Mark Ruffalo…Sexiest Man of the Day!

mark ruffalo sexy_raannt

While watching the amazing film Thanks for Sharing, we were easily reminded how much we love Mark Ruffalo.  Actually, we fell in love with him years ago when we first saw him in the movie In the Cut, where we were exposed to his tough exterior and a quick glimpse at his true manhood! (Check it out here!)

mark ruffalo sexy nude shirtless_raannt

But don’t get us wrong! We love him for more than just his incredible good looks.  We love his boyish charm and his slight innocence and his absolutely amazing acting skills, making him our Sexiest Man of the Day!

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Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul…Sexiest Man of the Day!

aaron paul breaking bad sexy_raannt

Business meetings, dinner parties, holiday parties, elevators, sidewalks…anywhere! It seems these days, there is nowhere to escape people talking incessantly about their love of the recently departed television show Breaking Bad! While discussing the show, many woman, and a few men, have commented to us that they believe leading actor Aaron Paul deserves to be on our Sexy List! For the record, our love for this guy goes way, way back, even before his bad boy vengeance and disturbing behavior in Last House on the Left.  Undeniably though…he is sexy! We’re not sure if it’s his boyish charm or his bad boy ways, but we love him nonetheless!

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Stonemen…Sexiest Underwear Ever! The Perfect Christmas Gift for Men or Women!

stonemen underwear sexy_raannt

We happened into the likes of Stonemen underwear by way of one of favorite Instagram guys, model and tv actor Rick Pes! In one of his recent posts, Rick, who often uploads pictures of himself in sexy underwear, posted a picture of him baring a pair of Stonemen briefs with a pack of horses! We instantly fell in love! We had to have a pair!

rick pes stonemen_raannt

After visiting their website, we fell even more in love, finding some of our favorite pairs including Brief Cosmos, Brief New York, of course the Brief Horses and several pairs of Boxer Briefs and Trunks.  The site even has women’s briefs, including our favorite LA Brief for women.  This site is so amazing you have to go to Stonemen and check out all of their stuff which will make the perfect sexy holiday gift!

Make sure to go say hi to Rick too on his new YouTube channel!

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Zedd featuring Hayley Williams…Super Suck or It’ll Grow On Us???


The best comment under the video for Zedd‘s new hit Stay the Night  was “Imagine singing this to someone and they said no!”  Our thoughts exactly.  We’re not sure if this song is a super-suck or a it’ll grow on us kinda song.  Usually, those ones that have to grow on us are the ones that we end up falling in love with, but this song doesn’t have the instant hook that their hit Clarity did.  Check it out and let us know what you think!


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Flud! Our New Favorite Accessory!

Flud The Card Pendant Gold_raannt

While perusing the Urban Outfitters catalog, we came across an amazing timepiece, the Flud Ben Big Wood Watch, and had to find out more about this brand. Flud! OMG were we amazed!!! Not only do they have tons and tons of watches, but they also have great bags, wallets, belts, sunglasses and jewelry.  Just to give you an idea, we put a few of them below! We especially love their Gold Credit Card Pendant $25, The Messenger(Dark Melton) $64 and of course the Big Ben Watch $95.

Flud Big Ben Watch_raanntflud messenger bag_raannt

Trust us…you have to go to the Flud site and see all of their incredible products! We want to snatch a bunch up right now!

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Catching Fire/Hunger Games Meets Fashion in Capitol Couture…The Future of Fashion! MUST SEE for Fans!


We just happened to be looking through the Lionsgate website, checking out all of the new summer movie and television releases, when we sauntered down to their official Hunger Games/Catching Fire link.  What we found totally amazed us! First of all, Lionsgate has officially released posters of all of the players in the 75th Quarter Quell!  Check out one of the below and go HERE to see all the rest!

catching fire1

And if that was enough to quench our thirst in anticipation for the November 22nd premiere, we happened to see this little, ad at the bottom for Capitol Couture…The Future of Fashion!  Ok, this is like an actual online fashion magazine with pictures of designs and specific designers works, all told around the story of the Hunger Games franchise.  Absolutely incredible.  We love when fiction meets the real world!

Check out the link HERE! It’s a MUST SEE for fans of The Hunger Games!

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Cristian Marchi feat Max’C: Let’s F**K! Official Video! Amazing!

cristian lets fk

Rarely does a song move as quickly up the European Dance Chart as quickly as Cristian Marchi’s Let’s F**K  feat Max’C has, but then again, maybe it’s the subject matter that’s making everyone love this song so much! We heard this song on a podcast and immediately loved it! This is only it’s 2nd week on the European Dance Charts and it’s already moved from #72 to #28 and we’re sure it’s going to just keep moving to the top.  This track makes us feel sweaty, sensual and ready to….dance!

Buy it HERE on iTunes!

Buy it HERE on Beatport!

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Fragrance Fridays! Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Tom Ford

We were in Saks in Vegas when we first smelled this cologne.  We happened to be exchanging a bottle of Bond when saw a small row of dark, glistening bottles being placed on a small counter top.  After asking the sales lady what these were, she explained that they were Tom Ford’s newly released line of men’s colognes.  And then she sprayed us with Tobacco Vanille and we were forever in love! According to Nordstrom, the fragrance notes are: ginger, tobacco leaves, anise, coriander, tobacco flower, clove, spices, fruit wood sap, benzoin, vanilla, tonka bean. To us, it smells like a sexy older man smoking a cigar while standing on a balcony overlooking the waves lap the beach in St. Barts. We wish we could make our posts scratch-n-sniff just so you could get a real feeling for the wonderful sexiness that is Tobacco Vanille!

Available at Nordstom $205-495 HERE

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The “Mini” Coveteur $500 Shopping Spree and Video!

We are absolutely HUGE fans of the fashion blog The Coveteur! We have followed it forever and are constantly intrigued by their delicious posts and insider views into celebrity closets! Imagine our absolute delight when we find they’ve posted this deliciously, original video, poking innocent fun, at some of the biggest names in the fashion review industry.  Check it out below and go to their Facebook page HERE to vote for your favorite Coveteur to win a $500 shopping spree on their site The Coveteur!

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