Defected in the House 2013


Defected Records is set to drop an incredible collection of pure underground house music from electronic Italian trio of Flashmob, Supernova and Pirupa this coming February 28th  marking this project the 50th release of the acclaimed In The House series.  The 3CD and download will be jam packed with remixes from incredible producers from around the world as well as new and exclusive tracks from the Italian trio. Each CD will be mixed by each of the DJs allowing them to have their own distinctive beat.

Check out the track list for each CD and let us know what you think!

CD1 – Mixed by Flashmob

01. A Guy Called Gerald – The Universe (Featuring Jennifer Neal)

02. Detroit Swindle – The Wrap Around (Original Mix)

03. Flashmob – Ninety Five (Original Mix)

04. Brawther – Spaceman (George FitzGerald Remix)

05. Flashmob – Ninety Five (Dirty Channels Remix)

06. Blaze – Lovelee Dae (Flashmob Underground Mix)

07. Rachel – Follow The Step (KiNK Beat Mix)

08. Motorcitysoul – Bass En Provence (Original Mix)

09. KiNK – Detunator (La Force seven Bowls Remix)

10. Kris Wadsworth – It’s Time (Original Mix)

11. Mr G – Lightz (G’ Out Dub) w/ Gene Farris – Welcome To Chicago (Acapella)

12. Hot Chip – How Do You DO (Todd Terje Remix)

13. Flashmob – Pieces feat. Laila Walker (Panorama Mix)


CD2 – Mixed by Supernova               

01. Tapesh & Dyane S – Your Love (Original Mix)
Chez Damier – Can You Feel It (Acapella Short Cut)

02. Harrison Crump – No More Lies (Sonny Fodera Remix

03. Julien Chaptal feat Minivila – Wild Cat (Original Mix)

04. Kevin Over – Soul X (Original Mix)

05. Private One – Sunset City (Original Mix)

06. Daniel Selfmade, Charlie Demir – Libre La vida (Supernova Remix)

07. Jimpster – Can’t Stop Loving
Supernova – I Can’t Do Without U (Acappella Short Cut)

08. Guy Gerber feat. Jaw – Steady (Original Mix)
09. Luciano – Rise Of Angel (Andrea Oliva Remix)

10. Kerri Chandler – Bar A Thym (Supernova Dub)

11. Dave Aju – Caller #7 (Seth Troxler and Subb Ann Remix)

12. Nick Curly – Wrong Hands (Yoruba Soul Remix)

13. Supernova – The Bridge (Original Mix)

14. Supernova – The World Is Crazy (Original Mix)


CD3 – Mixed by Pirupa

01. Michael Melchner – FourToTheFloor (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)

02. Nathan Barato – It’s My Turn

03. Pele & Shawnecy – Free Your Style

04. Tom Flynn – Anytime Anywhere

05. Paolo Driver & Zoo Bof – I Still Need You

06. Pirupa – Bad Ass

07. Bimas – Back To The Past

Pirupa – Party Non Stop (Vocal Tool)

08. Ruben Mandolini – Lady Of Time

09. Paco Maroto – Old School (Original Mix)

10. EdOne – Ragga Master

11. Ramiro Lopez & Miguel Lobo – In Vein

12. Basti Grub – Damdamm

Nathan Barato – Hard Werq (Vocal Tool)

13. NiCe7 – Bassline Soldiers (Pirupa Remix)

14. Landmark & Kres feat. Frederic Mos – Music In You (Original Mix)

15. Leon + Toky aka Superheroes – 2 Guys

16. Enky – Welcome Back

Pirupa Just For You (Vocal Tool)

17. Pirupa – Just For You



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Macklemore; Musician and Gay Rights Supporter, Gets Engaged!


Yesterday singer Macklemore announced he had proposed to girlfriend Tricia Davis…and she said yes.  On his Facebook status he posted a picture of the engagement ring(below) and stated…

macklemore ring

“I know this is personal, but I can’t imagine not sharing with you guys. After 7 years I finally asked… And Tricia said yes!
love you all like family. Straight up. We are both so overwhelmed with the love that you’ve shown us, and appreciate everyone that has come into our lives these past years. From the front rows of shows, to the merch table to even just comments online. It’s been an emotional day and I got tears in my eyes just writing this. You guys already know. Thank you. I could never say it enough.”

Macklemore, a long time supporter of gay rights and sames-sex marriage, released his single and video Same Love several months ago, addressing the fight for same-sex marriage equality.  We just wanted to say thank you buddy for all you do and congratulations to you and Tricia on an amazing future! Check out the video for Same Love below!

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Thrift Shop from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: Have You Seen This Video???

thrift shop

We’ve loved this song for awhile now, but it wasn’t until the umpteenth person said to us, “Have you seen the video? It’s hilarious!”, that we knew we had to post it.  This might possibly be the best video of the year! The song is already getting tons of play on the radio and in clubs so we know it’s going to be a huge hit in 2013! Check it out and let us know what you think! It also doesn’t hurt that Macklemore is a huge supporter of gay rights and same-sex marriage!

Congrats to Macklemore on his recent engagement! Check out our review of Same Love and news of his engagement HERE!


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Sandro Silva’s Let Go Tonight Peeps Us Into Forbidden Fantasies!

let go tonight 2

Sandro Silva’s newest single “Let Go Tonight” has a great energetic vibe and powerful lyrics.  The idea of letting go for just one night is not a new concept, however the magic that Silva put into this video plays off of one man’s fantasies, making it more like a secret film into one man’s forbidden world as he strolls through the streets filming gorgeous women.

The energetic beats and matching vocals make for an intriguing video that keeps us watching and wondering what will happen next! Buy the single HERE!


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Avicii vs Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One (Nicktim) Amazing Song…Hilarious Video!

i coud be the one

Three weeks ago Avicii and Nicky Romero released their newest collaboration I Could Be The One and already, after only two weeks, it has moved up to #11 on the European Dance Charts.  We are absolutely obsessed with song AND the video, which is hilariously cool! Not only do they have a chart topping single…they also have constructed an amazingly imaginative video.  Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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David Guetta – Just One Last Time ft. Rai…We’re Obsessed!


Last month David Guetta released the video for his hot single Just One Last Time ft Rai.  The hit has only been on the European dance charts for 7 weeks and has already moved to #6! Like all of David Guetta’s mixes we’re sure this one will be just as big! Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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Steve Angello(of Swedish House Mafia) “Yeah” The Official Video!

steve angellos

We still can’t get over the fact that Swedish House Mafia is on their very last tour as a trio but happy for each DJ’s individual success, which we weren’t worried about.

Early last year we wrote about Steve Angello’s newest single “Yeah” and how much we loved the jam: the beats, the intro, the roar of the consistent bass and the “yeahs” throughout the track.

The video is just as amazing! It plays off of the never ending battle between good and evil with the epic flavor and humor of 80s pop culture superheroes.  The video is fun, comical, and super enjoyable; a nice new take on EDM videos.

Check out Steve AngelloYeah (Official Video) here:

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Justin Timberlake’s New Single “Suit & Tie Ft. Jay-Z” HERE!


Justin Timberlake‘s newest single “Suit & Tie“, a preview to his upcoming album “The 20/20 Experience“, is a little bit, well…we’re not really sure.  When we first listened to it we were so put off by the beginning that we almost didn’t listen to the rest.  But as the song plays it’s obvious that Justin Timberlake continues to master his R&B sound, definitely reminiscent of old school R. Kelly and Step in the Name of Love! We’re sure it’ll grow on us more and more.  We can only hope…Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Download on iTunes HERE!

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Noir in the House: New Release from Noir and Defected in the House!


Our friends at Defected In The House are excited to drop their first major release of the year – Noir In The House – which comes out January 28th

Check below to pre-order or buy on iTunes and Amazon.


After closing 2012 with a killer show at Electric Brixton on New Year’s  Eve in South London, Noir is ready to grab 2013 by the balls and lead it into a raging, beat shaking, bass dropping, and head bopping year! On January 28th Defected In The House will release a compilation of tracks Noir loves to play and replay.

The sound of this new album can be described, as Noir said it before, as Techno with Soul and 90s influences.  The vocals and melodies of the tracks allows you to really sink into the beats and feel the music in another level.

When it comes to EDM, Noir has always been ahead of the game, and it comes as no surprise that this new album will make the perfect start for 2013.

To pre-order from iTunes click HERE!


To pre-order from Amazon click HERE!


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Afrojack Versus KEANE: Sovereign Light Cafe(Afrojack Remix)…THE Review!


We LOVE Afrojack versus KEANE: Sovereign Light Cafe(Afrojack Remix). As EDM lovers, we often find the beats too upbeat for certain times of the night, morning, or day.  So when a chill but upbeat song comes along we can’t help but put it on repeat, sing along and sometimes dance a little. After all, it is an EDM track so the feel is energetic…in the calmest way possible.

Sovereign Light Café is the perfect form of calm.

The vocals make you want to sing along and the overall sound allows you to keep any EDM momentum going all while relaxing or coming down for the night.

Click HERE to buy on beatport!

Click HERE to buy on iTunes!

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