DJ Antoine ft. The Beat Shakers – Ma Chérie (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k12 Edit)

Quite possibly this summer’s hottest party dance anthem…DJ Antoine’s Ma Cherie is literally taking over European dance clubs! We were introduced to the music of DJ Antoine by a good friend who knows we are obsessed with dance music and love the undertones of European and Latino dance hits.  Immediately we fell in love with DJ Antoine and have been huge fans ever since the first beat! Check out Ma Cherie, which is currently #9 on Euro Clubs Top 100(not to mention one of the hottest videos we’ve seen in a long time!)

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EDC 16th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival 2012: Las Vegas!


300,000 fans.  7 Stages.  3 Days.  America’s Largest Dance Music Festivalor in other words, EDC: Electric Daisy Carnival.  EDC in Las Vegas has officially matured.  Not just in popularity but in quality as well.  This year Insomniac Events, the creators of this epic experience, have teamed up with some of the finest venues in Las Vegas, if not the world, to extend the EDC experience to a full week; June 5th through June 12th. Oh yes! A full week of awesome DJs, sexy people, crazy parties, incredible shows, and above all…body shaking-beat thumping music.

Insomniac Events officially kicks off the week with the incredible Dash Berlin performing at the super sexy LAVO Nightclub at The Palazzo. The lineup for the week includes such huge names as Benny Benassi, Fedde le Grande, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Above and Beyond, A-Trak, Kaskade, Avicii, Danny Tenaglia, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz and many other favorites!

Throughout the week, EDC will move from incredible pool parties at Marquee Day Club and the boulevard pool at The Cosmopolitan (our favorite hotel in Vegas), and club parties at Tao, Tao Beach, Drai’s and more.  EDC didn’t forget about the youth responsible for the music of the future either! The week festivities will also host an 18+ event at the Bassrush Massive – Orleans Arena with a sick line up!

This will be the first year the EDC is officially mixed with the city life of Las Vegas. Founder and CEO of Insomniac Events, Pasquale Rotella, who is no stranger to throwing epic events around the globe, says “I’m excited to bring a taste of the EDC experience to the Las Vegas strip for an entire seven days”.  The EDC experience not only has come up with an incredible line up of events and DJs for the whole week, it has also brought together Steve Aoki and The Blue Man Group, making it another first time and one of a kind event!

Not only will there be concerts, shows, pool parties, after parties and more; the schedule of events will also include EDMBiz Conference events that will guide music lovers and DJs to learn more about the industry and prepare them with epic new sounds and trends (Kind of like the Fashion Week of EDM music!).  We’ll be sadly missing out on the action this year, but get ready Vegas because not only will we be there for a week later this summer but we’ll for sure be making it out for EDC next summer!

For more information go visit the official EDC site HERE! As well as the week’s lineup below!

Have the fucking time of your life and play safe…and send lots of pictures and stories to us at

And stay tuned to a few surprises we have coming about EDC!

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Image Source: Electric Daisy Carnival Official Website


Just Feels Like Adele…

Maybe you’re just driving along and this song comes on.  It’s not raining…it’s not even cloudy.  The sun is shining brighter than it has in days…yet that sadness creeps into your gut, up your throat and burns behind your eyes.  The song reminds you and takes you back to a certain time when everything was better, or at least you thought it was better.  You wipe your eyes and remember the bad things too.  You have to remember the bad things.  You have to remember he’s not in your life anymore for a reason.  You’ve come this far…you’ll make it farther.  You’ll get past this.  Its just a Thursday afternoon, driving along kind of moment.  Life is full of them.  And…its days like this that make the rest so incredibly beautiful.  Life is in these moments.

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Jennifer Lopez Has Taken Over: Follow the Leader!

Jennifer Lopez has been showing up a lot lately on DJ Raannt! When we saw her newest video for Follow the Leader…we knew we had to post this as well.  The bitch looks absolutely incredible; from her hair to her style to the sick dancing…all choreographed by who??? Boyfriend Casper Smart! Wow…he’s not just her boy toy after all, evidenced by the incredible dance moves and stunts choreographed into the video.  The video, which was the first ever to premiere on Twitter on May 3rd, features Jennifer in Wisin & Yandel’s song Follow the Leader! Check it out below and watch for Jennifer this summer as she tours with Enrique Iglesias!

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Maroon 5…Payphone(ft. Wiz Khalifa) Adam Levine as a Fugitive!

We’ve been huge fans of Maroon 5 and Adam Levine for awhile but our love only grew with the release of the video for their new single Payphone! If it wasn’t enough to see him, once again, in a tank top…this time we also get to see him in a suit and tie! And not only that, but he’s a mistaken fugitive from the law! Could it get any sexier??? Oh yeah…and we love the song too! Check out the official video below and let us know what you think!

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Donna Summer’s Last Dance

Donna Summer died today.  To anyone under the age of 30 this probably won’t mean much…but to the rest of us, with her, literally, dies one of the greatest eras of dance music ever.

As a little kid, I spent hours with my best friend Jessie roller skating to Donna Summer’s albums in my driveway.  We would act like we were at the Playboy Mansion and I was Hugh Hefner while Jessie was Donna Summer.  We, Donna and Hugh, were the best of friends and would throw the most lavish parties including, of course, a roller skating dance routine! One of my greatest childhood memories is being stuck inside during a blizzard and we turned my cement floored basement into a roller disco! Donna would have been proud.

My love for Donna Summer probably started when I was 5 or 6 and with it began my life long obsession with celebrities and pop culture.  I watched her as she rose up the charts of the disco scene into country music and even gospel music.  As a gay icon, I think I worshiped her from afar because she was everything I couldn’t be…but lace up those roller skates and turn on the records and I was in the spotlight.  When kids talk today about feeling liberated after seeing Lady Gaga I relate…because Donna Summer was my Lady Gaga.

I walked down into our basement today and pulled out my old records, Bad Girls being my favorite, and even found my VCR copy of the movie Thank God Its Friday! I put the music on in the background while I was working but found myself getting sad.  Another legend gone.

But as the record spins and I watch her dance on my television screen to Last Dance, with that gorgeous sparkling dress and amazing hair, I’m liberated again…knowing that life is much too short and we have to enjoy the party while we’re here!

We’ll miss you Donna!


The boys of raannt

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Nicki Minaj…Right By My Side(Ft. Chris Brown)! It’s Your Summer Bitch!

When Nicki Minaj‘s album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded was released earlier this year, radio stations and reviewers across the country panned her and gave the album negative views.  We were quite surprised, especially since our butts were already poppin and shakin to Starships…one of our hopefuls as the Summer Anthem of 2012! It was the perfect lead in to laying out by the pool, bonfires and late nights out! Check the official video out below:

With this weeks release of the video for her single Right By My Side, we’re even more confused by the negative reviews??? Check it out and let us know what you think.  We think this summer, Nicki…is yours bitch!

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Summer Anthem Prediction #1…Pitbull Back In Time(Featured in Men In Black III)

As June approaches, the daunting annual question is upon us…What will be the Summer Anthem of 2012? We have three major contenders in our prediction…and one or two unexpected contestants.  As summer approaches, we’ll highlight one of our picks each week until summer begins!

We knew as soon as we heard Pitbull‘s new song Back in Time, featured in Men in Black III(which will be released May 25th), that it was going to be at the top of our list.  The song makes us so darn happy and dancy that we find ourselves rolling down the windows and smiling into the breeze like a couple of pups! Check it out and let us know what you think.

Let us know your thoughts and tell us what you think will be the Summer Anthem of 2012!

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Image Source: Zimbio

Shakira…We’re “Addicted to You”!

Having grown up listening to Shakira it comes as no surprise that we are some of her most loyal fans! We’ve loved her for so long and have been intrigued watching her transition to some Americanized music while still remaining true to her Latino roots.  In her newest single and video, Addicted To You, Shakira once again proves why she’s at the top of her game! For this video, she’s reinvented her look and shown us an entirely new, blonder side! Check it out and see what you think.  We think it’s amazing!

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Image Source: Zimbio

Paulina Rubio…Boys Will Be Boys! We’re In Love!

We’ve been HUGE fans of Paulina Rubio, “The Golden Girl” for a long time, but her new video for her single “Boys Will Be Boys” has made us fall in love with her even more! We especially love the part with the fat men in diapers! She looks so incredibly hot and badass in this video! Check it out!

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