Gossip Girl Rewind…Season Finale! “The Return of the Ring”

Oh yes… GG kisses us goodbye for the summer and leaves us hanging with a bunch of WTFs… What else could we expect from the Gossip Queen herself?

Leave it to the Queen B herself to make anything Tiffany’s seem dirty (her diaries are Tiffany’s, pay attention!)… Her whole life has been scanned and put up by Serena so the whole world could see what truly goes on in Blair’s head.  So let’s start with the never ending love triangle between Blair, Chuck, and Dan.  She finally chooses who she loves and wants to be with, meaning that our last couple of posts were wrong – Dan, you did have something to worry about.  Sorry pal.  Bringing us to what we all didn’t see coming, Chuck turning the other cheek and wanting to get back at his dad.

Seriously! We spent all freaking season with you fixated on this whole search for who your true family is and you’re already trying to take the man down? Come on!! Let us guess…next season you’ll make it your mission to bring Bart down and then you’ll try to repair the relationship you messed up by pretending it never happened? Give it a rest Chuck, go live your life as a rich bachelor and travel the world… it’s about that time.

Ok…so while Chuck and Bart have this weird father and son business thing, Serena and Blair are busy at a) hiding the GG diary post from Dan, b) Blair and her little slaves doing damage control, and c) Serena going after Dan so she could get back at Blair for well…taking Dan from her and getting her movie premier invitation removed.  This time we see their friendship really hit its end and Serena goes back to her crazy wild ways.  Are we going to see a hot mess of S next season? We did see her in a train, doing coke with some ugly druggy at the end…

It is Blair this time that comes out on top of it all! Eleanor pretty much gives her the company and off they go to Paris to plan a strong fashion season.  Were we the only ones who noticed that Blair is going to have to hunt down a fashion designer? Does this mean the return of little J?!!!! OMG we sure hope so!!!  With Blair on top of the fashion food chain, Serena a hot party mess, Dan and Georgina trying to bring down the upper east side, Chuck trying to take down his Dad, and Nate… What is Nate really doing?… This would all be a perfect time for little J to come back!! (We’d ask for the return of Eric as well but we know he’s busy cooking up trouble in the Hamptons of Revenge!)

Ugh! Till next season! Where we hope to see familiar faces from the wonderful past of Gossip Girl!!!

Oh PS! We forgot – Serena sleeps with Dan to try to get back at Blair who doesn’t find out.  Nate is actually on the hunt for the real Gossip Girl, which will make him look stupid.   Lily and Rufus call it quits, another thing we were wrong about! (actually it just happened a bit faster than we thought) and Lola gives Ivy all her money so that she can take down Lily because Lily is set on keeping Carole in jail. And well there you have it, the season finale of the hot fifth season of Gossip Girl. (DVD Release date August 13th, just in time to rewatch the whole season before Season 6 starts up again!)

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