Kim Moyes of the EDM Duo The Presets Talks White Tequila and Salt & Vinegar Chips

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Kim Moyes and Julian Hamilton, the Australian electronic music duo known as The Presets, might be two of the most enjoyed DJ’s in the world, renown for their live shows and unstoppable sound.  Fitting into the world of music, like fashion, where artists try to develop new forms of music while recycling the sounds of yesterday, The Presets have developed a sound all of their own.  Many artists try to come up with clever ways to polish the vocals of the 60s, the speed of the 70s, the glam rock of the 80s, and the electronic energy of the 90s; synthesizing old school sounds with relevant and enterprising new beats.  The Presets not only have brought a sense of musical respect for eras past but have been able to pulse their musical uniqueness into the masses of today’s music lover.  The have perfected this integration of old and new.  Kim Moyes of The Presets takes time to let us into his world of music; a world where electronic beats take over, vocals connect, and current events shape into new singles.  Meet Kim Moyes, one half of The Presets.

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1. Introduce yourself in 5 words or less.

 Hi my name is Kim Moyes


2. How did you meet Julian?

We met each other in 1995 as undergraduates at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. 


3. How were you introduced to electronic dance music?

Around 1992/1993 I had a couple of older musician friends who were going out to raves.  They used to lend me DJ mix tapes and I started listening too and taping dance music programs on community radio 


4. As a duo act, what is your favorite thing about Julian?

My favorite thing about Julian is his fairness.


5. “Fall” is an awesome song. What inspired this killer track?

It was inspired by the story of a mother who was not happy about her daughter’s sexuality. It’s a song about celebrating love wherever you may find it.


6. Where do you usually pull inspiration?

Current events, other music, film, life – you have to be constantly on the lookout for inspiration and prepared to catch it in every area of life. It also helps to maintain a consistent work ethic.

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7. Out of all of the music festivals, which one would you like to go to the most and why?

We have been fortunate to play amazing festivals around the world; Bencassim, Coachella, Splendour in the Grass, the Big Day Out. They are all amazing in their own way but it’s always nicest to play a festival where there is a day off after the show. 


8. If you could master a different genre of music, which one would it be and why?

I don’t know.  I’m quite happy where I am at in my musical life.


9. How do you define sexy? 

When a feeling or nuance puts the idea of sex into your mind and body.


10. What do you think is the sexiest country? City? Hotel? Club? Place to kiss? Song of the moment?

Country – Colombia

City – Buenos Aires

Hotel – Arcana, Izu Peninsular   Japan

Club – Panorama Bar

Place to Kiss – ear lobe

Song – ‘Im In It’ Kanye West


11. What is your favorite thing about being on the road?

Seeing old friends again.


12. What three top DJs would you like to collaborate with and why?

I can honestly say I am not interested in collaborating with any top DJ. Sorry.

 presets 2_raannt

13. What are the top three things your green room should always have and why?

Salt and Vinegar Chips

White Tequilla

A glass.


14. What’s next for The Presets?

We are working on some new music and have a few shows coming up until the end of the year. 


15. What are your three simple luxuries?

Green tea, Dark Chocolate, fresh juices.

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Goldfish! Electronic Music That Has Soul! An Interview!

goldfish edm 2_raannt

South Africa is filled with breath taking landscape; it’s rich in human flavor, culture diversity, history, and every changing art.  It’s no surprise that this musical duo came into the Electronic music realm with a unique, strong, colorful, and powerful sense of sound.  Dom Peters and David Poole have pretty much created a new genre within Electronic music.  They’ve added live classical jazz instruments, loungy vocals, and over all sensual feeling that comes with their music.  We had the pleasure to interview this South African music gem and are happy to share what we’ve learned from them.  Check out what these cool cats… er, goldfish… have to say!

goldfish edm 6_raannt

1. Who is Goldfish in 5 words or less.

Electronic music that has soul.

2. How would you describe your sound?

Warm, electronic, analogue, uplifting, made in the sun.

3. How did you guys meet?

Dave and I met whilst studying music at University. We were doing degrees in Jazz so we were studying Miles Davis and Coltrane, which is kind of like doing your broadway before moving onto blockbusters. It’s a great training and gives you a broader insight into music. We actually got started playing in a Jazz Band together to pay our tuition, and discovered that we both had a similar love for artists like Kruder & Dorfmeister, St Germain, Air, and Zero 7 amongst others. We were always chatting about live electronica side of things and how not many artists (at the time) was really doing it. We decided to get together in Dave’s dorm and make a track which we gave to a friend of ours…he came back a couple days later saying he’d played it at a house party and everyone had gone mental, so we thought maybe we should make some more. We did our first gig and just got this massive response which we’d never had to anything else we’d ever done musically…and it’s been nuts ever since.

goldfish edm 3_raannt

4. How has being from South Africa set you apart from others in the music industry?

Being from Cape Town has definitely shaped our sound. You just can’t help it. Cape Town is one of the worlds best kept secrets when it comes to Cities and it’s just a gorgeous place to live. The environment and beauty lends itself to creatives and for people who make aesthetics and beautiful surroundings are a priority. This is Africa and we are exposed to sounds, people and situations in a combination that you will find in no other place in the world. We wouldn’t sound the way we do if we were from anywhere else. When it comes to dance music it’s important to embrace your surroundings in your sound as there is nothing worse than a copycat trying to sound like what is in the Beatport Top 10. That is what makes you unique and not a wannabe.

5. What’s the one thing you guys do in South Africa you can’t do anywhere else in the world?

When we’re actually home, sleep in our own beds. That’s our biggest luxury in the world.

6. Your music videos are always incredibly unique, fun to watch, and completely one of a kind.  Where do you guys pull inspiration from to create these videos?

We have a long and close relationship with animator and director Mike Scott. He is just the most imaginative and creative guy we have ever met and he’s not afraid to incorporate any crazy ideas we might have into our videos. That’s the best thing about animation, the normal rules do not apply and you can feature anyone or do anything. We haven’t been sued yet! The downside is that it is incredibly labour intensive, expensive and they take massive amounts of man hours to make, But the reward is worth it when you see another music video of bikini chicks by the pool in Miami or a band/DJ miming along to their track. Save us.

7.  Since you’ve been touring, what has been your favorite city and why?

Tough one. New York is amazing, it’s a city that doesn’t give up it’s best moments until you’ve put in a bit of effort. But I think we’d have to say Amsterdam. Aside from the massive support we have there, the people are just so cool. Maybe it’s because they haven’t had a baby sitter telling them what to do their whole lives when it comes to ‘drugs or adult entertainment’ so they are just urbane, chilled and educated people. They can speak minimum three languages fluently and yet weed is legal. Go figure.

goldfish edm 1_raannt

8. What are the top 3 things you guys must have in your green room before and/or after a show?

Mood lighting, some aromatherapy candles and our personal chef. Just kidding. We’re not really fussy when it comes to drinks riders. Just some water, beers and maybe tequila…It’s really funny watching other artists having full on meltdowns about this kind of thing. We emptied Tiesto’s Jaegermeister Machine backstage at Pacha Ibiza before a show once so I think we owe him a drink.

9. How do you define sexy?

Confidence without arrogance.

10. What is the sexiest City? Hotel? Club? Song? DJ? Place to kiss?

Sexiest City must be New York or Berlin.  Sexiest Hotel, The Hacienda in Ibiza. Sexiest Song, Moan by Trentemoller. Sexiest DJ: my Girlfriend(yes I’m dating a DJ, my life is one giant cliché) Place to kiss, a secret cave I found in Ibiza that you can only swim to.

11. What is your favorite thing about electronic music?

It has no rules. Sampling (when it is used creatively)was the best thing that ever happened to music.

12. How do you incorporate other aspects of music into your sets?

We love rubbing a bit of dirt in our tracks. We always say this but electronic music can sound a bit sterile so we are always looking at ways to bring that warmth back to dance music. Dave and I both did degrees in Jazz and Dave has a masters…which means nothing when we’re arguing in the studio! We play around 10 instruments between us including Saxophone, Double/Electric bass, Guitar, Flute, Piano, Clarinet, Drums, sing etc so we pretty much have the whole band covered. Pretty much everything you hear on our albums is played by us bar any guest vocalists.

goldfish edm 4_raannt

13. What advice would you give to a young DJ/Producer trying to make it?

Don’t buy into the wave of fame, hype and noise surrounding electronic music at the moment. You get into this scene because you love music and if you give your best you’ll get the best back.

14. What’s next for Goldfish?

Our album 3 Second Memory is coming out is Oct, big shows to surround the album release at ADE and a remix of One Million Views by the legend, Carl Cox!

15. What are your three simple luxuries?

We’re massive surfers so those would have to be Sun, Sand and Sea. The best things in life are free.

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*Images provided by Goldfish


DJ Florian Picasso Elevates the Art of Music to Another Level! Interview!


Music has been around for ages. It’s been a form of expression, communication and declaration. It’s been a form of evolution, cultural growth, competition and education.  Throughout the years, music has been everything.  Along with the history of music, there’s the history of art. Like music, art has been everything, and everywhere.  Art and Music are synonymous.  A powerfully famous name in the arts, and now in music, is Picasso. In an area of technology and overwhelming “socialness,” Florian Picasso has stepped into his own and made the Picasso name proud.  As a multi-genre DJ, Florian Picasso uses his history, passion, and ear to really speak to the musical masses and express a new form of art; lifting art and music to another level.   We had the incredible pleasure of interviewing this cool cat and now you get to learn what we’ve learned.  Meet our friend Florian Picasso, a new form of music and art. florian3

1.      Introduce yourself in 5 words or less.

Hmm I’d say “Handsome, talented, funny, jealous and greedy” Haha!

2.      How were you introduced to the world of electronic dance music?

At first I was just spinning hip-hop records and it slightly switched to electronic music. I was young by then.  My first electronic vinyl was from Basement Jaxx.

3.      What’s the most annoying part about being a Picasso?

Being a Picasso is not a job. It’s a double edged thing, sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn’t! It’s a lot of stuff to name about the annoying part. I didn’t chose to be part of the family…life did. Now it’s up to me to make good music and use the name the right way.

4.      What’s your creative process? Any special rituals or places you feel the most creative?

Yes, I made a little plastic toy of myself in 3d.  I start with kissing it and saying the following words “Dear Florian may this day be productive” Haha.

No actually, the environment is key to creativity but I must say that it’s very subjective. My studio is at the same place where my great grand-father used to create all his pieces of art and I really feel something there.

Now I know some crazy records which were made in random places so that’s why I say this is really subjective…

5.      If you could master a different form of creative release, which one would it be and why?

I am the master of arts.


6.      How do you define sexy?

Sexy is classy and slutty at the same time it’s all about the right mix.

7.      What do you think is the sexiest city? Club? Hotel? Beach?

Sexiest city is New York ; it’s like a small Europe inside the USA.

Baoli in Cannes is for sure my best pick whether it’s for the music or the location of the place, if there’s one club you should go in Cannes it’s Baoli.

Nimb hotel in Copenhagen is really sexy.  It’s in the Tivoli amusement Park  and it’s some next level thing.  You open your curtains and you have the view of the rides.  The design is very Scandinavian influenced and uncluttered if you know what I mean.

Mauritius island is a top destination for me beautiful landscapes.


8.      Which musician do you respect and look up to the most and why?

It’s a tough one.  There’s no such musician to me.  There’s some I respect but don’t look up to and vice versa.

9.      What three musicians – dead or alive – would you like to collaborate with and why?

Collaborating is very special to me.  There’s of course a musical and marketing purpose but friendship comes on top of that. I make collab with people I get along with rather than just for the profile.

10.  If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

Music is a dark business.  People can give you a big hug on Monday and talk shit about you on Tuesday… When I mean dark it’s just that there’s a minority of people controlling the market now it’s up to you to make your own conclusion…


11.  What’s your favorite thing about being on the road?

Being on the road is fantastic.  Traveling is learning and learning is living and there’s no greater feeling than being alive.

12.  What advice would you give to a DJ trying to make it in the business?

I don’t give advice. I’m an asshole.

13.  What are the 3 things you always have with you when you travel?

Me myself and I.

14.  What’s next for Florian Picasso?

Working on a few tracks and an album which will be…surprising. Expect the unexpected!

15.  What are your three simple luxuries?

I have one luxury which is comfort in the end.  Luxury is equal to comfort.  I’m not talking about money at all just simple human comfort…

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Danny Avila…The Life of an Average International Teenage DJ!


DJ Danny Avila has earned the right to say he is the youngest, international DJ ever! And not only that, but he is also the youngest DJ to ever have bragging rights to a DJ club residency in Las Vegas, this summer next to Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris at the Hakkasan! He must be some child prodigy, huh? Not so, says the almost 18 year old mega-star, who defines himself as just a “young guy who’s passionate about music”.  And we believe him.  We can hear it in his beats and the music he mixes and remixes, taking us to another level of music superiority.  We love this kid, so we had to find out a little bit more about him.  What follows in our interview with Danny is the lessons to being just an average International, Teenage DJ!


1. Who is Danny Avila in 7 words or less?

Young guy that’s passionate about music.

2. You’ve been following electronic music forever.  What do you think attracted you to it at such a young age?

Before I started DJing or listening to electronic music I played the piano for 4 years and the guitar for 2 years, so basically I spent so many hours listening to different music styles… I don’t think it’s something that I ‘discovered’, I’ve had so much passion for music since the beginning. When I was around 12 years old, I can remember that I used to exchange music with my friends at school, so I was like… why don’t I start mixing it?

3. How has growing up in Spain shaped your showmanship?

I’ve had to move around the country and take chances to follow my passion so I think more than anything that’s made me realize that this is the right path for me and that the energy I put into every show and every mix comes right from my core – I definitely give it my all! I moved from Marbella to Madrid 2 years ago because I wanted to have more access to music and clubs and the whole electronic world, and that’s still where I’m based right now. EDM is not so strong in Spain as it is in other countries, which is why I always play out of Spain a lot. Of course Ibiza is different, there is so much going on in Ibiza every summer that it’s more like a country in its own right when it comes to electronic music.

4. How does it feel to be the youngest DJ to be on the cover of DJ Mag?

It feels incredible. When I saw the cover I just couldn’t believe it, I just sat there grinning for ages. But at the end the age is just a number, what counts is the effort and hard work because no one is going to give me any awards or vote for me to enter the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs chart just because I’m 17. We are all the same. And that’s what keeps me working every day to try to reach the next level.

5. What is your favorite Spanish dish and why?

Paella! Because there is nothing comparable to a proper Paella on a Sunday afternoon.


6. If you would work with 3 musical legends, dead or alive, who would they be?

Michael Jackson, Madonna and Jamiroquai.

7. What is the strangest thing you have ever been given by a fan?

You don’t want to know! I will tell you the second most strange thing which was when a girl gave me a letter while I was playing that said she would give me $500 if I went to dinner with her. That felt pretty weird, and NO I didn’t do it. 

8. When you’re not being a DJ, what do you do for fun? 

Hang out with friends, do some sports and spend time with my family!

9. You’ve won many awards with your wakeboard skills.  When do you have the time to practice for championships?

I don’t have so much time right now to practice wakeboarding to be honest. Also it’s freezing in Madrid during the winter so I’ll wait till summer. But I’m not doing competitions anymore. It takes so much time and a lot of effort that I don’t have right now. So I just do it as a hobby.


10. What is the sexiest city, hotel, club, DJ?

Ibiza, Nhow Hotel in Berlin, Pacha Ibiza and NERVO!!

11. When touring, what are the top 5 things you always have with you and why?

Laptop: Because love to make music on the road.

Phone: Because I can’t live without my iPhone.

Headphones : basically cause I need them to play lol

Shoes in every color: I love Vans and Nike shoes and I love them in every color.

Danny Avila stickers: to stamp them to all the girls in the booth.

12. Where do you see electric dance music heading in the next 5 years?

You never know what’s going to happen. It has changed so much in the last couple of years. Maybe a fusion of Dubstep with big room stuff and hip hop, all mixed up.

13. What’s next for Danny Avila? 

I just released my track called BREAKING YOUR FALL. There is an incredible remix package coming out in a couple of weeks for it. And after that, I’ll just keep making music and touring as crazy!!!

14. What are three of your simple luxuries?

Rekordbox, Logic 9 and my lovely Pioneer CDM-2000. Don’t think I need anything else. Those are what I consider my luxuries.


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*Images provided by Danny Avila


Robbie Rivera: The Pros and Cons of Being a DJ! An Interview!


If you don’t already know him, let us introduce you to the internationally famous DJ Robbie Rivera.  This cat has incredible beats that please the crowd wherever he shows and over the course of his career, instead of molding to what the EDM norm has been, Robbie Rivera has created his own style, making his mark.  Playing music that he loves while mixing them to beats that make people move and fall in love with music is and will be what he is known for but that isn’t all that’s going on between those ears conducting some pretty amazing music.  We had the pleasure to chat with the killer DJ about what’s coming ahead and what to expect in the upcoming festival season and this is what he had to say:


1. Introduce yourself in 7 words or less.

 Eternal lover of Electronic dance music

2. What is something about you we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

I am Puerto Rican.

3. When did you realize that you wanted to become a professional DJ?

At age 13 at my sister’s senior prom.

4. How were you introduced to the music industry?

When I wanted to release my first track back in 1995.

5. How does your sound differ from any other DJ?

I don’t copy anybody.  I incorporate many genres of dance music in my tracks and my sets.


6. How do you define sexy?

Something that gets your juices flowing.

7. What do you think is the sexiest city? Hotel? Club? Current music track? Place to perform?

Miami, SLS Miami Beach, “A thousand miles” by me. Las Vegas

8. Who are your role models in the music industry?

When I started producing music I was influenced by artists like Armand Van Helden, DJ Sneak, Daft Punk. In the current industry I don’t have any role models cause this biz has become a crazy nasty one!

9. If you had to master a different genre of music, which one would it be and why?

Alternative rock. I like bands like Green Day, The Cure, The Temper Trap, The Killers.

10. Which 2013 music festivals are you looking forward to the most and why?

 I am looking for to Spring Awakening in Chicago. This is one of my favorite cities to perform and have loads of fans there.


11. Will you be introducing new music throughout your tour dates?

Yes I am always playing new tracks and remixes that I produce during the week.

12. What are the pros and cons of touring?

Pros: You get to make money doing something you love. Cons: competition, politics, bullshit people in this biz.

13. What advice would you give to an aspiring DJ?

To work hard on trying to stand out from the rest. It’s not easy but there is no other way. Produce a fresh original track and get it to the right djs.

14. What’s next for Robbie Rivera?

 I have a new single called “next to you” featuring vocals by My Name is Kay. I am excited about this one.

15. What are you three simple luxuries? 

My Porsche 911, fine dining, not having kids so I can do whatever I want with my wife, Monica

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Jounce Is Your Mama’s Favorite Rising DJ! THE Interview!


Directly based in the center of the entertainment world, DJ Jounce is pulsating killer beats straight into the hearts of EDM lovers. Originating from mixed-CDs, with no names or labels, Jounce focuses his music on the pure serenity of his beats, the rhythm of how the music ultimately makes your body want to move.  Traveling the world with his music, Jounce continues to evolve his craft with culture, new music and feedback from the crowd.  As a fairly new DJ that is getting a lot of radio play, we couldn’t help but to love him more and more. Introducing Jounce, a DJ favorite by all.


1. Introduce yourself in 5 words or less.

Your mama’s favorite rising DJ

2. What do you think sets you apart from other DJs?

I’m always listening from the dance floor’s perspective because I enjoy dancing myself.  It’s amazing how many DJ’s don’t actually dance … isn’t that like a chef who doesn’t eat?  I don’t really set boundaries or definitions.  So if it sounds good, I’ll spin it … regardless of who else likes or hates it, who wrote it, or what category it’s been boxed into.  Also, I started out as a musician, so I try to mix harmonically and apply musicianship to my production which feeds into my DJ’ing.

3. When did you realize you wanted to be in the music industry?

My passion’s been music since as early as I can remember.  I never thought about being in the “industry”, but I guess that’s just what happens over time when you make it your livelihood as well.

4. How were you introduced to the world of Electronic Music?

One of my friends would voluntarily make mix-CDs for me before I even started DJ’ing.  It was cool because there were no track or artist names, pictures or anything else but the music … so I got to listen without any biases.

5. What is something about you we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

My heart rate is abnormally low.  I’m active, but the furthest thing from a marathon runner.  I’ve been clocked at 35 BPM.  No DJ should ever be at that BPM.


6. How do you define sexy?

Something that makes you salivate that you’re not “supposed” to eat.

7. What’s the sexiest City? Hotel? Club? Music Festival? Song?

Las Vegas.  Artisan in Vegas.  XS in Vegas.  Electric Daisy Carnival.  As of right now, my new track “Vs. Doppelganger”, especially with Stefni’s vocals.

8. What is your favorite music festival you have ever performed at and why?

I closed out the main stage at the Sunset Music Festival 2012 in Miami.  I met some of the coolest people ever … and I still keep in touch with them.

9. What music festival are you most looking forward to and why?

Ultra Music Festival.  One of my goals is to DJ there.

10. Will you be introducing new music throughout your tour dates?

Yes!  I’ve been busy in the studio and will release new tracks all year long.  Stay tuned … follow me at!

11. What are the pros and cons of touring?

Pros: Experiencing new environments and cultures, meeting new people, and sharing the thrill of music with them.  Cons: Crazy travel itineraries.  During my recent Asia tour, I DJ’d in 3 countries in 3 days so that weekend was non-stop airports and traffic.


12. Which 3 musicians, dead or alive, do you respect the most and why?

Hendrix because he was self-taught and developed his approach by truly feeling the music and let that inspire his songwriting and unorthodox playing.  Michael Jackson because he actually wrote a lot of his songs … and there is no other musician’s songs (or remixes) that I think could work for a greater variety of audiences … past, present or future.  I should mention someone in the EDM world, huh?  Swedish House Mafia, at least as producers, have created some of my favorite EDM tracks that I know will continue to inspire me years later.  I also respect that they were very successful individually, yet were able to create as one.

13. What advice would you give to an aspiring DJ?

DJ because you love music.  If you want something else out of it, you’ll get something else, but it probably won’t be what you really want.

14. What’s next for Jounce?

Lots of new releases starting with “Vs. Doppelganger”, which also has a music video in the works.  Plenty of other shows.  This summer, I’ll be touring in Europe, including Ibiza.  Also, my revamped web site is about to launch.

15. What are your three simple luxuries?

My freedom.  My health.  Good music.  I don’t take anything for granted.

Thanks buddy! 

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R3hab’s Wild Ride of Chainsaw Madness! An Interview!


We have been huge fans of R3hab for awhile now.  Our iPad’s are full of his remixes of Lady Gaga, Dada Life, Calvin Harris and many more.  His name is becoming well known fast in the world of electronic dance music and his fan base is growing quickly, making him one of the most sought after DJ’s and producers on the globe.  We were super excited when he agreed to chat with us for a bit and tell us the secrets behind his chainsaw madness and what beats behind his musical passion!


1. Introduce us to R3hab in 5 words or less

Chainsaw madness!

2. How did growing up in Holland shape the DJ/Producer you are today?

I grew up in a very musical city called Breda. Home of Tiesto, Funkerman, Hardwell and a lot more great DJ’s. So basically I started a few years back practicing and playing local clubs in my home town. This led to getting more and more attention and soon I was asked to do a few shows in the US. Since then I have basically never left.

3. How did you get started in the music industry?

Since I was around 17 or 18 when I stopped to finish University – my parents always wanted me to finish university. I have an economic marketing degree because they were not sure I could make a living out of being a DJ.

4. Tell us about your sound.  How do you stand out from all of the other DJ/Producers out there?

For me it took me a long time to find my own sound. It is a process to develop an original sound that fits you. I think I found it with Just a lot of energy and some crazy chainsaw madness for sure haha!

5. What is one of the key elements a music producer should master before entering the music making world?

Find your own sound. Also quality is very important because when you are new you just want to put out stuff. It will just not get noticed if it lacks quality. You have to find that high level of production to be successful.


6. How does it feel to be part of Afrojack’s music team and label?

That’s great! Afrojack is an awesome DJ and producer. I’ve known Afrojack for a while; we started around the same age and with the same agency. He was always creative and everybody looked up to him. They would say, “oh that tall guy Afrojack.” He just made crazy music and all of a sudden he blew up. “Take Over Control” and “Give Me Everything,”  – Wow. It helped me out a lot to get signed to his label and get the promotion out.

7. You got to mix the tunes of the EDC12 – Electric Daisy Carnival 2012.   How does it feel to mix the works of world known DJs for millions of fans?

That’s just indescribable, I’m really grateful for the position I am in as a DJ.

8. You have an awesome single that came out– Living 4 the City with Shermanology. How did this collaboration come about and what inspired the track?

It’s basically a theme about the energy all the cities over the world give us when touring the globe. 

9. Who has been your favorite music artist to work/mix so far?

I loved producing for Enrique Iglesias, he is such a great guy, so much energy and work ethic. I felt really honored to go to Miami to meet and work with him. Besides that, there are really too many to mention, from Afrojack to Havana Brown, they’re all great artists.

10. Who are 3 musicians – dead or alive – that you admire and would like to work with?

There are a lot of cool singers out there, but I would really want to collaborate with someone who is really talented, but unknown. Like what David Guetta did with Sia on the track “Titanium”, that is the kind of collaboration I am looking for. Find the next big thing and make a cool track together. Would love to be in the studio with Adele, U2 or Red Hot Chili Peppers.


11. What is it about electric dance music you love the most and why?

When I was young around 17, I went out to a house party, I heard a couple of tracks, and one of them was D Ramirez’s remix of “Yeah Yeah” and I was like “Wow! This is incredible how can I make this!” You know what’s so cool? I’m not a singer, rapper, writer, or a pianist… in electronic music you can make it without any musical experience besides good hearing.

12. You’ve been traveling all over the world.  What are the 5 things you always take with you?

I’m living really healthy so food is essential for me – fruit shakes, salad and water. I’m always carrying R3HAB merchandise with me to give to the fans, my phone to stay in touch with the world and of course my gear.

13. What’s next for R3hab?

I’ve been playing all over the world this year; it’s been a wild ride. I have planned new R3HAB music for 2013. I remixed a lot this year so I’m planning to bring you more R3HAB originals in 2013!

14. What are you three simple luxuries?

Laptop, phone and being healthy.

Thanks buddy!

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The Verdugo Brothers! THE Interview!


verdugo brothers 6

The Verdugo Brothers are another amazing, brotherly dj duo! Unlike many other brother duos, they are the 1st American brother duo to have music on! This twosome on the rise have shared the stage with Moby, Tiesto and many more.  They are currently working on their debut album, which will feature several styles of dance music including “tech-house, electro, progressive, down tempo, experimental pop and beyond”.  Although they’ve been around for awhile, already playing around the world and making a huge impact on the music scene, they are at the top of their game and gaining recognition for their unique sound which has brought them to the top.


1. Introduce us to the Verdugo Brothers in 6 words or less:

Positive, Humble, Creative, Funny, Passionate, and Determined.

2. What is something we wouldn’t know by looking at you both?

A lot of people aren’t sure what our ethnic background is so to end all confusion, we are half Mexican, half Korean. And we love the food!

The other thing that comes to mind is we used to be magicians. We did close-up & parlor magic for birthdays and private events. It has always been a fascination with us, so now we are currently working on bringing the magic back into our music.

3. How did your upbringing shape you guys into the DJs you are today?

One great thing about our upbringing was that we were exposed to a lot of different music, from Phil Collins,  Miami Sound Machine, to Sade, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Depeche Mode.

4. How would you describe your sound?

Our sound is hard to categorize, although some will insist that we are this or that. What we really want people to know is, we love anything that makes us move, be it electro, trap, tech-house, minimal, progressive house or vocal house.  If we can “feel” it and it makes us want to move, then we will probably play it in our sets.

5. How were you guys introduced to the music industry?

Today, not too many know this about us, but we grew up in a small town in Northern California called Redding. There really wasn’t any industry for us to partake in, so we literally created our own. After going to LA & experiencing some real underground events there, we started organizing our own Raves in 1997 until about 2001. We built the EDM scene there from ground up and it resulted in some amazing events that really changed lives.

verdugo brothers 2

6. How has the EDM industry changed throughout your DJ-ing career?

A lot of things have changed, especially for DJs. We started with Technic turntables playing vinyl records. There was no “sync” button, so you had to learn to beat match. Today, you don’t. We miss those days, but we definitely don’t miss lugging around those heavy record bags. Things are much more convenient now and music is much more affordable. The music itself has evolved and changed of course. We’re really digging the Trap and dubstep genres. The outfits that people wear to many EDM events now are much more interesting though. Other than this, PLUR is still in full effect and we love that.

7. If you had to master a different music genre, which one would it be and why?

Well, we’ve been doing just that. We decided to produce & master our own Trap songs now because it is very bassline driven and fun to do. We really want to get good at mastering any type of music though. We believe it will only make us better.

8. Who has been your favorite musician to work with so far?

Probably, Austin Hall. It’s always impressive and inspiring to work with another producer who is as creative and talented as he is.  He’s got guys like Max Graham supporting his music, so it’s always inspirational to be in studio with people like that.

9. Walk us through your creative process.  How do you come up with your best tracks?

We usually start with drum programming. It’s important for us to pick the “right” Sounds, so choosing the right percussion is always key. From there we just audition other sounds like synths, etc. and things seem to fall into place. Sometimes the best melodies are created by accident, so you just have to stay in the process.

10. How do you define sexy?

We both think that the definition of “sexy” is subjective. But if we had to define it? We’d say that “sexy” is anything that is appealing to the eyes and/or ears.


11. What is the sexiest hotel? Club? City? Show? DJ? Song to kiss to?

There are so many amazing hotels like the W or Cosmopolitan, clubs, cities, DJs and songs. We just can’t make up our minds on this one..

12. What piece of advice would you give to a starting DJ?

Practice every day, maintain a positive attitude and market yourself once you think you are ready. Talent is just not enough to make it in this business.  Also, when “inspiration” doesn’t  find you? You have to find “it.”

13. Will there be a 2013 tour?

We’ve got a few shows in Northern Cali, but we are taking things on the road starting in April, where we will travel to Anchorage, Alaska to do a show with Sandra Collins, Frankie Bones and Nigel Richards to kick things off. We encourage the readers to visit our website(Click HERE) to keep up to date with our tour schedule.

14. What’s next for the Verdugo Brothers?

We are working on releasing an all original Trap EP for this summer for all you Bass lovers, as well as more music videos for our YouTube channel. We’re real excited about it because there’s always something fresh and new. We are always in the process.

15. What are your three simple luxuries?

Family, Music and Good Food. 

Thanks Guys!


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Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano: THE Interview of THE House DJ Duo!

sunnery james and ryan marciano

Their Facebook About section states The World’s Most Energetic House DJ Duoand we agree! Not only do Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano bring energy to the world of EDM-Electronic Dance Music, but they combine it with a love potion of sensuality and groove, conjuring up a revolutionary takeover to every set they spin.  They have been compared to Holland’s version of Swedish House Mafia and are quickly becoming contenders of their own.  Having already gained worldwide fame, they are quickly moving towards being one of the #1 DJ’s in the world.

Sunnery James 2


1.   Introduce us to each of you in 7 words or less.

Sunnery: Always happy and ready to get down!

Ryan: Always in search of a hair band!


2.   How did you guys meet?

We met at a shop I worked out. Ryan needed a job and I hired him immediately.


3.   What brought you guys to embark in the music industry together?

We liked working together and both of love music, so we thought we’d give it a show. Same as everyone else that get’s into music I guess!!


4.   Sunnery – What’s your favorite thing about House Music?

Have to say the energy love and groove of it.


5.   Ryan – How do you think EDM has changed the music scene in the last year?

It’s a powerful time for dance music, everyone seems to know about it now and want a piece of it.

Sunnery James 1

6.   If you guys had to master a different genre of music, which one would it be and why?

Hmm. I guess we’d probably do rock & roll so we could still shake it on stage, haha.


7.   You guys are well known for your DJ sets.  What do you believe sets you both apart from all of the other DJs?

We have a great energy with each other and the crowd. They want us to party with them, and we love that!


8.   What should we expect from the second leg of the Life In Color (Formerly Dayglow) Summer Tour?

Always a blast at Life in Color. We’ll bring some new ones and be sure you’re all wet with paint


9.   Tell us some of your highlights from the tour so far.

Touring is always an adventure. So many people and new places, what’s not to love?!


10.      For those that haven’t been to a DAYGLOW show, from your perspective, what are the shows like?

Wow. They’re incredible. Just raw fun with a lot of paint splatter!!

Sunnery James 5

11.      How do you guys keep your sets fresh and current?

We are always looking for new music and getting new music sent over all the time. We don’t want to get bored of playing the same ol stuff, and people want fresh music as well.


12.      How does it feel that many of your tracks have become top choices for fellow DJ’s?

Always amazing when that happens. Sometime you can’t believe it’s your own music being played by people other than YOU!


13.      If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, and it couldn’t be mixed, which one would it be and why?

Can’t answer that because it changes with our moods!!


14.      How do you guys define sexy?



15.      What do you think is the sexiest city? Club? Hotel? Place to kiss?

New York is sexy and places in Brazil are amazing. Club would say that Pacha NYC we always get sweaty in, place to kiss…do you mean a city or body part?

Sunnery James 4

16.      If you could collaborate with any musician – dead or alive – who it would it be and why?

Michael Jackson because he is one of the greatest artists of all time.


17.      What’s next for Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano?

New releases on Spinnin and Size!


18.      What are your three simple luxuries?

Family, hot baths and friends.


Thanks Guys!

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The EC Twins Are Hung to the Left! THE Interview

The magic of EDM – Electronic Dance Music – is that it brings culture together.  Every race, religion, sex, sexuality and social standing comes into a fist pumping, body shaking movement that welcomes the beats into their soul and projects out displaying their love for music.  This is exactly what brought the EC twins into the industry of creating beats; music beats that will continue to help grow this musical movement and propel future generations of electronic music lovers.  The journey of these two hasn’t been easy, even quite difficult at times, but their passion for music has allowed them to change, shape and share the magic of EDM.


1. Who are the EC Twins?

DJs, producers, house music messiahs.

2. What was it like to transition from growing up in Manchester UK to life in LA?

Well in Manchester we lived in a shitty city in an even shittier neighborhood in the shittiest house. We didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Our life in L.A is now the opposite of that. Obviously it didn’t just happen overnight, we had to work our asses off we have paid our dues. Being broke and homeless in L.A wasn’t too much fun, but at least when you sleep on the streets in L.A the sun is out. It’s a long story for another day…

3. How can we tell you two apart? Which one is Marc and which one is Allister?

Some strange placed moles and freckles help people tell us apart. Knowing our luck some of these things are skin cancer.

4. Any sibling rivalry?

Not really

5. Tell us something about each of you we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

We are both hung to the left…

6. What brought you guys to the music industry and especially the dance music industry?

Music was always in our life, even if we didn’t have money for food as children our dad always had music and when he worked night shift he left us with our cousin to babysit who was a legitimate punk rocker. So those influences dictated a constant soundtrack in our lives. Plus the only tv station that we had was MTV, as it was free back in the day so we really didn’t know much else. The first time we went to a house music club the sense of freedom and fun was mind-blowing, every race, religion, sexuality and socio-economic class was represented on the dance floor. Its’ effect were irreversible for us. We knew we wanted to be involved in any way possible.

7. The dance music industry in LA is its’ own monster.   Do you guys think it stands out from any other city and musical communities?

Ironically when we decided to move to L.A, it really did have the smallest house and dance music scene we had ever witnessed in any big city. We made a conscious decision to put every ounce of our energy into changing that situation. Now it has become some kind of hub for producers and DJ’s  from all over the world and without a doubt we feel responsible for some of that change and we are so relieved. The media controls so much  of today’s pop culture and it’s all based here in LA so we decided it’s  perfect place to spread the message of dance music. We were right.

8. You guys produce constantly.  Any new projects you can talk about?

We are excited about our new remix for Bass Kleph called “Make Me Forget“. It’s an amazing track. We have so much coming out soon it’s unreal. As for an original track? A collaboration with our friend Andy D’Arrigo called “Rock n Roll Music“, which in our opinion is one of the most bad ass tracks we have produced and that’s coming out towards the end of the year.

9. Does each of you have an all-time favorite song you always work into your sets?

It changes. We nurture our tracks, we love them like family. It would be hard to think of particular tracks but  Robin S has the classic track, “Show Me Love” and it’s been ubiquitous to our careers I guess.

10. When performing, what are your favorite moments and why?

Every second on stage we live in fear that the crowd is suddenly going to hate what we do and leave the club in some kind of mass exodus, so the greatest moments happen when every hand is in the air or when you have ended your set and the crowd is still there chanting for more. The relief steadies our nerves (until the next time).

11. Who are your favorite major artists you’ve mixed?

Stand out for us would be LMFAO. Redfoo and the Party Rock Crew have been friends of ours for years and seeing them blow up has been awesome. So our remix of “Champagne Showers” was fun to do and has special feelings around it for our friends. Our remix of Adele’s “Someone Like You” got us a lot of attention and air play on the radio, other than that our remix of Dirty Vegas’ Doves” has become a cult underground classic. If we don’t play it in a set we get emails from fans complaining.

12. Outside of dance music, who are your top 3 favorite musical artists you respect and why?

That question is too tough. We can only respect people who we know something about personally. We aren’t unconditional fans of anyone. We enjoy music not musicians, if you can understand what we mean there. But we always loved Luther Vandross’s voice and also many of his contemporaries.  We just love old school soul. Guys like Vince Clarke, who was a member of Depeche Mode, Yazzoo (Yaz in America), Erasure and also enduring artists like Sade would be amongst our favorites.

13.     What inspired your latest single “Like You’ve Never Seen”?

We just went into the studio and laid down a high energy track that we love and would fit into our sets.  Then we sent CeCe Peniston an instrumental version and she delivered a great vocal. The validation from artists such as Tiesto, Chuckie and Sander Van Doorn supporting the record is refreshing to us.

14. If you could master another genre of music, which one would it be and why?

Most likely soul music. Traditional R/B, not this auto tuned piss poor bubblegum shit that R/B is today. We are VERY passionate about Soul music and rare groove. The market isn’t really there though and we can’t sing a fucking note so we don’t see it happening anytime soon. It’s best for everyone if we just stick to electronic music.

15. How do you define sexy?

We Google it.. Heres a link..

16. What do you think is the sexiest city, club, hotel, song, place to kiss?

Edinburgh is an undiscovered romantic city and Florence is also nice. But to be honest, we don’t know much about being sexy. We just know music. To almost quote our friends LMFAO “WE AREN’T SEXY AND WE KNOW IT”.

17. Aside from producing music and shows, what do you guys do for fun?

We ride bicycles. Yes that’s correct; we wear spandex and ride bicycles. We have done it since we were kids. Now try and get the image of us in spandex out of your mind, it’s kinda gross.

18. When are you guys hitting the Midwest?! We want to come see you!

As soon as possible. We want to come and see you too.

19. What’s next for the EC Twins?

As usual, more of the same. Just a bigger version.

20. What are your three simple luxuries?

Being born into poverty means it doesn’t take much to make us feel indulgent but our 3 luxuries would be Food, Food and more Food!

Thanks Guys!


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