Project Runway: FAT is Fashionably Challenged! Shame…Shame!

If you watched Project Runway tonight you already know that it was crazy beautiful! First of all, our absolute favorite was Alicia‘s pink, cocktail dress, which didn’t even make it into the top 3??? First of all, she never makes dresses and this one was incredibly flirty! We loved it…she’s quickly becoming one of our favorites! Fabio‘s dress was adorable too and reminded us of the late 90’s, Earth rebel yell look! We loved it!

How could Sonji possibly have loved that dress??? That chick looked like a reject on Jersey Shore.  Bad, bad, bad.

Now on to Ven.  Hello??? Ven…are you there? He was so incredibly cruel to his client that he gave a new definition to weight discrimination.  His worst comment was calling her “fashionably challenged“. What you mean is FAT…FAT, FAT, FAT!!!! Say it and be honest.  Oh…and while you’re calling your client fat, look in a mirror…you’re fat too! If you’re gonna call a girl out for it, at least call it what it is! We’ve had our own issues with eating disorders and being overweight and we’re not afraid to look it in the mirror and call it out!

In a world of weight discrimination, rampant eating disorders and low self esteem, we’re embarrassed for you Ven that you are so absolutely bigoted towards full figured women.  Here…check this one out…Our all time favorite model, who just happens to be plus-sized, Velvet D’Amour walking for Jean-Paul Gaultier!

We were very happy to see Fabio when the challenge.  We’ve noticed people online criticize him for his own style, but same is boring…we like different and Fabio is not afraid to challenge boundaries and be himself! We don’t really care that Nathan went home, we’re not even sure we remember one thing he made…including his design tonight.

And they should have kicked Ven off for tormenting that poor girl.  Not only did she have to be disgraced by Ven, but she also had to have it aired to millions of people across the world.  And arrogant Ven...oh, he didn’t feel he should have been in the last two…imagine that!

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Big Brother: Double Eviction! Who Was Evicted??? Complete Spoiler!

Is there anyone who likes Mike Boogie? Seriously.  What…a tool.  Did you see his outfit for eviction??? By a vote of 5-2 Mr. Boogie got Boogied outta the house! Thank God! Who voted to keep him???  Frank…obviously.  And Ashley.  Hmmmm…That was all in the first 15 minutes.  HIS 15 minutes of fame.  OVER! The best play in the season was when Mike sat in front of Julie Chen and had to watch Ian’s goodbye video when he told him he was the one that masterminded his demise!  Bye Bye Boogie!

And after a very quick Head of Household competition, who is the next Head of Household????


He then nominates Frank and Ashley…imagine that.  Next Up…Power of Veto competition.  And guess what???

Yep, that’s right.  Frank. 

As exciting as all of this is, we’re really rather bored with Frank.  Get him the hell outta the house.  Stupid, stupid, stupid! Of which he yells to Ian, “You made the wrong decision.” What decision did he think he was going to make???

Frank of course takes himself off of the chopping block and Ian replaces him with Joe.  The quick eviction takes place and everyone votes for Ashley to be evicted except for Frank.  Interestingly Dan says he is voting against Ashley because she didn’t ask for his vote??? Whaaaaa???

Her response as she’s heading out of the door, “See you in jury” and then walks through the door and tells Julie Chen, “love your side pony!”.  Although we love her…she’s a complete flake.

And then…it was over.

The next Head of Household will be on Sunday! But…if you’re really addicted, you can always watch it on the live feed.

Just some thoughts: Why the hell was Ian pacing around at the end like he was having a panic attack.  Nervy! And someone please cut Shane‘s hair! By the way…Love ya Brit!

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Big Brother Rewind! Danielle’s Nominations and Spoilers!!!

Season 14 of Big Brother is hands down the best season ever…even better than the All-Star Season! On Thursday, the coaches were told that America had voted and were giving them the opportunity to re-enter the game as actual contestants, not coaches.  They were each given an option to hit a special “restart” button in the diary room.  If any one of the four coaches hit the button, the game would be restarted and all four would re-enter the game as contestants.  Surprisingly, arrogant Boogie was the only one who didn’t hit the restart button. This motion set the game back in time, taking Frank and Joe off of the block, and sending all of the contestants into the backyard for a three hour long competition aboard the side of a pirate ship.  At the end, Danielle was the winner, promising Britney and Ian immunity for a week in a comprise for their “jumping ship”.  After her win, Danielle was pummeled by Dan, coach turned ally, and Shane…who congratulated her with an honest, on-air showmance kiss! This led to tons of talk about who to put up on the block(is this really a question????)and Danielle finally nominating Frank(for the 100th time)and Wil(a supposed pawn.) If the next week pans out the way the rest of the season has played out then tons of twists and turns and changes in alliances that not even the fans who watch Big Brother After Dark will have a clue as to who will be booted this week.

Some of our favorite moments from this week:

*Shane kissing Danielle in pool of the pirate ship after her win…awwww…how romantic!

*Dan’s coaching speech to Danielle as she hung on to the side of the pirate ship.

*Wil’s many appearances in the diary room where he claimed he couldn’t trust someone.  Who does he trust?

*Jenn being the only person who noticed Boogie and Frank had gone inside the house during the HOH competion!  This is important because these small observances have indicated past winners.

*Boogie’s statement that he was “offended” because he wasn’t nominated.  “Don’t they know who I am?” GO HOME BOOGIE! No one cares.

What were your favorite moments???? Share them with us below and stay tuned for our next review!

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True Blood Season 5 Season Premiere “Turn, Turn, Turn”…Rewind


Summer is here and that means one thing!  True Blood is back for another season.  (If you haven’t already watched tonight’s episode you might want to watch it and then read this review.) So…what did you think of tonight’s season premiere?  Does it seem to you that True Blood is getting more and more depressing each episode.  Don’t get us wrong, we loved tonight’s episode, if only to be back in Bon Temps again, but it seemed like every character had a black cloud having over their head…even Jason! We kind of miss the old days when everything wasn’t so serious and we could laugh or even get somewhat excited during an episode.  That being said, True Blood is still true to its ever changing story line and creative inventiveness that has made it one of the most incredible shows in television history. Tonight was no different.

After watching tonight’s episode, as well as seeing the trailer for the entire season, we’re excited that Jessica is going to be given a more prominent role.  She is the hottest thing on the show and given a little bit more power, she could take over the world…literally.  We loved hearing her say, “that pretty much makes me the Queen”!…All hail bitches!

How can you not love Pam? Being able to see her get emotionally hurt last season even made her more alluring because now we know her ruthlessness is a choice…to some degree.  But, she did lower herself, literally, into the ground and sleep with Tara to turn her into a vampire after Debbie shot her in the head.  (And isn’t it funny that everyone is concerned about the remains of Marcus, but no one in her pack, including Alcide is worried about Debbie’s whereabouts? Crazy bitch…

Some of our favorite moments from tonight’s episode included: Jessica singing “Cherry Bomb” by the Runaways for Karaoke, Pastor Newlin coming out as a proud American gay vampire during Pride month, Eric and his “sister” having sex in the storage container (Do vampires cum blood?), Lafayette’s new shaved head, and of course…Tara being turned, hopefully, into a vampire.  If that happens…she’s going to be one pissed off vampire!

If you watch the season trailer, you will see that Christopher Meloni(remember him from the good old days when he was on HBO’s Oz…yeah, that one!) is being introduced as the 500 year old vampire authority who apparently hopes for peace between the factions.  We’ll obviously have to wait around to see what happens since the only scene they showed was an aggressively sexual scene between he and Jessica where he pulled violently at her hair.

Needless to say, this is just the beginning.  Maybe the show is going to heat up so much over this much anticipated season, that they chose to start of slow and allow the show to simmer for awhile.  Either way, we hope they bring back the fairies, give Lafayette some crazy powers, let Sookie and Alcide finally get it on and show a little more nudity this season! We’d even like to see a True Blood wedding…just saying!

Til next week…fangs up!

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Glee Says Goodbye: The Graduation! Our Favorite 5 Moments!

Forever Young…that’s how the last episode started with the kids of Glee…and what an appropriate song to commence the commencement process.  (And while we loved this episode we didn’t need nearly as many tissues as we had hoped.  And did anyone else feel the show left a lot of open questions???) It’s been a long road…or not that long really, so true to life.  For those graduating with the class of McKinley High this year, we wish you the best and we wish all your dreams come true.  For those of you, like us, who have long since graduated, and even attended our reunions, may you stay…forever young!

With tears, sadness and joy…these are our 5 favorite moments of Glee: Goodbye!

5. The underclass’ dedication to Finn by singing The Beatles “In My Life”. Pure Gold!

4.Puck graduating from high school! We thought they’d keep him another year…but he did it!

3.Quinn saying goodbye to Coach Sue Sylvester and telling her she’ll miss her!

2. Santana’s mom giving her money for college and telling her to follow her dreams! Santana has easily become one of our favorite characters of the show…and we can’t wait to see what she does with the money!

1. And of course our favorite moment is the closing scene when Rachel says goodbye to all of her friends and hits the streets of New York City…all to the song Roots Before Branches!

And then…they were gone.  We will forever miss them, although they’ll all be back next season in some capacity…but as for the halls of McKinley High…they are gone.  And the rest of us??? We’ll grow older, remember and talk about where we were in our own lives the year the kids of Glee graduated from high school and we’ll move on…and on…and on…surrender. Goodbye.

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Gossip Girl Rewind…Season Finale! “The Return of the Ring”

Oh yes… GG kisses us goodbye for the summer and leaves us hanging with a bunch of WTFs… What else could we expect from the Gossip Queen herself?

Leave it to the Queen B herself to make anything Tiffany’s seem dirty (her diaries are Tiffany’s, pay attention!)… Her whole life has been scanned and put up by Serena so the whole world could see what truly goes on in Blair’s head.  So let’s start with the never ending love triangle between Blair, Chuck, and Dan.  She finally chooses who she loves and wants to be with, meaning that our last couple of posts were wrong – Dan, you did have something to worry about.  Sorry pal.  Bringing us to what we all didn’t see coming, Chuck turning the other cheek and wanting to get back at his dad.

Seriously! We spent all freaking season with you fixated on this whole search for who your true family is and you’re already trying to take the man down? Come on!! Let us guess…next season you’ll make it your mission to bring Bart down and then you’ll try to repair the relationship you messed up by pretending it never happened? Give it a rest Chuck, go live your life as a rich bachelor and travel the world… it’s about that time.

Ok…so while Chuck and Bart have this weird father and son business thing, Serena and Blair are busy at a) hiding the GG diary post from Dan, b) Blair and her little slaves doing damage control, and c) Serena going after Dan so she could get back at Blair for well…taking Dan from her and getting her movie premier invitation removed.  This time we see their friendship really hit its end and Serena goes back to her crazy wild ways.  Are we going to see a hot mess of S next season? We did see her in a train, doing coke with some ugly druggy at the end…

It is Blair this time that comes out on top of it all! Eleanor pretty much gives her the company and off they go to Paris to plan a strong fashion season.  Were we the only ones who noticed that Blair is going to have to hunt down a fashion designer? Does this mean the return of little J?!!!! OMG we sure hope so!!!  With Blair on top of the fashion food chain, Serena a hot party mess, Dan and Georgina trying to bring down the upper east side, Chuck trying to take down his Dad, and Nate… What is Nate really doing?… This would all be a perfect time for little J to come back!! (We’d ask for the return of Eric as well but we know he’s busy cooking up trouble in the Hamptons of Revenge!)

Ugh! Till next season! Where we hope to see familiar faces from the wonderful past of Gossip Girl!!!

Oh PS! We forgot – Serena sleeps with Dan to try to get back at Blair who doesn’t find out.  Nate is actually on the hunt for the real Gossip Girl, which will make him look stupid.   Lily and Rufus call it quits, another thing we were wrong about! (actually it just happened a bit faster than we thought) and Lola gives Ivy all her money so that she can take down Lily because Lily is set on keeping Carole in jail. And well there you have it, the season finale of the hot fifth season of Gossip Girl. (DVD Release date August 13th, just in time to rewatch the whole season before Season 6 starts up again!)

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Gossip Girl Rewind! S05/EP23 – “The Fugitives”

Gossip raannt here!  The best source for a look into the life of Gossip Girl’s Manhattan Elite!  This weeks episode was pretty powerful, kind of funny, and at certain parts…extremely annoying!… Over all…a Gossip Girl Grade G (OMG that was just 4 Gs in a row) for Great but not so Great.


            Who’s starting to get a little over this super needy Chuck?  We are! He’s supposed to be sexy, confident, sexual, strong… not this daddies little boy (and we don’t mean that in the sexual way) that keeps wanting attention and affection.  Although the story line has been touching and he is finally with his dad, it also seems a bit too “Days of Our Lives”  That soap is over, for a reason; let’s not get any ideas.  Anyways, we’re glad Chuck found his dad and they’re able to live happily ever after..we think, but now that the past is all set and done let’s bring Chuck back to his womanizing, manipulating, over -rich and powerful, egotistical ways: that’s why he’s sexy.

            After last week’s L-O-V-E confession from Dan we’re left wondering if B feels the same…or is she just not ready to say it.  This week Dan totally tries to take B and corner her in Rome.  He never effing learns does he?! Give the girl some time and space.  Don’t just suffocate her with your lonely boy neediness (Chuck is doing all of that for everyone else!) Stick to your love making and fiction writing, we like that. And Dan… please get rid of that god awful hair piece! It’s starting to get out of control!


Ok, so what’s next? Oohhh yes! S finally told B that for the last couple of months she was posting as GG.  B loved it but felt left out so S said she would help her with whateves, so S pretended to be B for an interview with Dan that went smoothly… did you catch that?  Basically Serena feels bad that she’s been MIA for the last couple of months, and tries to get in the good side with her friends.  After learning about Chuck’s dad she is willing to get back into the game and help her friend with whatever she can. Oh and we totally agree with Blair, that “holy” sweater and cute skirt outfit is sexual!! Girls, take note!

Lola and Ivy are once again working together in this episode and we love it!  we adore Ivy – she’s so hot! Ok, so they’re working together and this time they’re on the GG elite side.  While Chuck is trying to find who’s threatineng his dad, they all set up a trap and Lola and Ivy play a big part in it.  Leaving us an open ended, cliff-hanger that is questionable, and totally uncomfortable… What could possible happen next week?!!!!!!!

The season finale is going to be IN-to-the-TENSE. Till next week friends!!

xo xo,

your boys!

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Gossip Girl Rewind S05/Ep22 “Raiders of the Lost Art”

Gossip Girl raannt here!  Your one and only source of the scandalous life of… who are we kidding!!! No one can do it like the original GG…and tonight’s episode proved it.  Let’s recap.

Our first matter of business… Dan, Come!!!! On!!!! Really??  Jealous of Chuck? Sure he and Blair have some intense history but let’s face it, she chose you, over him… over the glam, power, money… THE UPPER EAST SIDE… She chose you.  Trust… you have nothing to worry about.  And while we’re at it, next time you get an offer like that – The Writers Academy in Rome – don’t pass it up. (Didn’t you learn anything from Lauren Conrad on The Hills???)  You passed up way too many opportunities while trying to date Serena and here you go again making the same mistakes.  Learn something! Although we might be a little worried too after telling her “I love you” and just getting nothing in return. Ridic!


The real Blair is back… unlike last week.  The REAL Blair is back!  And she is up to what she does best; scheming and taking someone down in defense of her friends and love ones, of course while using Dorota in the best possible way.  I swear if we had nannies like that while growing up we wouldn’t be typing this – she would be. (Unfortunately, we have no nanny…just three pups who are chewing away at our brand new boat shoes!)  Ok…back to business.  Blair steps into Diana’s shoes – well actually,  into her overly priced slutty dress – to help Nate and Chuck and Lola (Why is she still around?) to get to the bottom of finding out the true identity of Chuck’s father…

Then we have dear Serena, who pretty much got sucka-punched-schemed (or whatever you want to call it) by everyone tonight.  First she tries to help Diana  so that she could get to the real GG.   and then she tries to help her friends so that she could get to real GG and then she gets totally thrown under the bus by all… All while at a super chic party (a sex party, but still chic! Mental Note: someone needs to do this here! Our social circle is beginning to give us a headache in comparison!)

The real secret tonight was behind Door #1, Door #2 or Door #3???  Who is Chuck’s real father? Actually…who are Chuck’s real parents?  Is he really an alien from another planet? Is he the lost child of Marilyn Monroe?  Who really knows any more.  This whole mother/father thing is really getting out of control.  Maybe in the next last 2 episodes we’ll get some answers. Until then, post below in the comments what you think would make the best story idea for Chuck’s past! We’ll pick our favorite and discuss it!

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The Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 Is…

All season, Sharon needles identified herself as the queen who couldn’t win a pageant.  Well darling, the time has come to change that title.  Good thing you can now refer to yourself as RuPaul’s Next Drag Superstar! Yes maam…tonight at the reunion show for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4, spookerstar Sharon Needles, was crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar! We were literally pounding our fists and feet, ecstatic that our queen took home the crown!

But the night was not left without a few other winners.  All three girls in the top three represented gorgeously and we realized, while watching as they explained what the title would mean to them, that any one of them would represent the title beautifully. And how cool was it that all of their moms were their to support! We’ve come a long way baby!

Chad Michaels again displayed unbelievable class and style, even confronting Phi Phi about her behaviors, in a mentoring stance.  The reality about Chad Michaels is simple; she is in an entirely different class, one not defined by titles or prestige.  We imagine Chad having his own show in Vegas, representing the gay community with style and possibly even writing his own book.  If Chad could sing…he might be the next RuPaul…but instead, we think he is defining his role as he goes.

Everyone can hate Phi Phi all they want, but she is Phierce! While she may seem a little young and too “goal focused”, she’s not stupid enough to realize the power of $100,000 or the title as American’s Next Drag Superstar.  Should she be hated because she came to win? Maybe some of her behaviors were backhanded but she owned it in the end.  And let’s be honest…which one of the girls would have donated the money if they had won?  No…Phi Phi‘s not much different than some of the other girls, if not smarter.  And although she could work on being kinder, she’s had a tough life.  She’s a survivor! And in case you didn’t mention what she said when asked about her father, we’ll recap it for you.  It was more powerful than any anti-hate message we’ve heard in a long time! “He does watch it and he doesn’t like it.  But I love me!” Powerful shit! And she looked gorgeous in the blonde, Marilyn wig! Could she be the Jennifer Hudson of RuPaul’s Drag Race??? Only time will tell!

Sharon NeedlesOMG!!!! We really, really thought RuPaul was going to give it to Chad.  Imagine how unbelievably excited we were when Sharon‘s name was announced.  She had her own powerful moment too when she shared that she never thought she would affect so many people, reaching out to the “gay or weird” kids, or anyone who feels different.  And damn! A Ouija board head piece! Sickening! A perfect accessory to go along with her farewell “Happy Halloween everybody!” We love her so! Its kind of hard to deny…she’s the Lady Gaga of drag! Well…kind of!

The rest of the show was just as incredible.  RuPaul paid homage to Latrice, who incidentally won the title of Miss Congeniality.  Was anyone surprised? Latrice is like the Humanitarian Ambassador of Drag.  We adore her…not just because of her elegance, but because of her message.  In fact, she dropped so many of these profound messages, we’re wondering if she’s trying to make it on the list of famous quotes.  “It’s alright to fall down.  Get up.  Look Sickening…and make them eat it!”  She went on to pull out a note she received from the mother of a 10 year old girl.  The message was so inspiring, displaying that drag queens are changing the world, that it emphasized the strength of Latrice’s message: “Doing Me Works”.

And of course there was Willam.  We don’t care what anyone says…we love Willam.  He’s real, genuine, honest, hard-working, extremely talented(just check out his YouTube videos) and gorgeous.  She has sick style too! We were a little bored that he got kicked off for having his husband come to his hotel room for “conjugal visits“.  It almost makes you wonder if there wasn’t a reason producers were looking for a reason to get Willam off the show.  RuPaul was so supportive of Willam‘s future that it made us wonder.  And for once…Willam refused to be flippant and show a gentler side.  Yep…if not Sharon, Willam should have won the show! She even coined the phrase Rupologize, to which RuPaul responded “Consider that word stolen!“.  Willam is a genius!

The rest of the show was just as good! Jiggly looked gorgeous, but it made us sad when she cried while confronting Phi Phi, “I smell like a sucka!“.  Honey…you’ve smelled like a sucka all season…and not just because of Phi Phi! Which, by the way, made it even funnier when she kept slurping on that sucker! Did you guys miss that irony? Could someone please get the girl a Sugar Factory Couture Pop ASAP!

We can’t wait for the much anticipated RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5!

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Glee Supreme Performance Award…Blaine!

Seriously…could Blaine…or Darren Criss for that matter, be any more perfect? He’s gorgeous, sweet, incredibly talented and supports gays and lesbians, loving everyone.  Uhhh…could we reserve you for the role of husband for our best girlfriend.  And Blaine…if he wasn’t already perfect, by making Kurt “supposedly” text/cheat on him, we just fell in love even more with his vulnerable heart…and those adorable dimples.

Above all else…the boy can sing! We’ve always loved Whitney Houston’s It’s Not Right But Its Ok and now we love it even more! Blaine’s performance was absolutely incredible and probably the most “music video” quality performance we’ve seen in a few episodes.  That being said, it’s easy to see why this week’s Glee Supreme Performance Award goes to Blaine! If you haven’t seen it, we put it below to let you see what all the hypes about!

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