Project Runway All Star Seth Aaron Henderson is Back for the Win…An Interview!

project runway all stars seth aaron henderson 1_raannt

Seth Aaron Henderson, the winner of the seventh season of Project Runway is back for his second win.  This killer, punk-rocker, chic designer isn’t just about dark nails and emo feelings; he’s about style, creativity, innovation, and incredibly clean cut fits that suits every fashion lover.  As the All Stars season 3 continues, Seth Arron takes the time to chat with us about what to expect from the new season, the judges, and the challenges.

project runway all stars seth aaron henderson 2_raannt

Why have you returned to Project Runway?

To be the first 2 win both titles.

What have been your most enjoyable and most difficult challenges so far and why?

I felt the most connection with the first challenge. The bug one, not so much.

Who is your toughest competition?

Myself. I can over think and spin out of control. I just need to feel and I’m kool.

 project runway all stars seth aaron henderson 3_raannt

What makes you an All Star?

Thatz a stupid question! HaHa!

Give one adjective for each of the following:

Alyssa MilanoGenuine

Zanna Roberts RassiClever

Isaac MizrahiDevine

Georgina Chapman Charming

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