Glee…500 Tears to Graduation…Dance With Somebody

42 days left until graduation…

If you’re like us, the kids of Glee have become part of your family, and just like Kurt’s dad, we don’t want to see them leave either.  Tonight’s episode, Dance With Somebody, marked the beginning of the end as the kids began to realize how numbered their days are at McKinley High.  And for us…well…life will go on.

So here’s what happened.  The kids grieved the loss of Whitney Houston and the week was a tribute in her honor.  Will tried to tie this into a learning experience, stating that the kids were grieving Whitney because they couldn’t deal with the pain of their of their own goodbyes from high school.  Some of the songs were amazing(Kurt’s rendition of I Have Nothing was reminiscent of Whitney herself in The Bodyguard and Blaine’s It’s Not Right But It’s Ok was ahhhh-mazing!) The rest of the songs were alright…but that’s ok. Blaine hasn’t been paying much attention to Kurt or giving him any compliments, and apparently they lack any kind of passion(if they can’t find it does it leave much hope for the rest of us? Seriously…does it surprise anyone else they’re not having sex but Brittany and Santana already have a sex tape???), so Kurt begins flirting via text with another gay teen he meets at the music shop.  Ok…we could have sworn the actor playing Chandler was actually YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley…but after much Google-ing found this to be false.  (But wouldn’t that have been great if it had been…he’s probably one of their biggest fans!) After Blaine finds the texts by snooping through Kurt’s phone,(bad boy Blaine)he accuses Kurt of cheating on him.  Kurt doesn’t understand how this is cheating…blah, blah, blah…they end up in Emma’s office and Blaine breaks down and tells Kurt he feels like he’s leaving him behind.  That part was actually pretty endearing and probably one of the best scenes in the show.  Ok, lets see what else…Oh, yeah. Kurt’s dad tells him he’s going to miss him a bunch too(another great scene) and then Puck hands out all these shot glasses to the guys so they remember all of the “broments” they had together.  And finally…Will wants to move the date of the wedding from December to May because he wants to make sure the Glee kids will be able to attend and perform, when in reality, we find that Will is the one who is having the most difficult time with the kids nearing graduation.

Did anyone else find it interesting that the wedding was originally set in December and Will wants to move it to May?  Have you ever heard of a May-December romance defined as someone being in the spring of their life while the other is in the winter of their life? How many people watching Glee are teenagers and how many are adults, because had we watched it when we were much younger, it would have had a different impact.  At one point in the show, Kurt’s dad makes the comment that things change “once you go out that door” and nothing is the same.  How true that is. All those things our parents and teachers told us about life changing, friends going their separate ways and life moving forward…are true.  The people you know today will most likely not be the people you know 5-10 years from now.

Does that mean we become bitter and jaded and live our lives without any meaning or significance because time beats on and nobody really matters? Hell no.  Life does matter.  Every little second…and Glee is a reminder of that fact.  And as we count down those 42 days, let’s all remember what’s important and treat the people in our life today as if we’re on borrowed time…because like Whitney…they could be gone tomorrow!

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury.


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Who Won RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4??? Spoilers and More Spoilers!

Who won RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4??? (We’ll tell you our secrets at the end!) If you watched tonight’s supposed Grand Finale, you know that the secret will be kept for another week.  All over the internet, threads and blogs are blowing up about people’s distaste for RuPaul’s possible pick of Phi Phi O’Hara as the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4.  This…is about the only part of Drag Race that is similar to an authentic drag pageant; pissed off fans bitching that their girl didn’t win.  “It was rigged” or “It’s so unfair” or “She had a snaggletooth”…which is by far the best comment.  So what Phi Phi O’Hara has a snaggletooth(who even uses that word).  Does that make her any less deserving to win.

The reality is that there are thousands of talented queens in the United States and all over the world who’s art would warrant them a spot on the show.  These three, Chad Michaels, Sharon Needles and Phi Phi O’Hara, have risen to the top.  Why? Who knows, but all three are there for a very specific reason.

So here’s what we heard…Wikipedia leaked on their webpage that Phi Phi had won.  Then Sharon.  Supposedly Phi Phi also Tweeted something about winning, but we can’t find it.  Most threads are saying Sharon doesn’t win because the Absolut sponsor doesn’t like her.  Almost all of the comments on the threads and almost all of the Facebook and Twitter feeds are overwhelmingly in favor of Sharon Needles winning…and so are we!

Don’t get us wrong, we love Phi Phi and Chad and believe that they deserve to be in the top three, but Sharon is just our personal favorite…and that’s what it’s all about. Personal favorites.

Chad is so refined and professional.  We love his story about living with his mother and his long term relationship with his boyfriend.  He’d be an amazing role model…maybe almost too amazing. We’re not even sure Chad belongs on this show.  He is the embodiment of female impersonation, dating back to the art of celebrity female illusion.  He is Cher.  Is it possible that Chad is too good…even for RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Phi Phi O’Hara is pretty but if we’re going to rate her on pretty, what about Kenya Michaels??? Gorgeous! Phi Phi’s story about his father is endearing and painful, but not enough to win a show.  The whole season she was referred to as a pageant queen.  Could someone please inform us in what national pageant system Phi Phi holds a title? Nonetheless, she improved throughout the entire show and always came to the runway looking Phierce!

For us, Sharon is perfect because she embodies everything we already feel about ourselves.  And…she’s so damn stylish! Literally, Sharon is not just a drag queen…she is an artist.  Her greatest scene the entire season was the look on her face after Phi Phi told her to go back to Party City.  Sharon looked deeply hurt.  It grabbed us.  We felt it.  We related.  And we fell in love.(We also love all of the merchandise she has on sale at her online store Tacky Overpriced Crap; especially the Sharon Needles tattoos for $6.66)

We related because that’s how we felt as kids growing up gay.  Teased.  Mocked.  Jabbed. Hurt.  Why are fans all over the country, mostly gay fans, doing the same thing to these queens, who are part of our community, by calling them weird, snaggletoothed or old? Why can’t we all join together…at least in our love of drag…a fun form of entertainment?  Wasn’t that how Stonewall began? So back the fuck up…be nice…and remember we’re all in this thing together! Races, pageants and contests have winners…and they have losers.  Get over it! Maybe Sharon won…or maybe she’s just the next Jennifer Hudson.  Who knows…

By the way…for all you people out there that like to speculate without doing research…here’s some real clues.  Phi Phi and Sharon have the same PR representative, which is different from Chad Michaels.  Also…Sharon has many more tour dates than either Chad or Phi Phi and hers include Absolut Tour Dates…just sayin!

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

Revenge Returns…”Doubt”…Raannt Rewind 4-18-12

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the beach…Revenge returned to ABC tonight, bringing along with it a picnic basket of surprises.  While this isn’t a spoiler alert, if you haven’t watched the show yet, don’t read our post until afterwards.  We wouldn’t want to ruin any of the surprises that were lacking from tonight’s episode.

As HUGE fans of Revenge, we love every second, but maybe we’ve become immune to the constant craziness that occurs on one small strip of the Hamptons.  We’ve waited 6 weeks to find out the conclusion of what happened after Daniel’s arrest.  While we’re not attorney’s we’re pretty sure, from our steep education of law via film and television, that most murderers are not granted a bond.  So…leave it to Victoria to have a master plan to get Daniel out of jail.  We seriously need this bitch on our side! If we hired them as our campaign managers we could secure the White House overnight!

And what about old Victoria…or Vicki, as we found out tonight she used to be called in her past, past life. How many past lives does she have, seriously? Madeleine Stowe is 53.  In real time, that means she had Charlotte(except that the actress Christa B. Allen is really 20) at 36 and Daniel at 29.  Meaning…Vicki had a lot of years before to have several past lives.  We can only imagine what else we’ll find out besides an affair with a starving, unsuccessful artist who just happens to be as good looking as actor Gerard Butler and live in a million dollar apartment.  And is he as shady as Victoria? He did scroll through her phone and take her number. Such a stalker.

Poor Mason Treadwell…For being the modern day, Truman Capote of New York, he is undeniably simple.  Throw him a good computer, a room in the West Wing and a couple of wine coolers and the old chap is putty in their hands.  By far one of the best scenes of the night is when he is manipulated into writing the blog The Treadwell Report while Victoria, Emily and Ashley coerce him with an already designed website.  Again…could we please get this bitch on our side to hire someone to design, set up and run our website? And of course, his first post goes viral…overnight…all thanks to Eric van der Woodsen.  Oh wait! We mean, poor boy Declan Porter.  We just can’t get past the similarity between Declan and Serena’s gay brother on Gossip Girl, except for his often fading Jersey accent…(can he please be the next murder to happen in the Hamptons…or at least a haircut.) Maybe his next role is on The Pauly D Project! Let’s hope!

And who is smarter…Victoria or Emily? As tonight proved, their are literally mirror images of each other’s souls.  We’re routing for the possibility of some parental unity.  Could Emily be the daughter Victoria gave up to have the riches of the Hamptons.  Did Victoria and Emily’s father live in a flophouse in the city until they both got rich and got out, unable to display their love for each other? Probably not, but anything’s possibly in Revenge.  Who the hell would think to have their own son beat senseless in jail? Smart move gal, even though we were hoping for a longer shower scene with Daniel, but then again, this isn’t Oz.  And where do you all find these ranshakety bars on the edge of town where sketchy dudes sit around drinking beer all day waiting to be called by mother’s in the Hampton’s to have their son assaulted in prison.

And that is why we love this show so very much….because it is absolutely unreal.  How the hell could Emily take that guy down in the ally.  And what did she mean whispering, “This is for Jack” and then “This is for Daniel”.  Pick a man, girl! Always one step ahead, we were again super impressed with her strategically placing Mason Treadwell in a position to secure her safety.

And what were the rest of our thoughts about the show? Hmmm…are they losing money in their budget because the fashions seemed much less island chic and much more Kohl’s off the rack…especially Emily’s sling-backs…oh my! And what is Charlotte going to do when those 10 pain pills she’s been abusing for over 6 weeks run out?  She’s got about as much gumption as a leap frog.  Oh wait! She’ll run into the city to that bar and buy some pills from that guy Emily beat up…wearing her wig!

Til next time…watch your back!

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Gossip Girl-THE Rewind…”Salon of the Dead” 4-16-12

The story gets more in depth, maybe even somewhat cheesy at times, but we love these characters so damn much because they seem like our best friends who we catch up with once a week.  Why do we watch?  Duh…Because we have to

So…here’s what we thought about tonight’s show!

Blan…or Blair and Dan(ok, we were going to pick DLair or Blain, but since flan is a sweet custard and bland is defined as uninteresting, we thought Blan was a perfect fit!)… are finally starting to find their relationship rhythm and are ready to finally make their public debut.  (You have to admit, we could all take some socialite pointers from Queen B herself.  Schedule red carpet photo ops(or oops). Check!)  Of course, the likes of good vs. Brooklyn won’t mesh so smoothly.  The pair find themselves dancing the choppy tango, trying to decide which move will be best for their coming out relationship…so a Salon party it is – invite only!

It wouldn’t be the upper east side if the golden, parental, social couple wasn’t having trouble and this time it seems serious.  Our prediction is that we’ll see a divorce by the middle of next season.  Sorry Rufus, but its a little too late to try to make Brooklyn fit into the upper east side shoes. And while we’re at it, who fixes computer desk chairs?  We know times are hard, but really?! And the little father and son moment, sweet…but sooo Season 1 & 2.

Lily dear, we love your subtlety.  Especially your description of the Upper East Side – “clean sidewalks, Bergdorf Goodman, and people who’s job is to open doors”.  The Rufus part we can deal with out. Nobody needs a super, moral, sound board around when you have that much money, really!

And now…on to Serena.  After a couple of weeks as Gossip Girl, Serena seems to really be enjoying the GG powers.  But careful S, you keep giving away personal details and the fire of Lola will burn when you least expect it.  Lola’s on to you(which we kind of like!) and you don’t want to lose all that power…even though we want Ivy back.  She was hot and her voice was sexy.

And what else happens?  One of Diana’s secrets is finally revealed…GG style, disrupting the salon party.  Lola confirms her suspicions on who GG is and the best  public blow out between Diana and Chuck… Making it “more of a soap opera than salon” coming out party. We don’t want to ruin everything for you if you haven’t already seen it so we’ll leave it with our rating…


4/5 xo’s…Not bad, considering…

Til next week when we find out how many desk chairs Rufus will have to fix since he’s been cut off! And if you have any suggestions on the mixed name for Blair and Dan…other than Blan…by all mean, please comment!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Latrice Royale Sends Out Inspiring Video To Fans!

Latrice Royale…Inspiring, Motivating, Beautiful, Kind…Sickening! By now you probably know we’re huge Latrice fans, like thousands of others.  Tonight, Latrice sent out a message via YouTube to all of her fans.  If you haven’t already seen it, check it out below.  Its classic Latrice with all that style and grace we’ve grown to love!

Be Yourself.  Be Unafraid.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4! The Final Three Bitches!

Were you guys crying, like we were, tonight as Latrice gave her sashay speech to RuPaul? “Thank you for seeing something special in me.” It was clear it was time for Latrice to go but she was so damn endearing, even up to the very last minute, that we didn’t want to see her go.  Couldn’t we just keep it those final four forever?

If you didn’t watch tonight’s episode we’ll break it down for you.  The audience is pulled even further into the show by four absolutely adorable dogs, especially the one Chad Michaels assigns to himself, and we get to see the other girls poke fun at Phi Phi again as she gets slobbered over by her enormous dog.  They have to present several outfits…Daytime Party RealnessParty with a Pooch in your Purse or something and Pooch Couture?? It didn’t really matter.  All three of Latrice’s outfits looked similar.  Chad Michaels looked the most daytime housewife in the park.  Her party outfit was dead up on Kim Kardashian, as noted by RuPaul…but her couture outfit was more of a one piece deal…we were confused.  Phi Phi looked great in all of her outifts, especially her daytime realness which was actually something more out of a Japanese Anime book; but she looked incredible…and we greatly appreciated her custom made, pink glittered poop scooper. (Can we buy one please?) Sharon, our fave, of course looked great in all three outfits.  Her daytime realness looked incredible, but her rock star, party outfit complete with house arrest bracelet proved she is much more a bad girl. The poodle boots she wore at the end were absolutely incredible and she looked like she was on the cover of a 1960’s French Vogue.

Ok, so here’s the problem.  Although we love Sharon Needles…we would really be happy if any of the top three won.  Chad Michaels is so incredibly polished and amazing that she definitely deserves to win for those reasons alone.  Phi Phi, besides being the only really cute boy on the show(don’t laugh, you know its true), has really come a long way.  But she’s such a bitch.  Funny…she’s a lot like us, but instead we find ourselves rooting for Sharon?? Actually what we want is for Sharon and Phi Phi to become friends, something it appears Sharon wants and attempts on every show.  In fact, although she wouldn’t admit it, she’s a little attention seeking from Phi Phi.  Damn Phi Phi…you all talk about how hard your lives have been and how people haven’t treated you nice…THAT was what Sharon was talking about on the runway!!! Be friends dammit and show the world that even bitches can get along!

We believe RuPaul’s Drag Race really teaches us about the inner trenches of ourselves.  Here you have a bunch of drag queens, probably some of the most misunderstood people in the world, and they’ve created their own little microcosm of the world, where jealousy, fear, wisdom and bullying are just as prevalent as they are in the real world.  We believe we tend to favor Sharon because she represents that pain in a way that reminds of that part of ourselves that wants to be true and real, but also dreams for the acceptance from others.  Isn’t that what being gay is all about?

The show even got better afterwards on RuPaul’s Drag Race Untucked.  Did they really make THE Dita Von Teese wait…and then she left? Seriously?

Oh…and Chad Michaels is 280 in dog years, not 170!

Good Luck bitches!

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Be Yourself.  Be Unafraid.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!