Q&A with Bradon McDonald of Project Runway Season 12

project runway bradon mcdonald 2_raanntThis season we’ve had the honor of interviewing several of the designers from Project Runway Season 12.  Bradon McDonald is one of our favorites this season and quite possibly one of the designers with a very good chance to make it to the top.  With a background in dance, Bradon continues to wow the judges with his creative, design aesthetic, honesty and his ability to adapt and learn.  We got the chance to find out a little bit more about Bradon; the man who so lovingly proposed to his partner on national television!!! That alone would have won us over!


project runway bradon mcdonald 3_raannt

1. Define your design aesthetic in one sentence. 

I love creating garments that are labor intensive, one of a kind art pieces, and then figuring out a way to to transfer those qualities to more accessible price points.

2. What have been your most enjoyable and most difficult challenges so far and why?

The most enjoyable challenge has been the parachute challenge. I was so happy to have the opportunity to work with the amazing model Ya! Every challenge Is difficult!

3. Who is your toughest competition?

My toughest competition is my own crazy mind. One must compete within themselves before they can compete with each other.

project runway bradon mcdonald 4_raannt

4. Who are your three favorite designers of all time?

Alexander McQueen, Charles James, Mdme Gres

5.  Give one adjective for each of the following:

Heidi Klum – stunning

Zac Posen – piercing

Nina Garcia – honest

Tim Gunn  – real

Stay tuned tomorrow for our interview with designer Helen Castillo.  Check our other Project Runway interviews with designer Kate Pankoke and judge Nina Garcia!

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