DJ Raannt…Attention Whore (Melleefresh vs. deadmau5)

We’re huge deadmau5 fans so we thought we’d just drop a little love in his direction today as we play one our favorite deadmau5 mixes, Attention Whore, sung by Melleefresh! Love her!

Stay tuned til tomorrow to see what song we’re spinning on DJ Raannt! (They all have subliminal messages of course! Can you guess why we picked this song? Check out all of our picks to play along!) As well as our interviews with the newest cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race and NOH8 Photographer Adam Bouska!

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The NEW Gay Anthem…Kaya Jones Boyfriend!

We met Kaya Jones a few years ago and instantly fell in love with her.  She continues to wow us with her incredible passion for her craft as well as weaving political statements, gay love and marriage, into sexy club beats.  If you haven’t seen the video for her newest single Boyfriend check it out below…We think it might very well be THE gay anthem of 2012!


Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

Britney vs. Lindsey and the PREMIER of the I Wanna Go Video!!!

Ahhhhh…Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan!!! Epic idols of their own breeding! Both have had their difficulties in the last few years and both had the chance for great stardom. In the end, where will these two young women land and which one will ultimately land on top?

Our bet is DEFINITELY on Britney as witnessed by her recent kickoff to her Femme Fatale World Tour and her balancing act between motherhood and magnificence! While, may we add, Lindsey fails her probation for the quatrillionth time as the worst act on house arrest and enters, yet again, the courtroom tomorrow! If Lindsey were paid for her courtroom residuals, she’d still be loaded right now! Oh…she probably is!
If it is any questions whether or not Britney has risen above her past angst, watch the premier of her new video I Wanna Go below and you decide!

Yep! It’s Brit all the way!!! Oh and Lindsey…We hear Intervention is having a casting call! Good luck honey!

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MYA Confesses Why Love is the Answer!

2011 is going to be hot year for Mya. Not that she hasn’t had a hot year every year since she started her career in the entertainment industry 12 year ago. Every year has been burning, scorching, sweating, pulsating all the way to the top as she added title after title to her resume. On her official website, her bio defines this long list as “internationally known, respected singer, songwriter, producer, dancer/choreographer, actress, designer, model, activist and philanthropist.” She’s been in several movies including the Oscar-winning Chicago, which she won a Screen Actors Guild Award, and her music has been featured in Moulin Rouge(for which she won a Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration) and the Disney film Atlantis:The Lost Empire. She has been in numerous films and television shows and was the runner up to the winner on Season 9 of Dancing with the Stars. Mya has released six albums and currently has released the dance single Love is the Answer which she mixed with legendary DJ Cedric Gervais, who is a superstar in his own right. She has been nominated and won Grammy’s, MTV awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, the list goes on and on…and so will she. In addition to her incredible entertainment career, she also is a devoted philanthropist. At 31, this amazing woman who started out years ago as a tap dancer, has tapped her way into our hearts and continues to show us why Love is the Answer!

1. What inspired your new Dance sound?

I’ve always had a variety of sounds & tempos on my albums, but I’d have to say alongside just being a girl who likes to have fun, I’d say all of the dance remixes to the singles in my career that I loved to perform have inspired some of my upcoming up tempos.

2. “Love is the Answer” has a great message and great sound! What does this track mean to you?

The track sonically feels elevating. Great production by Cedric Gervais and positive, meaningful writing by Dee Roberts. Universal love and celebration is the message.
3. How does it feel to have “Love is the Answer” be the theme song for the NOH8 campaign?

“Love Is the Answer” definitely embodies so many messages of philanthropic, global causes & concern, but still feels light enough to party and celebrate to. Positive energy and vibes from start to finish.

4. The music video was taped in Washington DC. Other than it being your home town and a great place to introduce Dance music, is there a political idea behind choosing this as the location for the video?

8112 Studios who are based in DC shot the video. A few years ago I’d call it coincidental, but now I realize it’s just all by design, because it’s time.

5. Are we also going to get some R&B/Hip Hop/Soul from you in your new CD?

Like always, I’ll be serving a variety of experiences and sounds on my upcoming albums.
6. You’ve worked with great names in the R&B/Hip Hop/Soul industry. In the Dance industry, are there any artists you would like to collaborate?

Yes, but that’s a secret, for now.

7. Does a new music style equal a new fashion style for you?

The vibe & lyrical content of a song play a huge part in the fashion inspiration, before the genre.

8. Who are three of your greatest musical inspirations?

Minnie Ripperton, Prince & my father. There are many more.

9. Cedric Gervais is a great DJ and has produced some great Dance tracks! How was working with him and how did you two connect for this project?

It was pretty darn awesome working with Cedric in Miami. Great production, cool studio setting, great mix engineer, great writers & he has the cutest dog ever.

10. Being that Cedric is a Miami resident, did you get to spend a lot of time in the sexy city and what are your feelings about Miami?

I spent a nice amount of time in Miami and I personally wouldn’t mind living there. I find it to be motivating with a reward at the end of my day. Outdoors is beautiful & weather is amazing all year around. I’m much more inspired to eat healthier & work out there.

11. One of our favorite songs of yours is “Whatever Bitch”. What is your favorite song you have ever recorded?
Among the songs that have been released,

-My favorite ballad I’ve ever recorded would be “Nothing At All”
-My favorite Queen song “Whatever Bitch”
-Favorite love making jam… “For the First Time”

12. What is the sexiest city in the world? Hotel? Club?

Give me 2 more years to answer that question. The party has just begun.

13. What are five things we would always find in your purse?

Cash/Credit, Mirror, Phone, Lipgloss, Topstick

14. What is a movie that has inspired you? Album? Book?

Movie: Sweet Charity
Album: Natural Wonder by Stevie Wonder
Books: Chelsea Handler “Are You There Vodka..It’s Me, Chelsea”

15. You are considered one of the sexiest an most beautiful women in the world. How do you define “sexy” and what is the secret to being sexy?

I’ve traveled the world & have seen “beautiful” women everywhere, so I’m not so sure about that. But “sexy” to me is what’s within… simplicity.
One who is rich without all of the accessories, but possesses all of the necessities.

16. In 2009 you were on “Dancing with the Stars”. What did you learn from that experience?

I learned that it takes 2 to Tango..hahaha!

17. Many of your songs have been in the soundtracks of films. What is it like to hear your song in a movie and which project was the most exciting for you?

To hear my songs in a film is actually much more comfortable than having to watch myself on screen as an actress. Most exciting was Atlantis “Where the Dream Takes You” as it was an animated Disney film and the song plopped during the closing credits.

18. You have been in several films, including “Chicago” for which you won a Screen Actor’s Guild Award. What was your favorite film you were in and why?

My favorite film was actually “Chicago”-an entertainer’s dream, the opportunity to act, sing and dance in one project alongside an incredible cast and superb director…simply breathtaking.
19. In your extensive bio on your website, you are listed as a huge philanthropist, including working for breast cancer and LGBT youth. Of all of the charities and foundations you have worked, which experience has been the most memorable and which would you like to be most remembered?

Every experience has been memorable & molding, but I find the causes that I dedicate personal interaction and a large bulk of time, I am most connected to. Every summer I dedicate 3 months of my time to The Mya Arts and Tech Foundation Program, becoming deeply involved with inner city youth as executive director and a teacher. It is here where I’ve been fortunate to witness first hand, progress, enthusiasm & even testimony.

20. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all?

It truly depends on what we are talking about here. What’s the setting?
And what’s the action? That’s my answer.

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

Go to the following links to listen to MYA’s newest remixes…
Mya/Cedric Gervais “Love is the Answer” album version and Second Sun Remix.
International Dance Music Awards Performance Version.


Photographs by ReeSee of Zigga Zagga Productions
Special thanks to Mike Killmon of MYA Management and Mya herself for taking the time for this interview.

WARNING: We allow 100 words or less of content per interview to be taken and used, with a link to our original interview, without our authorization. Content larger than 100 words or copying our entire interview without our authorization to be used in ANY manner will result in our taking legal action per copyright infringement.

SEXY weekend beats…

In the shower…in the club…in the car…at the bank…wherever you are…dance it up! Life’s short…it’ll be over soon enough!
Our sexy weekend picks…


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Lady Gaga’s Manifesto of Mother Monster…Video for a Millenium!!!

For the last month, we’ve gone back and forth over the Britney vs. Gaga battle, but since the release of her video, Lady Gaga has been the standout winner! Seriously, this video will one day be comparable to the likes of Thriller, Vogue and other music genius’ who are willing to take risks and push the boundaries and limits. Not to mention we love the many references to Madonna. We at the raannt offices don’t believe Gaga sits in a room somewhere, meditating and defining a new religion of Gaga-ism. Quite the contrary. We think she’s probably sitting back in a comfy chair somewhere, laughing with her friends and dreaming up ways to be as strange as possible. And we’re all the audience to this incredible performance artist! Props Miss Gaga…your video looks amazing as does your body. Our favorite moments…4:11, 5:17 and 6:00. And although the beginning is outstanding, the 3 seconds at 3:57 define Miss Gaga as absolute rock star royalty!


Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

Photo by Nick Knight
Video borrowed from VEVO on YouTube

Shocked and Smacked by Superstar Kimberly Cole!!!

Watch out! There’s a new bitch in town and her name is Kimberly Cole! We first read about her on the pages of Perez Hilton as he blasted her music video for her single “Smack You” on the What’s Hot section of his blog Perez! Later we heard that she had opened for Katy Perry and LMFAO. We didn’t know anything about her so we started following her on Twitter and found that she had almost 1.3 Million followers on Twitter. To put that in perspective, that’s well over twice as many as Playboy Legend Hugh Hefner, 13 times as many as singer Mike Posner, about 30 times as many followers as Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and just a few less than Paula Abdul. Needless to say…someone out there was well aware of the talents of Kimberly Cole. She has been highlighted not only on but also The Huffington Post, Seventeen Magazine, Billboard, MTV, and Her single “Smack You” from her new album BAD GIRLS CLUB reached #4 on Billboard’s Dance Chart. After finding out all of these background facts AND finding out that on top of all of this she roller skates in her shows, we had to find out more about this gorgeous, singsation that is about to explode all over your world and take names!

1. Who is Kimberly Cole?
A passionate, feisty, sensitive pop recording artist.

2. Tell us about your roller skating talent, how it began and how you incorporate it into your performances?
I began skating when I was four years old and for some reason became obsessed with it and became a champion! It taught me how to train my body physically and mentally! As an artist and a dancer it’s really fun to shock people and do choreography and tricks on skates!

3. How long does it typically take you to learn/practice/choreograph a dance routine with roller skates?
Not long!! I have the best dancers and world champion skaters I work with so we knock it out pretty fast! Tricia Miranda is my choreographer and is my creative soulmate and always comes up with something fierce!!

4. What made you passionate music and desire to be a performer? Who do you identify as your influences?
I have been a performer as long as I can remember! I would dance and sing around the house all the time. I’m sure I was quite annoying! Mariah was the first cd I ever had and would pretend to be just as good as her! Lol!

5. What was it like to open and work with Katy Perry?
Amazing! I love her!

6. New Years Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year and you’ll be spending it with music super stars at the Paramount Studios… When the ball drops, will you be kissing someone special?
That’s a secret!! Ha!!

7. If you could only listen to three CD’s for the rest of your life and they couldn’t be mixed, what would they be?
MJ, Adele, and Damien Rice

8. Perez Hilton loves your new hit single Smack You and compares you to Pop sensation Rihanna, stating that she should have come out with music like yours! What do you say to such compliment?
Best compliment ever! I love Perez and Rihanna!!!

9. Your music has been featured in a number of TV shows. What shows has your music been featured and how does it feel to hear your music on television?
There has been a lot of them and it feels amazing to have a song you created set the mood and help tell a story! My favorite was Dollhouse featuring my song Superstar because the song was such an important part of the story line!

10. Now that your music and you have hit the silver screen, will we be seeing more acting from you?
For sure! I love acting!

11. Who are some artists you would like to see yourself collaborating with in the near future?
Drake and I love Bruno Mars

12. Before going on stage, are there any “rituals” you like to do to get you ready for the show?
A lot of stretching and laughing with my team!!

13. What are three things you must have in your green room?
Cherry Diet Dr Pepper, peanut butter crackers, and Sour Patch Kids!!

14. The boys of raannt are crazy lovers of red bulls, sugar free to be exact. What is your favorite drink of choice?
For sure Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper!!!

15. What is a book you would recommend to a good friend? What is the last book you read and a book you are currently reading, if any?
Omg!!! I need to read more!! Let me get back to you on that one lol!!

16. What is the first CD you ever bought and what is the first concert you ever attended? Did they have any affect on who you are today as a performer?
Mariah Carey was the first CD I ever got! I lived for her!! I actually never went to a concert when I was little!

17. Of all the places you’ve been to and stayed, what is the sexiest city, hotel, and club?
Miami is def the hottest place!! I just came back from an appearance at Louis @ The Gansevoort Hotel and it was way sexy! 😉

18. How do you define sexy?
Confidence is everything!!!

19. What’s next for Kimberly Cole?
So much! A new album, a tour and lots of creative treats!!

20. What do you find sexy on a guy: boxers, briefs, a jockstrap, or nothing at all?
All of the above!! Lol!!

She can “Smack” This…Anytime!!!
For more information visit her website at The Official Kimberly Cole Music site!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

All photographs by Denise Mijares with approval by Kimberly Cole.

Kiss My VASSY!!!

Her song “History” was featured on The Hills. This year she’ll be playing at LA Pride and Long Beach Pride as well as headlining at the Milwaukee Pride Fest. Her debut album “My Affection” was nominated for best R/B album in Australia. As well as being known for her humanitarian work, she is also known for her music being featured in several other television shows and movies including Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty. And this is just the beginning for the artist simply known as Vassy as she begins to take over the United States!

1. As a new artist, please tell us who Vassy is?
I’m an Australian girl from the Tropics of Greek heritage..

2. Is Vassy your stage name? And if so, how did you come up with it?
Its VASSY its short for VASILLIKI my name passed on from my grandmother

3. You’re from Australia. What brought you to the USA and what are some things you miss from your hometown?
I miss my mum and my fam and the beach and the food 🙂 I came here to pursue my dreams

4. Where in the USA have you not been to yet and would really want to go?
Oh my there are many place I would love to perform. I have mainly seen LA and New York and a bit of Miami …..I want to perform all over the gorgeous country

5. If you had to pick, what genre would your music would fall?
Dance/Pop/Soul/Electro (is that too many lol)

6. It is always very impressing when artists can do it all! Sing, write, perform… What are your favorite parts of each? And if we missed one, what is it and why is it your favorite?
Yes I write, sing, dance and play piano..i love all of them….when I’m in the studio I like to get lost and escape in another world where I write and just get caught up with that moment….And if I’m writing for someone else or a project like a movie then its more of a challenge to get into their head or character to write something that will fit for them. Then I love to sing, that is truly my favorite thins in the whole world. It transcends me to another level…..i become one with another energy, sounds crazy huh? I also love to be on stage and dance ..its fun and I get into character and can express myself in other ways…

7. With this new sound, how do you compare it to your first album My Affection and what are some things you consider part of your signature sound?
My Affection was more pop jazzy soul, this new sound is more dance pop soul…..its more for the clubs i guess plus my voice has changed and evolved over the years…..also I have experienced more things in my life that I write about in my songs. My Affection was when I was in love. This new sound is me pissed off and passionate about life,…lol haha i just mean having experienced a broken heart and so on, in order to get over it I put him in a song and make it “HISTORY”

8. When working on your new album, what were some of the things you struggled with? And what were some of the things you really wanted your album to stand for?
I am still in the process of working on it so naturally with time it will evolve and change…..In this project I really want to support human rights, speak of positive things even if its a song about hurt but empowering other women/girls and gay guys or all people for that matter to be strong and move one and be in control of their lives….But as a woman I want to help other women and well gay boys just love my songs so that makes me very happy inside :-)) I also speak of natural things that happen in life, trust, betrayal, desire, escape, frustrations and so on, missing loved ones, death of lovedones and just having a good time. A nice Balance of things

9. When it comes to writing songs, for you or in general, what are some things you do to prepare your self? And what are some things you must have when your songwriting?
Nothing I just show up in the studio and take it from there…im really spontaneous on that sense i dont really prepare…maybe i should?

10. When putting a show together, what are some steps you take to make sure your performance is up to your standers?
Thank goodness I have a very talented choreographer and a cast of talented hot dancers that all help to make me shine. We collaborate and come up with cool ideas from moves, to being more performance based, to visuals to how the songs are mixed…..depending on the venue and demographic I can change it up to fit the style of the crowd or energy of that club. Honestly allot of my ideas develop while I am jogging on the treadmill……

11. In the music industry, who are some of your current musical role models? And if you could, what advice would you ask them? There are many some who are known and others who arnt not as know who all have great advise and a role models. I like women like PINK, Annie Lennox, Mary J, people who are humanitarians…..I love U2 and what they have done to help the world, people like Michael Jackson for obvious reasons…..Alicia, Elton John and so on… many…

12. Some may say your sound is like a combination of Adele and Lady Gaga, if you had to compare you style/sound, who would it be and why?
I think its fair to say I do sound like both of them, there are elements of them….I have been told many things, I get Billie Holliday allot, Amy Winehouse, Eartha Kitt, I have even had Gil Scott Heron….lol

13. Other than your music, what are some other artistic out lets you enjoy doing?
Working out, dance, acting, voice overs……writing songs for other artists…i used to paint allot

14. A lot of artists tend to cross over onto the acting world, would you, eventually, want to do that? And if so, what kind of movies would you be interested in appearing?
Yes. I like true stories but really am open to exploring and having fun if the opportunities come my way 🙂

15. As your music and fan base grows and grows, how would you know you made it to the top?
Well i think you always set a new challenge so even if you selling millions of downloads and touring the world there is always the next thing you want to achieve, you keep setting the bar higher and higher……I will know I made it to the top once I am in power to influence change and make positive influence on the masses. I am a humanitarian at heart and really have many things I want to help, so the bigger my fan base and the more people love me and respect me as an artists will listen to me when i speak of things to increase awareness of several issues affecting many people today

16. Who are some artist you would like to work with? Perform with? Write for?
I want to write with Ferg from Black Eyed Peas, she is so gorgeous i love her. U2 i would love to work on anything with BONO he is a friggin legend.. Id like to write for Beyonce and i would like to play with Gaga…lol

17. Are you prepared for all the gossip and rumors that come with being on the spotlight?
Yes and no, i am a private person so try to keep a low profile but people will still talk no matter what….what can you do? Its just part of it I guess just stay focused and have a strong foundation and I am lucky cos I have the best family and the most beautiful mum in the world who adores me and i am blessed i have that

18. Being form the other side of the world, we can guess you’ve seen a lot of sexy places and as a performer you’ve performed at a lot of sexy venues, What do you consider the sexiest place you’ve been to and the sexiest place you’ve performed at?
Hmmmm sexy, well I would say the Sydney Opera House and one time I was touring in new Caledonia and they had a stage right on the beach so I sang with an ocean front view, it was PARADISE…..ahhhh

19. If you do make it out to INDY for some of our Pride festivities, would you give the boys of raannt a shout out and let us take you out for sexy night out in Indy?
OMG like book me a flight nooooooow and I’m there :-)))

20. On a guy, what do you like best, boxers, briefs, jockstraps, or nothing at all?
BRIEFS baby! I like to see a nice tight curved ass lol In fact I will send you a photo of a perfect example…

Thanks bunches you sexy, little tart!
Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

The Unauthorized Beats of World Reknown DJ Drew G…

Recently we were getting ready when we heard a mix of “Don’t Stop Believin” by the Glee cast. Instantly in love, we went on to research the DJ who spun up the mix only to find DJ Drew G’s sampling mixes of tons of great songs. True lovers of house music, we were inspired by his thick and thunderous beats, we had to find out more about the guy who is soft on the eyes, spins unruly mixes of our favorite songs, is known all over the world and was invited to DJ at the inauguration of President O’Bama…

1. How did you get into DJ’ing?
Djing was kind of a dare. A bigger dj (whom shall rename nameless told me I couldn’t do what he did) So I set out on a quest to do it…. and do it better.

2. What other career aspirations did you have that have contributed to your being a sensational DJ?
I grew up working in sales and marketing environments so I think that has played a huge part in this for me. I know how to market and sell myself to specific crowds and I know what those crowds want to hear from doing my research on them and paying attention to them while spinning.

3. Who are your three favorite musicians of all time?
Eddie Van Halen, Nicholas Barker, Jimmy Page

4. Who do you currently love to spin and why?
I love Chuckie right now, his sound is so current different and fresh compared to what alot of producers are putting out.

5. You have a history in classical music, how does that affect your DJ’ing?
I can hear keys signatures and incorporate that on the fly…. unlike other djs I don’t need a program to tell me what keys to mix in.

6. How do you incorporate your playing guitar?
I used to plug my guitar into a separate mac and play chords along with songs. I has been ages tho since Ive done that and I don’t know if it would translate to the current musical climate and or confuse people on the floor.

7. You typically play at gay clubs and are playing quite a few Pride Day events. Are you gay and either way, how does this affect you in the business?
I actually play a good mix of gay and straight clubs and will support anyone and anything that is a good cause (ie pride) I enjoy playing good music for people that love to dance.

8. You have been called, “a hottie with a heart?” How does looking good or being sexy help or hinder you in your career?
Yes Ronnie Kroell had called me that. You know I don’t really consider myself good looking. That has been a problem Ive faced my entire life. So I don’t know how it would hinder my career. A lot of people say they are intimidated by me, but I really don’t believe that. Maybe if I was Brad Pitt or someone of that caliber but I’m not nearly as good looking as someone like him.

9. Is there a pop musician you would never spin and why?
I kinda hate Kylie. Her voice makes me wanna claw my eyes out lol. But if she had a big hit nowadays Id have to play it and cope.

10. Since you have been around many circuit parties and clubs, you probably have witnessed a lot of drug us and addiction. What are your feelings about this in the night life scene?
Being a recovering addict myself it can be hard at times. Although from what I can see use has gone down quite a bit. Either that or people are just hiding it better.

11. What is the greatest moment you have ever had DJ’ing?
I love playing this outdoor festival in VA every year at Kings Dominion but the crown jewel gig still is spinning at the Roxy in NYC.

12. What would you be doing if you had an entirely different career?
If I had thought about it growing up more I would of been a politician.

13. If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life and it couldn’t be mixed what would it be?
Ugh….. that’s a hard one. Probably the first Van Halen album.

14. Tell us something about you that we wouldn’t know by looking at you?
I’m really a midget in an overcoat.

15. We love the mix you did of the Glee cast “Don’t Stop Believin”, but have not been able to find it anywhere to buy. Where can people find your music?
The Glee mixes are all unauthorized and in fact FOX has had them removed from YouTube like a zillion times, which is sad. They don’t get how well their music translates to dance.

16. Who is one DJ you would cancel for so you could go hear perform?
Thomas Gold. I would run jump and scream to see him live and to meet him. Genius.

17. What is your feeling about go-go dancing and it’s new fame with DJ’s?
Dj’s gogo dance???? I don’t mind go go dancers. Just don’t put flaggers on the stage in front of me lol.

18. Who, besides yourself, will be the next great DJ?
Everyone is kinda playing the same shit lately and I havent appreciated a set in ages…. although Nita Aviance in NYC is really doing well for himself. Very different sound tho in comparison very unground.

19. While spinning do you ever think about other things, like what kind of pizza you’ll order when you get back to your room?
When my next Jager shots coming.

20. Sexiest City? Sexiest Club? Sexiest Hotel?
LA, Voyeur Philly, Helix DC

21. Boxers, Briefs, Jockstraps…or nothing at all?
Boxer briefs or nothing at all.

Thanks buddy…can’t wait to hear you soon in person!!!
For more information on DJ Drew G visit his website!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!!!