YESMAN Watches, Making IT SEXY With Gold & Silver Watches

yesman watches the shot caller apple watch 1_raannt Bring it back to the classic look! Really, bring it back! In the age of the apple watch and everything touch screen, sometimes the sexiest thing we could all invest on is a classic gold, or silver, watch. The classic-er the better! YesMan watches have been on our wrist for a while, and we totally love them and we get a lot of compliments on them… Come one, what guy doesn’t want a nice arm candy that will do most of the flirting for him?!?! yesman watches the shot caller apple watch black on gold watch 1_raannt The YesMan guys have created a new line of watches that bling to site, in the best way possible. They’ve combined the classic gold and silver look with the even more classic face color, black or royal blue (Personal favorite GOLD & BLUE combo). These, take us back to the 70s Rolex era, where the shinny gold and the bright blue screamed uptown funk! Check out the gallery of looks below and if you like any, which you should, click here to purchase your very own YesMan Watch!

Also, check out their dope kickstarter video:

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Casely Hayford Leather Skateboards by H by Harris…Sexiest Item of the Day!

casely hayford skatebords_raannt

We’re a little late posting about these amazing skateboards, which aren’t even available anymore, but last February if you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of these one of a kind beauties you were lucky! The collaboration between H by Harris and Casely Hayford produced this luxury skateboard that is both sleek and luxurious, although to our die-hard skate fans, probably not very realistic!

Check out all of the other amazing finds at H by HARRIS and Casely Hayford!

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Audible…Sexiest Gadget of the Day!

audible logo_raannt

Ok, first of all, let us say that we are extremely upset that we didn’t win Audible‘s recent contest to win your wish list…but we’ll get over it! We are absolutely obsessed with Audible.  If you don’t know what it is Audible is an app through your phone or other device where you can listen to audio books, although there are also lectures etc on there as well.  You pay a monthly fee and get one credit a month, which equals one book, and then you get other titles at a discounted rate.  We’ve told a lot of people about Audible and they always think it’s expensive but if you listen to a lot of audio books, you can get bestsellers at really reasonable rates.  Plus they have a deal of the day and you can find other authors for cheaper rates.  One day we bought all of the John Green books for like $5 each!

Yes, we didn’t win our wish list(maybe they’ll reconsider since we’re giving them perfectly free advertising!)but we still love them.  In fact, we just loaded up on a few new books tonight!

Some of our favorite books this year that we recommend are Love Letters to the Dead, The Beginning of Everything, We Were Liars and The Geography Club(the entire series by Brent Hartinger!).

Check it out at!

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RAVPower RP-PB08 Luster 3000mAh External Battery…Sexiest Item of the Week!

rav power charger_raannt

We hate running out of battery, especially when we’re out covering an event! So let us introduce you to the pretty sexy RAVPower external battery charger! This puppy can add up to 8 hours of talking time or one full charge to your iPhone (all of them, just change up the cable) and…It has a built- in LED light, in case you’re lost or need to find your way. It doesn’t come with a cable adaptable to your phone, so you’ll have to use the one you already own, other than that – the battery is pretty light, so you can fit it in your pocket or purse. You can charge it quickly and it comes in 6 cool colors… get your own here at their website!

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Philips Armin Van Buuren Headphones! Phillips A5-Pro…Sexiest Item of the Week!

armin van buuren headphones phillips a5-pro 1_raannt

The killer minds of Philips teamed up with electronic god Armin van Buuren to bring to the world a set of headphones that will blow! Your! Minds!!!!  That super slick and sexy headphones are light weight, comfortable, minimal to the style yet max to its abilities and functions!  Throw these puppies on and it’s like being at Ultra Music Festival all over again! Making them our Sexy item of the week!

armin van buuren headphones phillips a5-pro 2_raannt

The A5-PRO headphones are jam packed with killer features, awesome audio speakers, and other high-end qualities other headphones have not offer before!!! Armin van Buuren and Tim Homewood spent a year going back and forth putting together the qualifications, the most haves, the possibilities and the dreams of what they could create!

armin van buuren headphones phillips a5-pro 3_raannt

While we were in Miami for Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival, we were lucky enough to attend a private viewing of these headphones with an exclusive, private set by Armin himself.  We were even lucky enough to each get a pair of these amazing headphones, which Armin says, he uses himself while touring on the road.

We asked Tim & Armin how their different creative minds define what is sexy about the finished product… This is what they had to say:

Attendees got a special gift from Armin van Bururen… an intimate set for less than 200 peeps in the beautiful Bâoli Miami!

armin van buuren headphones phillips a5-pro 4_raannt

For more information and to get your own click HERE!

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iPhone Gramophone…Sexiest Item of the Day!

ipod gramophone restoration hardware_raannt

We are so absolutely obsessed with these little gadgets that as soon as we saw them in Restoration Hardware, we knew we needed one for our living room.  They are so authentically artsy yet modern at the same time; the perfect mix of old school and new school.  These little darlings actually play music, or anything, from your iPhone or iPod, right through the gramophone, sounding exactly like an old school gramophone.  It’s a wonder we haven’t gone and snatched a few up, but we’re still waiting for someone to gift one to us!!! (Hint, hint!)

Retailing at $249 but now on sale for $199, these little dudes are a complete steal! We’re obsessed. 

Check them out at Restoration Hardware!

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Coolest Surfing Video EVER! Inside the Way…Don’t Stop Surfing! GoPro Cameras!

Surfer on a Wave

We were sent this video from one of our tumblr followers and we HAD to post it.  It is absolutely one of, if not THE, coolest surf videos we’ve ever seen…with the exception of Blue Crush! Anyway, check it out below and let us know what you think! All filmed on an official GoPro camera! Damn…we wish we had one of these cameras!!!! Total Luxury!


All fro GoPro…The Most Versatile Camera! See more of their amazing videos HERE on YouTube! We’ll be posting more of our favorite GoPro videos in the weeks to come!

Check out their official website HERE!

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BeoPlay H6…Best New Headphones 2013!



We saw a write-up for these amazing BeoPlay H6 headphones in Details magazine and immediately jumped on our computers to find their website.  At first, it was their absolute beauty that intrigued us; almost Nordic in simplicity common among today’s style in fashion.  When we got to the website we were tantalized by the amazing “tricks” these little guys can do.  Well…that’s probably really simplifying the technology that comes with BeoPlay, but the H6 headphones are awesome.

They have plugs in the left and right, and can be shared with another listener! They are made of the softest leather and hardware, constructed to fit your head perfectly, while looking good at the same time!



The BeoPlay H6 retail at $399 and can be bought online HERE!

BeoPlay, a part of Bang & Olufsen, also have awesome home speakers and iPad speakers so check out their website HERE!

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Boomphones! The BEST Technology for Shared Music!


If you’re anything like us, you don’t want to just listen to music, you want to experience music as if you’re sitting at a music festival listening to the live beats throbbing in your ears, forcing your body to move and taking you to another level.  Isn’t that what music is all about?  Wouldn’t it be even better if you could share this experience with other people?

So let us introduce you to these killer headphones that with the simple push of a button, they turn into a boombox! Meet the Boomphones!


These puppies aren’t just cool, they’re also affordable! They run for $149.99 and come in 2 options: Mate Black and Polished White! Check them out HERE!


And don’t forget to check out their site to follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube!

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