watches as the Sexiest Item of the Day when they were raising money through a Kickstarter campaign.  Well the watches are up and live and now they’re making sunglasses as well! We love these watches and sunglasses so much, and the mission behind the funds, that we’ve continued to post about them.  Last week Nathan, the owner and creator of Yes Man Watches sent us one of the watches as thanks and we were ecstatic when we opened it! The thick band and face are absolutely beautiful and the watch goes with everything.  Even though we’re both fighting over wearing it, both of us have received tons of questions about where we got the watch so we thought we would post about them one last time…until they come up with something new(Hopefully backpacks!)

Go check out their website and order one of these affordable and gorgeous watches today! We love ours!

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Eurway Fish Hotel Aquarium…Sexiest Item of the Day!

fish hotel cool fish aquarium_raannt

Screw IKEA…we’re obsessed with Eurway! We don’t even know how we stumbled across this amazong store but we are absolutely in love with everything inside of it.  True to our home, a mix of bohemian and  minimalist, color and quiet, we instantly were attracted to this innovative Fish Hotel “Industrial Design Student Teddy Luong won the Canadian Build a Better Competition with his re-imagined white fish bowl. Stack them to create a high rise building effect. Its plastic outer shell can be removed from the glass bowl for cleaning.”

Excuse our profanity, but this thing is cool as shit! Definitely on our Christmas Wish List!

Make sure to check out all of the other cool furniture and accessories at Eurway!

Stay tuned for our next pick for Sexiest Item of the Week and our Home Decor Reviews!

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Yes Man Sunnies! Dope Handcrafted Bamboo Sunglasses! Sexiest Item of the Day!

yes man sunnies 3_raannt

We are super stoked to see that Yes Man, the makers of some of the coolest watches around, has ventured out and is now making handcrafted bamboo sunglasses.  The Yes Man Sunnies are part of a Kickstarter project that Nathan Resnick, the man behind Yes Man, has put together to meet their goal of launching these super cool shades just like they did with their Yes Man watches.

yes man sunnies 1_raannt

What we love most about these sunglasses, other than the fact that are: – Handmade
– Affordable- only $35 now, $50 suggested retail price
– Polarized 100% UV Protection Lenses
– High Quality
– Organic
– Protected with a warranty 

Is that 10% of all proceeds will go to Pandas International, a non-profit organization that helps protect endangered giant pandas. (Just in case you didn’t know, there are only 2000 pandas left in the world!)

Giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca); Sichuan Province, China

That’s the part where you feel really bad for the pandas and realize who couldn’t use a pair of super cool shades and so you go to the official site of Yes Man Sunnies and place your order today!

They also have other styles as well…

yes man sunnie 2_raannt

Aren’t they cool? Go now and order up a few pairs and help this amazing campaign for Yes Man!

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Audible…Sexiest Gadget of the Day!

audible logo_raannt

Ok, first of all, let us say that we are extremely upset that we didn’t win Audible‘s recent contest to win your wish list…but we’ll get over it! We are absolutely obsessed with Audible.  If you don’t know what it is Audible is an app through your phone or other device where you can listen to audio books, although there are also lectures etc on there as well.  You pay a monthly fee and get one credit a month, which equals one book, and then you get other titles at a discounted rate.  We’ve told a lot of people about Audible and they always think it’s expensive but if you listen to a lot of audio books, you can get bestsellers at really reasonable rates.  Plus they have a deal of the day and you can find other authors for cheaper rates.  One day we bought all of the John Green books for like $5 each!

Yes, we didn’t win our wish list(maybe they’ll reconsider since we’re giving them perfectly free advertising!)but we still love them.  In fact, we just loaded up on a few new books tonight!

Some of our favorite books this year that we recommend are Love Letters to the Dead, The Beginning of Everything, We Were Liars and The Geography Club(the entire series by Brent Hartinger!).

Check it out at!

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Black Jack Gum…Sexiest Item of the Day! Totally Unavailable!

black jack gum_raanntIf you haven’t read The Before Now and After Then by one half of our raannt team, Peter Monn, do so NOW! If you do, you’ll know why Black Jack gum is such an integral part to the story and why we have decided to make it the sexiest item of the day! It’s funny how such a small thing like gum can be so enticingly sexy!

Also, while researching Black Jack gum, we found that it is only made and offered about every 5 years and is totally unavailable anywhere on the internet.  So, unless you have a pack stuck in the back pocket of an old pair of jeans or at the bottom of your purse it doesn’t look like you’ll be chewing some any time soon!

Check back for our next pick of Sexiest Item of the Day!

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Oh…and of course read the book as well!

the before now and after then official cover_peter monn

River Island…Our New Obsession! Sexiest Items of the Day!

river island gold bracelet_raanntWhile perusing through Instagram the other day, we found a picture someone had posted of a beaded bracelet from River Island.  We had never heard of the online store before, so we immediately went to their website and were absolutely amazed.  A full service website, for men, women, boys and girls, River Island has everything from shoes and blazers to jewelry wallets.  We love everything on their website, especially the Gold Tone Curb Chain Bracelet, seen above, for only $16.  All of their items are extremely fairly priced.

Check out all of their wears, and feel free to gift us some stuff since it’s our birthday week! We love them!

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Marquee Laptop Briefcase… Sexiest item of the week

marquee laptop briefcase 1_raanntFor some of us, summer is all about the heat, the pool, the sun and going out… but really it’s about the new job, the business trip, or the lunch time interview! With all of that in mind… we have to think of the best way to make an impression… the right impression! As bloggers/on-line magazine owners we have to keep our style cool and laidback, but also polished and of high quality! We think that the Marquee Laptop Briefcase by ShopHex is perfect… and perfect for us both!

marquee laptop briefcase 2_raannt

Complete with ool compartments for all our gadgets. We have to be able to blog about things on the go! – and it can even serve as a little weekender bag! Visit Shophex for more of their killer items!


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Nike Roshe Customized Floral Running Shoes…Sexiest Item of the Day!

nike floral roshe customized running shoe_raannt

When we ran across these shoes, we immediately fell in love and needed a pair of these customized beauties.

nike floral roshe customized grey running shoe_raannt

floral nikes_raannt

After looking online for over an hour, we found tons of pictures of customized floral shoes, for both and women, on Etsy and private websites, but mostly on Where to Get It! Go there and check out all of the shoes offered!

Check back tomorrow for more picks of Sexiest Items of the Day and our daily style posts!

“Best new summer read of 2014! Hilarious and endearing! Perfect Summer Read”

the before now and after then official cover_peter monn


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RAVPower RP-PB08 Luster 3000mAh External Battery…Sexiest Item of the Week!

rav power charger_raannt

We hate running out of battery, especially when we’re out covering an event! So let us introduce you to the pretty sexy RAVPower external battery charger! This puppy can add up to 8 hours of talking time or one full charge to your iPhone (all of them, just change up the cable) and…It has a built- in LED light, in case you’re lost or need to find your way. It doesn’t come with a cable adaptable to your phone, so you’ll have to use the one you already own, other than that – the battery is pretty light, so you can fit it in your pocket or purse. You can charge it quickly and it comes in 6 cool colors… get your own here at their website!

Have a product you would like for us to feature? Contact us at

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Teavana Glass Teapots…Sexiest Item of the Day!

teavana glass teapot_raanntWe are so absolutely obsessed with these glass teapots from Teavana! In our home, both tea and coffee are enjoyed, but at night, as the moon comes out and the spring night air dances through our windows, we’re filled with a magic that only tea can accompany.  Whether we’re sitting on our patio reading or watching a scary movie together on the couch, hot tea is the perfect companion and these glass teapots from Teavana are the both gorgeous, mystical and cost-efficient with most under $40! (They also make the perfect gift so feel free to send some our way!)

teavana 3_raanntteavana 2_raannt

Check out all of the best in the tea industry at Teavanaone of our simple luxuries!

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