YouTubes’ Trisha Paytas…Sexiest Woman of the Day!

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You may have noticed that we’ve been posting a lot of famous YouTubers lately as our Sexiest Men and Women of the Day.  Well, there is a method to our magic; we’re obsessed with watching YouTube videos, interviewing YouTubers(Check all of them out in our Interview section) and we even gave it a try ourselves, although our channel just kind of sank(It’s still there so click the link if you want to see our videos lol). Anyway, we just thought we’d try to pay homage to some of our favorites, especially those we have watched religiously and been long time fans.  Trisha Paytas is DEFINITELY one of those YouTubers for us.  This darling diva of the internet is our perfect version, and a much more tasteful version, of Anna Nicole Smith! And if you know us well, you know we were HUGE fans of Anna Nicole Smith.  Anyway, we’re reached out to Trisha a few times for an interview and we’re hoping someday we might even get to meet this gorgeous bombshell in person! Her kindness, compassion, humor and duh, especially her amazing boobs, all make her the perfect choice for our Sexiest Woman of the Day! Check out these pictures we found on her Instagram and go visit it yourself! We love you gal!

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Check back tomorrow for our next pick of Sexiest Woman of the Day and check out all of our past choices!

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