#100happydays…Sexiest Item of the Day!


We just ran across this website challenge titled #100happydays, and immediately became entranced! If you don’t already know what this is, you have to go to the website and check it out!

In simple terms, you make a commitment to share a picture on social media sites with the hashtag #100happydays for 100 days.  It is not a competition but a starting point for living a happier life!

We think this might just be the sexiest thing ever! A better life is the most previous luxury available!

Go to the website RIGHT NOW and sign up!

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Capri Blue Volcano Candles…Sexiest Item of the Day!

capri blue volcano candle anthropologie_raannt

We found these amazing Capri Blue Volcano candles several years ago at Anthropologie, and they have intoxicated our home ever since! We are absolutely obsessed with these candles.  They range in prices depending on size, but most of the larger ones which range near $28 last for months and fill our home with their incredible scent.

If you don’t believe us, go to Anthropologie and check them out or order them online directly at Capri Blue.  Their prices are incredibly reasonable for the quality of the candle and the duration it burns!  Volcano is only one of their scents, but it is forever our favorite!

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Cartier Love Bracelet…Sexiest Item of the Day!

cartier love bracelet_raannt

We are absolutely obsessed with these gorgeous Love Bracelets from Cartier.  In fact, although we are true believers in the simplicity of love, we might have to splurge for our anniversary and bond ourselves with a gift of gold love!

These amazing bangles begin at $4450 and go all the way up to $57,000 for white gold with diamonds! Quite…the gift of true love. 

Check out all of the Love collection at Cartier!

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