DJ Steve Aoki Rider and New Video!

International DJ Steve Aoki is no stranger to the craziness of the music industry, so when his rider was publicly published he tackled the attention the best way possible – with a public response and the release of a new music video.

The DJ explains most of his requests, which most celebrities don’t, on his blog – which includes an actual picture of the rider.  Steve Aoki, being an expert at mixing things, moved forward by releasing a brand new music video.  PR mover or not, you have to hand it to the man…he knows how to make his fans happy and keep the press hungry.

The official video to his brand new single “Control Freak” came out last Thursday showcasing a retro VHS Soul Train party theme – with cameos from Holly Madison, Samm Levine and Steve Aoki himself. These beats join our list of Summer Anthems and dance party tracks! Check the video out and if you like what you hear/see – get ready because a remix package drops today!

Video link:

Album download link:

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*Photo by Kyle Neary “MR650TV”

Electric Shock Us f(x)! We’re Obsessed with K-Pop!

Maybe the United States isn’t ready for the K-Pop(Korean Pop) craze, but we are addicted! These girls are absolutely adorable as they dance their asses off in the most unbelievable outfits.  Ok, Ok…the music is a little cheesy, but in a world of economic crisis and downward spirals, we need to have a little bit more fun and these girls bring it! With bands like Girls’ Generation, 2ne1 and f(x), the world is being transfixed into a cotton candy, Alice in Wonder-land of dance-pop craziness! And we love it!

This week f(x) release the video for their single Electric Shock and it has already gone viral amassing over 10 million views.  Check out the video below and let us know what you think.  And can someone please let us know the name of their hair stylist? Their color is sick!

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Shia LaBeouf COMPLETLY NUDE in “Fjogur Piano” by Sigur Ros!


The director of “Fjogur Piano” by Sigur Ros may be one of the true geniuses of our time.  By exposing the penis of a major, male celebrity, this beautifully, simple song, will be heard by millions.  It is a genius move because the nudity is completely required for the effectiveness of the video, not just a sly way to gain views.

We think its about time some of these hot, male actors start showing their stuff.  If women are required to bare all for the sake of artistic expression and directorial interpretation, why shouldn’t men?  Needless to say, we were extremely impressed that Shia LaBeouf broke down his personal barriers for artistic expression, by baring it all in the new music video for “Fjogur Piano” by Sigur Ros.

In reviewing the video, we thought it was very cool if not even sardonically masochistic and emotionally moving.  At times it was difficult to follow due to the dreamstate unconscious sensuality it portrays. What is the video about? We’re not really sure. But we loved the fine line it painted between obsessive love and great sadness, almost like 9 minutes stolen from the soundtrack of Requiem for a Dream immersed in Icelandic winter purity.

Although Shia LaBeouf’s impression didn’t impress(as most viewers have commented on the size of his penis)his artistic emotions were flawless and we hope people can look past the size of his penis long enough to enjoy the video.  We did…enough to buy the song! Its actually…quite beautiful…Check it out below! (Video NSFW)

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Is Calvis Harris’ Let’s Go feat. Ne-Yo…THE Summer Anthem??

Its only June and already this summer has been filled absolutely unbelievable music! At the beginning of the summer we said we were going to post a new “summer anthem” every week until we had decided our pick of the very best.

Adding to the mix is Calvin Harris’ Let’s Go featuring Ne-Yo.  Already #4 on the European Club Charts, this mix is thumping through the clubs both internationally and stateside.  We’re not sure if it will make it as the summer anthem…but it’s definitely a contender! Check it out!

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To the Class of 2012…THE Best Advice!

To the Class of 2012…WARNING! You never think you’ll grow old.  Not really.  But you do! You think you’ll be with your friends forever, driving around, singing, dancing, laughing.  But then one day you wake up and notice that small lines are growing around your eyes.  You haven’t talked to that best friend in months and you need to call and catch up.  But you have to make some business calls and pick up dinner so that call will have to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  And then you wake up and realize, somehow, a lot of years have gone by and its time for a reunion.  Life just happens…

We’ve changed all that in our lives.  Every day we live our lives like we’re 18 again, making sure we stay in the moment, dancing, singing, laughing and enjoying life like its our last day.  Our advice…show up for the audition.  Anything you want in your life you can have.  Anything you want to achieve, you can make it happen.  YOU are the one who dictates the outcome of your life.  YOU are the one that will either come back to your high school reunion as a manager of McDonalds or a movie star.  It’s your choice.  Show up for the audition of life!

When the song, Everybody’s Free(To Wear Sunscreen) by Baz Lurhmann, came out in 1999, we were way too young to appreciate the honesty of the words, but 13 years later, we know them to be true.  Listen carefully and walk on with pride in your step and dreams in your heart.  Congratulations!

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Tacabro – Tacata! Shake That Ass! Mueve ese Culo!

While speaking to a friend on the phone the other day, who happens to live in Italy, we heard this song playing in the background.  Immediately we screamed wanting to know the artist.  “You don’t know Tacabro? They’re huge over here.” In fact, they’re #2 on the Euro Club charts! We jumped off the phone and began scanning YouTube to find the official video for Tacata.  Here it is below…hope you love it as much as we do! Its our new summer song! We can’t wait to see what’s next for Tacabro!

Visit their Facebook Fan Page HERE!

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DJ Antoine ft. The Beat Shakers – Ma Chérie (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k12 Edit)

Quite possibly this summer’s hottest party dance anthem…DJ Antoine’s Ma Cherie is literally taking over European dance clubs! We were introduced to the music of DJ Antoine by a good friend who knows we are obsessed with dance music and love the undertones of European and Latino dance hits.  Immediately we fell in love with DJ Antoine and have been huge fans ever since the first beat! Check out Ma Cherie, which is currently #9 on Euro Clubs Top 100(not to mention one of the hottest videos we’ve seen in a long time!)

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EDC 16th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival 2012: Las Vegas!


300,000 fans.  7 Stages.  3 Days.  America’s Largest Dance Music Festivalor in other words, EDC: Electric Daisy Carnival.  EDC in Las Vegas has officially matured.  Not just in popularity but in quality as well.  This year Insomniac Events, the creators of this epic experience, have teamed up with some of the finest venues in Las Vegas, if not the world, to extend the EDC experience to a full week; June 5th through June 12th. Oh yes! A full week of awesome DJs, sexy people, crazy parties, incredible shows, and above all…body shaking-beat thumping music.

Insomniac Events officially kicks off the week with the incredible Dash Berlin performing at the super sexy LAVO Nightclub at The Palazzo. The lineup for the week includes such huge names as Benny Benassi, Fedde le Grande, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Above and Beyond, A-Trak, Kaskade, Avicii, Danny Tenaglia, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz and many other favorites!

Throughout the week, EDC will move from incredible pool parties at Marquee Day Club and the boulevard pool at The Cosmopolitan (our favorite hotel in Vegas), and club parties at Tao, Tao Beach, Drai’s and more.  EDC didn’t forget about the youth responsible for the music of the future either! The week festivities will also host an 18+ event at the Bassrush Massive – Orleans Arena with a sick line up!

This will be the first year the EDC is officially mixed with the city life of Las Vegas. Founder and CEO of Insomniac Events, Pasquale Rotella, who is no stranger to throwing epic events around the globe, says “I’m excited to bring a taste of the EDC experience to the Las Vegas strip for an entire seven days”.  The EDC experience not only has come up with an incredible line up of events and DJs for the whole week, it has also brought together Steve Aoki and The Blue Man Group, making it another first time and one of a kind event!

Not only will there be concerts, shows, pool parties, after parties and more; the schedule of events will also include EDMBiz Conference events that will guide music lovers and DJs to learn more about the industry and prepare them with epic new sounds and trends (Kind of like the Fashion Week of EDM music!).  We’ll be sadly missing out on the action this year, but get ready Vegas because not only will we be there for a week later this summer but we’ll for sure be making it out for EDC next summer!

For more information go visit the official EDC site HERE! As well as the week’s lineup below!

Have the fucking time of your life and play safe…and send lots of pictures and stories to us at

And stay tuned to a few surprises we have coming about EDC!

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Image Source: Electric Daisy Carnival Official Website


Just Feels Like Adele…

Maybe you’re just driving along and this song comes on.  It’s not raining…it’s not even cloudy.  The sun is shining brighter than it has in days…yet that sadness creeps into your gut, up your throat and burns behind your eyes.  The song reminds you and takes you back to a certain time when everything was better, or at least you thought it was better.  You wipe your eyes and remember the bad things too.  You have to remember the bad things.  You have to remember he’s not in your life anymore for a reason.  You’ve come this far…you’ll make it farther.  You’ll get past this.  Its just a Thursday afternoon, driving along kind of moment.  Life is full of them.  And…its days like this that make the rest so incredibly beautiful.  Life is in these moments.

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