Chris Pratt…Sexiest Man of the Day(And Almost Nude!)

chris pratt sexiest man_raannt

This past weekend we went to see the Blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy.  We weren’t quite sure what to think going in but let us set the record straight…The movie is totally worth the hype.  We see tons of movies and Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely a perfect late summer flick.  It also didn’t hurt that it had the gorgeous Chris Pratt as the leading man! Not only is he insatiably adorable(he reminds us a little bit of our Indy Colt’s Pat McAffee), but he is also absolutely hilarious.  We stalked Chris’ Twitter and Instagram and found some past pictures he’s posted that we thought you might like to assure you that he is the perfect pick for our Sexiest Man of the Day!

chris pratt nude_raannt

Make sure to check back tomorrow for our next pick of Sexiest Man of the Day!

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