Poor Willie! Big Brother Rewind!

Didn’t Willie say something about not wanting everyone in the Big Brother house to know his brother was the hothead from Survivor because then they would assume he was aggressive just like his brother? No…we would never think that Willie.  Absolutely not! Oh poor poor Willie!  It’s not like he’s the worst person who ever stepped into the game of Big Brother.  That spot is held for Boogie and we all know it!

But Willie did get kicked off for being violent towards Joe.  Our question though…did anyone actually see Willie headbutt Joe? We rewound the footage several times and it actually doesn’t look like he did headbutt him.  Just saying, because in that case, maybe even the production team is trying to get Willie out before he gets more violent.  Come on folks…don’t you know why he’s so angry…it’s called latent homosexuality.

But our favorite scene from Sunday night was when Joe was trying to lock the HOH door before Willie walked in and he missed it by a mere second, the door flying open in his face.  Hi-larious!

We don’t really care…we liked Willie.  He got a bad rap and everyone put blame on him because, truth be told, then the focus is off of them.  We were shaking our heads when they were all commenting about how he “played the game too hard from the beginning”.  Yeah…wouldn’t want to actually play the game…

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