Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia Reloads!


As sad as we are to see the end of Swedish House Mafia, we’re super excited to see what comes from the three guys(Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell and Steve Angello) individually.  We’re sure they’ll be spinning more of the amazing beats we’re so used to hearing! Check out Sebastian Ingrosso’s, with Tommy Trash and John Martin, most recent release Reload!


To buy on iTunes HERE!

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Feenixpawl New Release and Tour Dates Summer 2013!


Feenixpawl – the Australian team who produced the smash singles In My Mind  and Universe  – are back for a summer tour of North America. In support of the tour, the boys are giving away their dance floor rendition of The Alan Parsons Project’s Sirius. Any sports fan will recognize Sirius as the entry song for The Chicago Bulls and (very random) former WWF superstar Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. 

This killer EDM duo has created yet another smash hit! With incredible high beats, drops, and high energy rhythms that pushes your body to shake all throughout the track! Their perfect combination of high energy notes and low bass beats make each and every single one of their tracks unique and a defiantly must play into any DJ set!

Check out Freenixpawl’s North American tour date for a taste of their incredible beat dropping magic


 May 31 – Ginger62- Vancouver, BC

June 1 – Whiskey Bar – Portland, OR

June 5 – Studio Paris – Chicago, IL

June 7 – Pacha – New York, NY

June 8 – Finale – New York, NY

June 9 – Moonrise Festival – Baltimore, MD

June 14 – Voyeur – San Diego, CA

June 15 – Posch Lounge – Irvine, CA

June 28 – Paradiso Festival – George, WA

June 29 – Digital Dreams Festival – Toronto, ON

June 30 – Muzique – Montreal, PQ

+ more to be announced

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Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding! The Perfect Summer Couple!

i need your love

We love both Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris and after becoming obsessed with the video for their song I Need Your Love we wish they were in love with each other!  They just seem like they’re meant for each other, don’t they??? Well…we can only hope.  Check out the video and let us know what you think!


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5 Best Summer Music Festivals of 2013!

music festivals1

We love music and we love summer and summer music festivals are the perfect combination of both!  They are literally the glue that holds summer together.  We all look forward to late sumer nights, days by the pool, unbearable (but much loved) summer heat, night swims and tan lines. But what we really love the most are the music festivals. Whether it’s just a local summer fest or a multi mil festival production, music festivals are the epic staple of summer. 

So here are OUR top 5 music festivals for Summer 2013!

music festivals2

Though tickets for this festival are completely sold out, the EDC experience is traveling the world! Insomniac Events introduced The Road to Las Vegas with a series of EDC festivals around the states, and this year they’re adding Chicago and London. For more info check out  Click HERE for festival trailer!

music festivals3

Yep… not necessary our cup of tea but the lineup of musicians playing is so incredible we’re willing to bear the mud, smelling armpits and camping rituals that must go along with today’s version of Woodstock.  Just think…20 years from now your kids will say, “You went to Bonnaroo???” You’ll be the coolest parent in the carpool! Click HERE for festival trailer!

music festivals4

Lollapalooza has to be one of the most incredible festivals of the summer.  The killer line up should really say it all, but what tops it off is that it is set in the heart of Chicago.  Check out the lineup! Incredible!!! And if you can’t make the Chicago festival, Lollapalooza also plants its feet in Chile and Brazil!! Click HERE for festival trailer!

music festivals5

This couldn’t be more awesome! The killer minds behind TomorrowLand have finally agreed to bring this epic music festival to the states! And we couldn’t be more excited! The energy this festival brings is killer! For years and years the Europeans have been partying to the festivities of this festival and we’ve traveled the distance.  But now its in our backyard – Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia! For more info, tix, lineup and more visit  Click HERE for festival trailer!

music festivals6

We’ve never been to this festival…or even heard of it for that matter, but with worldwide talent like Pitbull and the forever forgotten 98 Degrees this could be the festival of the summer.  After all, it claims to be “The World’s Largest Music Festival” and we’re all ears! Click HERE for festival trailer! 

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Get Lucky! Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams! Perfect Summer Song!

daft punk

We’re already looking for the perfect song for Summer 2013 and this might just be a contender.  Get Lucky from Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams combines that crazy electric jam vibe with a 70’s groove making us wonder if 2013 is going to be a return to the 70’s with carefree abandon?!!! Wasn’t that also the Summer of Sam vibe as in Son of Sam murders in 1977 in The Bronx??? Damn bitch…it’s gonna be a hottttt summer!!!!

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W&W Release Thunder and American Tour!


OH! MY! GOD! We love W&W.  When these cats drop the beat… they drop the shit out of it! Following the killer success of The Code comes the high energy, beat dropping, dance floor shaking and all night raging track Thunder.  “Thunder” has powerful cumulous claps, a silky melody and a pay-off that would shake the foundations of every club it meets – no exceptions.


Thunder will be released May 20th on Mainstage Music and if you want to catch these beats live, check out W&W’s North Americas tour.


May 16 – Electric Tulip – Ottawa, ON


May 17 – Haven – Austin, TX


May 19 – Celebrities – Vancouver, BC


May 22 – Sutra – Costa Mesa, CA


May 24 – Marquee – Las Vegas, NV (w/ Armin van Buuren)


May 25 – EDC Chicago – Chicago, IL


July 7 – Flames Central – Calgary, AB


August 10 – Beach Club – Montreal, PQ


September 1 – EDC NY – New York, NY

Check out the official teasers below!

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Depeche Mode Gets Remixed Into the New Milennium!

depeche mode

Monday May 6th EDM guru Steve Angelo and Jacques Le Count exclusively released on beatport a remix of Depeche Mode’s Soothe My Soul from their latest album. The perfect 80’s song brought back for the new millennium music world!

The track sits comfortably on its originality while the duo lights up on the track’s dance capabilities!  The legendary Depeche Mode has created an epic track and both Steve Angelo and Jacques Le Count have brought it to new levels.

The Soothe My Soul remix follows on the heels of an intimate concert Depeche Mode recently performed for fans at Los Angeles, CA’s Troubadour club, which marked the band’s smallest show ever in Los Angeles. In addition, the group also recently launched their first world tour in four years in conjunction with the release of their new studio album Delta Machine. The European leg kicked off in Nice, France on Friday, May 4th with North American dates set to commence in Detroit on August 22nd.

Check out the entire track exclusively here:

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Dada Life! A Fan Goes on Tour With Dada Life for a Week!

dada life

We can never get enough Dada… and I think a week with the EDM duo would be incredible! A lucky fan won the opportunity to spend seven days during the Dada Land tour… and boy, was the experience DADA!

Check out what happened on this pretty killer Dada experience for this one Dada fan!

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DJ Antoine – Bella Vita – Official Video!


Last year, we posted several of DJ Antoine‘s singles as our favorites, including Ma Cherie and Welcome to St. Tropez.  He is undeniably becoming one of the most listened to international DJ’s, as witnessed by his most recent hit, Bella Vita, which after only three weeks on the European Dance Music Charts has reached #13.  For us, he will eternally be the sound of summer! Check out his newest hit below and let us know what you think!





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Combination feat. Tommy Clint: Wake Up the Neighbors


Wakes Up the Neighbors from Combination Feat. Tommy Clint has literally hit the European Dance Charts running.  Only in it’s 2nd week, the hot single has already moved from #57 to #25.  And we have to be honest…we didn’t love this song when we first heard it.  Actually, we kind of thought it was some bad demo someone had sent us to review.  But after listening to it a few times and having in in the background while we were driving around, the lyrics stuck in our head and we were in love.  But isn’t that what happens with tons of chart breaking hits?  Not to mention the video is awesome! Enjoy it and let us know what you think!

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