Poor Willie! Big Brother Rewind!

Didn’t Willie say something about not wanting everyone in the Big Brother house to know his brother was the hothead from Survivor because then they would assume he was aggressive just like his brother? No…we would never think that Willie.  Absolutely not! Oh poor poor Willie!  It’s not like he’s the worst person who ever stepped into the game of Big Brother.  That spot is held for Boogie and we all know it!

But Willie did get kicked off for being violent towards Joe.  Our question though…did anyone actually see Willie headbutt Joe? We rewound the footage several times and it actually doesn’t look like he did headbutt him.  Just saying, because in that case, maybe even the production team is trying to get Willie out before he gets more violent.  Come on folks…don’t you know why he’s so angry…it’s called latent homosexuality.

But our favorite scene from Sunday night was when Joe was trying to lock the HOH door before Willie walked in and he missed it by a mere second, the door flying open in his face.  Hi-larious!

We don’t really care…we liked Willie.  He got a bad rap and everyone put blame on him because, truth be told, then the focus is off of them.  We were shaking our heads when they were all commenting about how he “played the game too hard from the beginning”.  Yeah…wouldn’t want to actually play the game…

Til Wednesday…

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For the Shooting Victims of Aurora Colorado…Til Kingdom Come

Sundays in our home are movie nights, usually followed by True Blood.  All week long Alex has been excited to go see either The Amazing Spider-Man or Dark Knight Rises.  Today, while thumbing through our Twitter feed, we saw it quickly fill up with news of President Obama‘s visit to Aurora, Colorado to meet with the victims and the families of the shootings.  I told Alex we could go to see Dark Knight Rises any day, but today, we should go see something else, out of respect for the victims of the shootings.  He agreed.

Walking into the movie theater tonight was surreal.  Crowds of people lazily walked out after seeing Dark Knight Rises, as we walked in for the late show of Spider-Man.  Although it was just another Sunday night at the movies, it felt different.  As we ordered popcorn and soft drinks I noticed the prices of the concessions and how they had increased so much since the summers when I was in high school and went to the movies with my friends.  I missed those days of mindlessly walking into a movie, hoping to see other friends or a possible crush.

After sitting down in our seats, we both checked in on Facebook and I even wrote on our raannt Facebook fan page that we would be writing a review of the movie.  There will be no review.  Don’t get me wrong, the movie was fantastic; even better than I had imagined.  The absolute perfect summer movie.  During one of the greatest scenes in the movie, a Coldplay song, Til Kingdom Come, echoes in the background.  I tagged the song on Shazam and bought it on iTunes as soon as we left the theater.

Driving home, Alex pointed to a flag at half mast in honor of victims of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado.  “Did you know he was a Ph.D. student who had dropped out of school and was on unemployment?” I asked.

He was a terrorist.” Alex said bluntly.  “If he were from any other country, he would be labeled a terrorist.  He brought fear and terror into the hearts of people so to me, he will always be a terrorist.”

I nodded in agreement.

As we drove in silence, the Coldplay song strummed through the open windows while I remembered summers of my youth when blockbuster movies, stolen kisses and late night country drives singing our favorite songs seemed to keep us stuck in time.  The truth is,  I’ve never really internally grown up and those are still some of my favorite things today.

Late Thursday night, Alex’s brother, who just graduated from high school and is headed to college in the fall, began Tweeting about being at the midnight premiere of Dark Knight Rises.  “Regal is paaaaacked” he Tweeted, followed by “Who’s going to the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises?” and Tweets between he and a friend who were in the same theater.

When news of the shootings began to hit I was still up, reading on our front porch.  My initial thought was about the safety of Alex’s brother and his friends.  Although I knew they were in Indiana while the shootings occurred in Colorado, I was still worried this might be some mass terrorist attack.  I wondered what it might be like for all of the families of the people who were at the theater?  I couldn’t imagine.  I’m not sure any of us really could unless it happened to us.

I sat outside, listening to the crickets already playing their late summer tune.  I watched as a few people walked their dogs, completely oblivious to the terror on the other side of our country.  I wanted to call and make sure Alex’s brother was safe.  I wanted to tell the dog walkers what I had seen on the news.  I wanted to wake Alex from a deep sleep and tell him what had happened.  But what could we do about it?

The next day, news on the radio and television aired news of the story with reports from witnesses and family of the victims. The suspect, James Holmes’ was identified.  Even his parents issued a statement of regret for the victims, also stating that the police had the right person.  Having recently watched We Need to Talk About Kevin, I couldn’t imagine the devastation this would have on Holmes’ family as well.  Again, I wanted to stop people at the gas station and ask them what they thought.  I wanted to talk about it with my friends.  But what could we do about it?

Nothing.  And that is the sad end to this story.

We live in a world today of reaction and response.  An event occurs and we react.  We gather our notes, say the appropriate words and we respond.  And then the world slowly changes.  We’ve learned a lot since those Columbine and September 11th days.  We’ve learned how to appropriately respond to national terrorist attacks. But have we forgotten the price?

The price of popcorn and Junior Mints continue to rise and now we’re even afraid to go to the movie theater.  Our kids who are on dates or getting ready to leave their homes for college can’t even enjoy the innocent gifts of summer.  Maybe in a few years we won’t be allowed admission to the movies without walking through a metal detector and displaying identification.  Maybe in a few years we won’t even have movie theaters anymore.  Life constantly changes and we continue to react and respond.  Forgetting events, victims and the threat of terrorism again is part of our response.  It’s the American way.  “Oh, has it really been five years since the Aurora, Colorado shootings?”

But what can we do about it?  The world is a scary place today.  Maybe the best we can do is live our lives like innocent children swinging on the playground, higher and higher, enjoying every moment until it is our time to jump.

Having our flags at half mast is the least we can do.  We can start by remembering.

Just for today, let’s smile, remember all of the good times and honor those who’ve come before us…because, as my mother always said, we’re on borrowed time as it is.



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*Image Source: Matt McClain/The Washington Post

Project Runway:Project Obnoxious…Season 10 Premiere!

This might just be the greatest season of Project Runway ever! And not because of the designs, but because of the cast! The season premiere, which started so haphazardly we kept asking ourselves if we missed the first episode or the first hour of the first episode, completely captured us with the two main stars Gunner and Christopher.  We’re sure we won’t be the first to ask, but…Team Gunner or Team Christopher? We’re definitely Team Christopher.  He’s so sweet and cute and honest…and damn can he sew an amazing gown.  (We do agree with Michael Kors that his styling looked like a bad bridal party).  Gunner, on the other hand, is soooo threatened by Christopher that he continued to make snappy comments throughout the show.  “There’s only room for one star in this galaxy and it ain’t you!” and “I just don’t like his arrogance”, both times referring to Christopher, who complemented him by comparing his opening design to Miu Miu…Uhhh…more like Converse for Target.

Some of our other favorites this season are Buffi, Melissa and Kooan.  Pull it together Kooan! You’re way too amazing to walk the plank so early in the season.  Actually, we weren’t overly impressed with any of the designers in this first episode and found ourselves comparing these new designers to our past favorites.  None of the designs were so incredible that we were stopped in our tracks.  And Heidi Klum….hmmmm.  A friend of ours recently commented to us that Europeans think she’s a joke and don’t take her seriously.  We can only imagine it has something to do with her “style aesthetic” since her dress looked like she grabbed it off the rack at Chico’s.  We’ve had the honor of interviewing Nina Garcia…check it out here…and we still can’t get over how absolutely incredible she looks all of the time.  She needs to take $5000 of that Marie Claire money and spruce up Ms. Klum!

Needless to say, we were super excited that Christopher won the first challenge.  We were absolutely unclear why Beatrice was kicked off and they kept Lantie.  Although she’s sexy as hell and looks like an older mix of Lana Del Rey and Kathleen Turner we just don’t think she has it.  We were excited to see what Beatrice was going to bring to the runway this season.  Oh well…we’ll have to turn our attention to lesbian designs instead…whatever that means!

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Check out our interviews with Project Runway judge Nina Garcia and Season 6 Runner Up Althea Harper!

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Who Will Win Big Brother Season 14???

We don’t even know where to start.  Season 14 of Big Brother might just be the best, most gut wrenching season we’ve ever seen of the show and we’ve seen every season! We are absolutely obsessed with Big Brother and don’t miss one second including Big Brother After Dark on Showtime.  Our reviews will not be spoilers or updates because there are tons of website out there, like our favorites Buddy TV and Morty’s TV(which shows minute by minute updates).  Instead, we will give our thoughts and opinions on this season of Big Brother.  Peter will be updating his opinions via YouTube videos so check out his videos and follow him throughout the season of this show! The following are just a few of our thoughts so far…

1. How could we go from being the world’s biggest Janelle fans to absolutely being sick by her behavior…all in one week??? We are so confused by her flip-flop behavior that we’re starting to think she really might just be a dumb blonde.  We’re hoping that her alliance with Boogie is just an act and she’ll redeem herself soon!

2. Is Willie gay?  We’re not just saying this because of his comment to Wil.  There’s lots of gay men that are ultra-masculine and don’t like effeminate men.  We’re just askin…is he?

3. As much as we love Britney, we can’t help wondering if she’s sitting there all wrapped up in her sweater thinking, “why the hell didn’t I stay home and spend the summer by the pool?”

4. Who’s Jodi?

5. Britney’s not as stupid as people think she is…after all, she’s the only one who noticed the key holes next to the coach’s pictures.

6. Poor Kara…

7. He eats Fruit Loops, shaves his legs, smokes like Bette Davis and looks like a bear…just sayin.

8. Ian’s the missing link to Soul Train.

9. Uh…who’s Jodi?

10. Shea body butter is fucking lotion….Period!

Check out Peter’s video on the secrets behind who will win Big Brother and keep updated with us here after every show!


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Gay YouTube Videos!

For the last two years we’ve watched literally every major gay channel on YouTube.  As you may have seen, and will continue to see, we’ve begun interviewing some of our favorite YouTubers like Tyler Oakley, Joseph Birdsong and Gregory Gorgeous.  We have tons of favorite heterosexual YouTubers as well, like Jenna Marbles, Glozell(who we interviewed) and many others.  Although we’ve tried our hand at videos and received a small following, we are still looking for our niche and working on gaining subscribers.  (Check out our YouTube channel HERE…hint, hint!)

For the past several years, people have suggested we film our life behind the scenes and show exactly what it is that happens with our celebrity interviews and how we make our relationship work…or not work as some footage may show. Having considered this we’ve decided to record random moments of our lives, behind the scenes, throughout the week and post a weekly “reality show” on Mondays.  We promise not to edit out the good stuff and based on our motto “Be Yourself.  Be Fearless”, we promise to expose the inter-workings of our lives.

To give you a small taste, here is a short video of some moments from the last year, primarily our wedding and honeymoon.  Enjoy.  Subscribe to our channel and please follow us! We love you guys! xo


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The NEW Gay Anthem…Kaya Jones Boyfriend!

We met Kaya Jones a few years ago and instantly fell in love with her.  She continues to wow us with her incredible passion for her craft as well as weaving political statements, gay love and marriage, into sexy club beats.  If you haven’t seen the video for her newest single Boyfriend check it out below…We think it might very well be THE gay anthem of 2012!


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Your Super Bowl Party Hosts…

After three hours walking around last night, visiting Super Bowl Village, talking to all of our friends who are working different events and taking tons of photos and video clips we are finally ready! Not for the Super Bowl…duh, for the Super Bowl Parties.  It was hilarious how many people last night acted like they didn’t want to go to the parties or had been to better parties.  We won’t even act…we’ve been waiting for this ALL year which is exactly why we’re the perfect hosts to all of the events happening in Indianapolis this weekend.

For starters, we’re going to most of the events, including the Fantasy Bowl, The DirectTV Party, Leather and Lace, private parties(did we hear a few houses in Zionsville and Geist and pretty star-studded this weekend? Shhh…)as well as maybe the Playboy Party, Maxim and on and on…

If you want to know whats REALLY going on in Indianapolis this weekend for  up to the minute details of all of the things we’re doing and who we’re hanging out with then follow us!

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And a special welcome home to Indy’s First Lady of Style Brittany Mason!

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*Photo by Ryan Skeeter Ford from Facebook.


Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory…What Happened to the West Memphis 3?


As the new Peter Jackson financed documentary West of Memphis, is debuting at The Sundance Film Festival, HBO has been airing the third installment to the Paradise Lost sega, Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory, their answer to the West Memphis 3 murder convictions.  Having read all of the craziness occurring at Sundance with Jackson’s arrival with Paradise lead Damien Echols, we thought it would be interesting to watch the third installment we had heard so much about in the past few weeks.

Twenty years ago it was a different time in the United States.  Kids weren’t so concerned with Roth IRA’s or presidential debates.  The era of the mid-90’s was filled with the end of sex, drugs and rock and roll.  The West Memphis 3 were a perfect example of this debauchery and perfect targets for a murder case.  Interestingly, I was also a perfect example of this debauchery.  They weren’t much different than me or my friends at the time, probably a small fact which has drawn me to them for the past twenty years since the case began.  Probably the same reason so many other people have been drawn to them as well.  They could have been anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time but most importantly, misunderstood.

It goes without saying that the Paradise filming crew has once again mastered an amazing documentary as I found myself late into the night watching from behind the safety of my blankets, now an adult, wondering, just what the hell happened in those woods so long ago.  This is the crux of the focus of this installment, which, if you haven’t kept up with this story, will literally surprise the hell out of you.  An amazing soap opera which made me begging to find out more, even though the lost characters seem to be the three small children who lost their lives so long ago.

Before seeing West of Memphis you must watch the three-part series Paradise Lost.  Just as enticing today as it was when it first aired, rich with character study and intrigue, it will literally pull you in as if you also live in West Memphis.

Interestingly, while the majority of the three films have focused around the lead character, Damien Echols, the producers decide to end the entire trilogy with a poignant monologue by Jessie Baldwin, one of the other accused killers.  Seventeen years older and much more wise to the world, he seems to have found some truth within the walls of prison which left me wondering…is he the real story?

Eyes Open, We’re Watching

Do You Believe In Angels?…The Ultimate Victoria Secret Fashion Show Recap!

As most of the world knows…tonight was the premiere of the newest Victoria Secret Fashion Show!

We just wanted to recap the night and pick our favorite looks.







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