Marquee Laptop Briefcase… Sexiest item of the week

marquee laptop briefcase 1_raanntFor some of us, summer is all about the heat, the pool, the sun and going out… but really it’s about the new job, the business trip, or the lunch time interview! With all of that in mind… we have to think of the best way to make an impression… the right impression! As bloggers/on-line magazine owners we have to keep our style cool and laidback, but also polished and of high quality! We think that the Marquee Laptop Briefcase by ShopHex is perfect… and perfect for us both!

marquee laptop briefcase 2_raannt

Complete with ool compartments for all our gadgets. We have to be able to blog about things on the go! – and it can even serve as a little weekender bag! Visit Shophex for more of their killer items!


Check back for more of our daily Sexiest Items!

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