YESMAN Watches, Making IT SEXY With Gold & Silver Watches

yesman watches the shot caller apple watch 1_raannt Bring it back to the classic look! Really, bring it back! In the age of the apple watch and everything touch screen, sometimes the sexiest thing we could all invest on is a classic gold, or silver, watch. The classic-er the better! YesMan watches have been on our wrist for a while, and we totally love them and we get a lot of compliments on them… Come one, what guy doesn’t want a nice arm candy that will do most of the flirting for him?!?! yesman watches the shot caller apple watch black on gold watch 1_raannt The YesMan guys have created a new line of watches that bling to site, in the best way possible. They’ve combined the classic gold and silver look with the even more classic face color, black or royal blue (Personal favorite GOLD & BLUE combo). These, take us back to the 70s Rolex era, where the shinny gold and the bright blue screamed uptown funk! Check out the gallery of looks below and if you like any, which you should, click here to purchase your very own YesMan Watch!

Also, check out their dope kickstarter video:

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Boxed Water…Sexiest Item of the Day!

boxed water 1_raanntFirst of all, we are obsessed with bottled water.  And although we know that the brand or the bottle doesn’t really make the water much different, the fact of the matter is that we love a good container.  So imagine our delight when we started seeing pictures all over Instagram with models drinking Boxed Water!!!

boxed water_raannt

Instant obsession! We had to get our hands on some of this stuff! Now you can too from their online store or find it at a store near you! It’s pretty cheap in comparison with other “bottled” water, and like they say, Boxed Water is Better! What we love most, is their motto!

Part sustainable water company, part art project, part philanthropic project, and completely curious.

Boxed Water

Go buy it now or just check out their website!

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Dollar Shave Club…Sexiest Item of the Day and Our New Best Friend!

dollar shave club review_raannt

We had been hearing about the Dollar Shave Club for over a year but still hadn’t tried it yet, when we reached out to them and asked if they’d be willing to send us some samples in exchange for a review.  Samples? Uhhh…they sent us an entire box of all of their products.  These were no samples, they were the real thing.  We put the actual picture of what they sent us above so you can see how you get your shave supplies in the mail.

We were so excited we wanted to start, uhh, shaving right away! No, really! Their products are so incredible.  We were absolutely not disappointed and the Dollar Shave Club really does live up to all of the hype.  Their blades are so smooth and actually seem to last quite a while.  The Shave Butter and Post Shave Moisturizer are incredible and after a few days, seem like a necessity.

dollar shave club wipes_raannt

But…not literally, our favorite thing was the package of One Wipe Charlies! We hadn’t been expecting them to send us a package of “buttwipes”, their word, not ours! Who cares, right, we all need them and they are so perfectly masculine and durable! We love them!

If you haven’t tried the Dollar Shave Club yet or are hesitant, trust us, we’re going to only use them in the future! We absolutely love them and they’re the best thing on the market!

Check out their website HERE!

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Atelier DT Defines Sexiness in Men’s Underwear…Sexiest Item of the Day!


Throughout the ages underwear has been made to be practical. Today, underwear is made to make you feel sexy, powerful, daring and above all comfortable. Not only is underwear a necessity, it is a fashion statement; the ultimate definition of your own personal style because once the clothes are off, the truth comes out. Atelier DT has developed a line of underwear and jockstraps that is playful, masculine, sexy, and protective of OUR best guy friend. The high quality materials of each product is strategically picked for each designed, while keeping in mind the feel and fit of each piece.



The sizes are true to their measurements, so when buying make sure you know what is comfortable to you and what fit you enjoy best. Each cut is different, so when it comes to style, make sure what you like best. The low cuts are low and the briefs are true to definition. As underwear snobs, we JUST can’t get enough of DT Atelier underwear! We love them and love how they make us feel! We literally get hundreds of pairs of underwear for review and this brand, which was new to us, is one of our all time favorites.


We’re not just saying this, Atelier DT is probably our current favorite underwear brand and the perfect birthday or holiday present.  Or, just sneak it into his gym bag as a secret so he’ll put them on to come home to you.  They are literally that sexy.  They are extremely reasonably priced from $12-25.

Check them out at the Atelier DT website!

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The Best Boxer Shorts! Charlie Dog Boxer Company – Sexiest Item of the Day!


Several weeks ago we reached out to the Charlie Dog Boxer Company and asked if they’d be willing to exchange some boxers for a review and they sent some to us right away.  We had heard about these boxers from a few friends who love old school boxers and had even read about them on several blogs and websites.


We don’t even know what to say! These are absolutely the most comfortable boxers we have ever worn, which is interesting because their tag line is: providing men with the softest most comfortable boxers they’ve ever worn.  And they have! To get a better idea of what they have to offer you have to check out their website.  Right now you can get 25% off of boxers if you submit a picture of the band sticking out of your pants and where you’ve traveled.  (Trust us…we will be participating!)


They also donate 5% of their net profits to national and local animal welfare organizations! And, as if that wasn’t enough, you can submit a picture of you old “Holey” boxers and get 25% off.  We love a little fashion and humor mixed!


Right now they have sixteen different pairs of boxers in varied styles and colors all retailing for $32 and well worth the price! They also have hats and t-shirts too!

Definitely go check out this amazing company! We totally love these boxers and you we’re not easy to please! P.S. The logo of the dog on the band of the boxers is our favorite part…adorbs!

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Mercedes-Benz Surfboards for Garrett McNamara-Sexiest Item of the Day

mercedes benz surfboards_raannt

Man oh man! We honestly don’t know how to surf, but with these new puppies we would love to start taking lessons! The incredible minds of Mercedes-Benz Portugal have teamed up with Amorim Cork Composites to create a smooth ride for surfer Garrett McNamara, who will be riding the biggest waves in the world in Nazare, Portugal.

mercedes benz surfboards 2_raannt

This dynamic threesome is also working on creating a second surfboard, to be made of the foam used to manufacture aircraft wings, a material Garrett himself has brought all the way from Varial Surfboard in California. Holly-coolness! Mercedes-Benz, if you happen to want novice suffers to test out the boards-Sign us up!

mercedes benz surfboards 3_raannt

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Entranced by OWP(Objects With Purpose) Candles…Candle, Oil and Perfume All in One! Sexiest Item of the Day!

owp objects with purpose candles_raannt

A few weeks ago we ran across an article about a celebrity gifting suite for OWP: Objects With Purpose; The Wearable Candle!   We were so entranced by the creativity of these dual purpose candles that we reached out to creator Ianthe Mauro who sent us one immediately.  We were so excited when it came in the mail and even more excited to find the perfect occasion to use it.

The candle that we were sent was the Intimate Purpose candle, which also doubles as body butter and hot massage oil.  And…without giving you the intimate details, we’re here to tell you that it really does work; amazingly well!

The scent? Imagine laying on a beach all day in St. Barths, drinking drinks thick with freshly squeezed juice and swimming in the ocean, the sun and brightening your skin.  You go back up to your room late in the day for a nap before going out that night.  When you wake up, you realize you have slept into the early evening and the moon is high on the ocean and candles are lit around the room.  They smell like a mix of the tropics, sun, beach…and sexy.  This is what this candle smells like.  Island Sensuality…and we love it.

And let’s make one thing very, very clear; this candle smells expensive.  It comes in a small tin can that can travel anywhere and burns for several hours, only costing $10-$20 depending on the size.  We’re absolutely obsessed!

owp 1_raannt

Objects With Meaning also have several other candles including Dirt Rich, Fight or Flight and ‘Twas the Scent Before Christmas, which we’re exceptionally excited about.  In addition, they have roll on perfumes, room sprays and gift baskets.  We’re obsessed and want all of it!

Check out all of the amazing items at Objects With Meaning; The Wearable Candle!

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TieDyeUndies…Sexiest Item of the Day!


We started seeing pictures of models in tie-dyed underwear from Alexander King‘s Etxy Shop, TieDyeUndies, months ago and literally fell in love.  His underwear is one of a kind but made from first rate underwear, some of our favorites! The underwear range in prices, but mostly fall between $35 and $40 with his hot long johns running $72.  (Can you imagine a man in tie-dyed long johns??? Love it!) Although he doesn’t have much on his site, it is first rate and we love it! Check out the picks below and go to his site to see more! Ohhhh…and he also has prints which are fantastic! The above image is from his gallery!

tie dye underwear_raannt

tie dye long johns_raannt

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Casely Hayford Leather Skateboards by H by Harris…Sexiest Item of the Day!

casely hayford skatebords_raannt

We’re a little late posting about these amazing skateboards, which aren’t even available anymore, but last February if you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of these one of a kind beauties you were lucky! The collaboration between H by Harris and Casely Hayford produced this luxury skateboard that is both sleek and luxurious, although to our die-hard skate fans, probably not very realistic!

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Tiffany T Square Bracelet…Sexiest Item of the Day!

tiffany t gold ring_raanntWe are absolutely obsessed with the new Tiffany T line from Tiffany & Co.! The collection is bold yet simple, a staple of Tiffany’s design.  While it is more creative than some of the past lines, it almost seems a bit vintage with a hint of the late 70’s.  Of the entire collection, our favorites are the Tiffany T Sqaure Bracelet in 18 Carat Gold seen above and retailing for $5000.  If that’s a little bit steep for you, we also love the Tiffany T Silver Cutout Ring in Sterling Silver seen below and retailing for $500.

tiffany t silver ring_raanntGo to the Tiffany & Co. website to see the entire collection and the amazing video!

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