Project Runway’s Helen Castillo Talks Modern Couture

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Our first thoughts of Helen Castillo, the feisty designer from Season 12 of Project Runway, were that she like black, black…oh and more black.  We also thought she might be somewhat bitchy and probably not one of our season picks for fan favorite, but as the season has progressed, we’ve been pleasantly surprised.  Not only has Helen knocked out amazing designs time and time again, but she has greatly improved since the beginning of the show and she doesn’t seem like a bitch at all.  In fact, she has become one of our top favorites for the season.  We were lucky enough to chat with her and find out a little bit about the woman behind the mystery!  

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1.  Define your design aesthetic in one sentence. 

My aesthetic is modern couture; by taking classic techniques and merging them with silhouettes that are classic, wearable, and beautiful.

2. What have been your most enjoyable and most difficult challenges so far and why?

My most enjoyable challenge so far has been the Marie Claire shoe challenge, I chose a shoe I would wear and that inspired me on a tenfold, which lead to my success this challenge. My most difficult challenge was sadly the Diamond Challenge, I overestimated my time limit and attempted something I’ve never done before and it almost had my ‘auf’d.’

3. Who is your toughest competition?

My toughest competition would have to be Brandon, I don’t necessarily know what his aesthetic is, but he takes direction with challenges very well and always serves the business.

4. Who are your three favorite designers of all time?

My three favorite designers of all time are Cristobal Balenciaga, Christian Dior, and Riccardo Tisci.

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5. Give one adjective for each of the following:

Heidi Klum: the Fierceness

Zac Posen: Intense

Nina Garcia: Intimidation

Tim Gunn: Compassionate

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