Wingtip Wednesday! The Prada Levitate Wingtip!

prada levitate wingtip

Have you caught on yet that we’ve devoted each day of the week to a specific men’s apparel piece? Wednesdays are devoted to wingtips…our favorite shoe.  A wingtip is another word for a full Brogue, a low heeled show with perforated decorations.  Our closet is filled to the brim with all kinds…formal, high-top, sneaker, daily oxford…you name it.  For that reason, we’ve decided to devote one day of the week specifically to the wonderful wingtip(har, har)!

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This week we are spotlighting our recent fave…The Prada Levitate “Wingtip” Shoe! Although many have criticized this shoe as ugly, we’re absolutely obsessed.  We love the combination of the Nike sole with the glamour of the Prada shoe.  Although this day is dedicated to wingtips, it is important to note that the Prada Levitate series also comes in a loafer(super cute) and calf boot.  The shoes start at $660.


Find them online HERE at Nordstrom!

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