Miley…Keep You Tongue in Your Mouth! Mike Will Made-It “23” Ft. Wiz, Juicy J…and Bad Girl Miley!

mike will made it miley cyrus dirty explicit official video_raannt

We actually like this song and we think the video is super hot, but Miley, could you PLEASE keep your tongue in your mouth.  Honey, it doesn’t look sexy or even good.  It looks like your have an abnormality of the tongue like some dentist’s worse nightmare with that tongue flying over the place.  We give it to you that you have a great body.  You have an amazing voice and we love the song Wrecking Ball and can even deal with the video.  But the tongue has to go.  Check out the video below and let us know what you think.



Tongue or No Tongue??? Leave it in the comment section below!



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The Bloody Beetroots Ft. Theophilus London Release New EDM Single Here & Interview!

the blood beetroots theophilus london all the girls_raannt

We are becoming fast fans of The Bloody Beetroots! The king of punk rock dance music has just released their newest single All the Girls featuring Brooklyn Based rapper Theophilus London for their upcoming album HIDE out September 17th on Ultra Records.  Check it out below as well as an interview with Theophilus London!

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True Sex…Robin Thicke ‘Give It 2 U’ Official Video!

robin thicke shirtless_raannt

Even though poor Robin Thicke was forced to be “fingered” by Miley Cyrus’ huge foam finger at the MTV VMA’s, he still remained composed and looked sexy as hell.  He may not necessarily be the crooner of the Rat Pack days, but this modern day crooner keeps getting hotter and hotter with each new hit he puts out.  Check out his newest video for his new hit single Give It 2 U and let us know what you think!


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Ariana Grande is the NEW Queen of R&B With Almost Is Never Enough!

ariana grande almost is never enough yours truly_raannt

Can Ariana Grande seriously only be 20 years old??? We just continue to fall more and more in love with her every time she releases something new.  She’s gorgeous, she’s sweet, she’s sexy and damn can this girl sing! (Watch out Taylor Swift…your days as teen heart throb might be over!) Her album Yours Truly will be released(at the time of this post) in 12 days! Visit her website HERE to watch the countdown! But we don’t need to wait til then to officially crown her the NEW Queen of R&B…or maybe Princess would be more apt.  Either way, with the release of her video for Almost is Never Enough with Nathan Skyes, she has proven she is a real contender. We’re excited to see everything she releases on this album! Check out the official video for Almost is Never Enough below and let us know what you think about it!






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NEW!!! Two Fresh & HeRobust ‘Throw That’ EP

throw that_raannt

Two giants of bass music, Two Fresh and HeRobust, have joined forces to introduce their dramatic and hard-hitting ‘Throw That’ EP on SMOG Records. This 5-track EP displays the incredible variety and precision with which these two acts are able to articulate their sound. The collaboration’s prolific brand of hip hop-influenced electronic music brings a fresh new twist to the modern aesthetic, successfully melding the attitude of rap and hip hop with the intensity and danceability of electronic music. Check out the premiere of the title track “Throw That” on (FREE DOWNLOAD) and the ‘Throw That’ EP mini-mix over at MTV Hive!

‘Throw That’ tracklist

1. Throw That

2. Touch

3. Cirque du Solo

4. Throw That (SPL remix)

5. That That (Swizzymack remix)


Throw That’ is available through SMOG Records now on Beatport, iTunes and all major online music retailers.

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NEW Mac Miller “I Am Who Am(Killin’ Time) Offiical Video Feat. Niki Randa! Love It!


Mac Miller just released his official video for his new hit I Am Who Am(Killin’ Time) Feat Niki Randa…and we’re impressed! The sexy rapper heartthrob, loved by girls across the country has an innovative new video and sound and we love this slower jam.  Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Check out more of Mac Miller’s personal pics at his website HERE!

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Paul Oakenfeld & Azealia Banks Team Up on Venus! Sexy Official Preview Song Link & Parody Video!


With Paul Oakenfold’s much anticipated artist album Pop Killer on the horizon, the dance music pioneer presents his brand new collaboration with Azealia Banks, Venus.

Recorded at the Red Bull Studio in Los Angeles, the original version of Venus combines Paul’s signature dance-pop production with Azealia’s flowing raps and silky chorus. There’s no telling if this one will ever see a proper release so get on this now!

The track was first previewed in this interactive parody video featuring UN officials. Be sure to look out for hidden clips throughout the video.

Vote for Paul Oakenfeld in DJ Mag’s Top 100 HERE!

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Die Antwoord…Cookie Thumper! The Beautifully Weird World!

die antwoord

We are absolutely obsessed with South African rap-rave band Die Antwoord! Not only do we love the hard beats and fast lyrics of the innovative rap style, we also love the style and strange beauty of lead vocalist Yo-Landi Visser! She makes us feel like a bunch of badasses even when we’re just driving around in our car!

If you haven’t seen their previous Baby’s on Fire, check it out HERE, as well as their newest Cookie Thumper below! Both are artistically instrumental to our changing ideas of style, beauty and politics today.  Yes…politics! Let us know what you think!

Yes Mom and Dad…we have a new Elvis on the rise changing the world of music as we know it today!

Check out Die Antwoord’s website and album TENSION HERE!

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Macklemore; Musician and Gay Rights Supporter, Gets Engaged!


Yesterday singer Macklemore announced he had proposed to girlfriend Tricia Davis…and she said yes.  On his Facebook status he posted a picture of the engagement ring(below) and stated…

macklemore ring

“I know this is personal, but I can’t imagine not sharing with you guys. After 7 years I finally asked… And Tricia said yes!
love you all like family. Straight up. We are both so overwhelmed with the love that you’ve shown us, and appreciate everyone that has come into our lives these past years. From the front rows of shows, to the merch table to even just comments online. It’s been an emotional day and I got tears in my eyes just writing this. You guys already know. Thank you. I could never say it enough.”

Macklemore, a long time supporter of gay rights and sames-sex marriage, released his single and video Same Love several months ago, addressing the fight for same-sex marriage equality.  We just wanted to say thank you buddy for all you do and congratulations to you and Tricia on an amazing future! Check out the video for Same Love below!

Check out our review of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop!

And buy Macklemore’s newest album below!





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Thrift Shop from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: Have You Seen This Video???

thrift shop

We’ve loved this song for awhile now, but it wasn’t until the umpteenth person said to us, “Have you seen the video? It’s hilarious!”, that we knew we had to post it.  This might possibly be the best video of the year! The song is already getting tons of play on the radio and in clubs so we know it’s going to be a huge hit in 2013! Check it out and let us know what you think! It also doesn’t hurt that Macklemore is a huge supporter of gay rights and same-sex marriage!

Congrats to Macklemore on his recent engagement! Check out our review of Same Love and news of his engagement HERE!


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