What Do We Do???

Lately, alot of people have been struggling to figure out exactly what it is we do.  We’re not sure why this is so difficult to understand it’s basically all written out for you, literally, at raannt.com.  “No, but what do you guys do?”, they ask. Oh, that. Well, we do have full time obligations outside of raannt, but for the most part, we have turned our passion into a full time career.  We interview certain celebrities who we find interesting, we review music, style and other things related to pop culture.  But that’s not what your really asking…You want to know what a typical day looks like for us…

Well, if you’re not counting Alex being in school or Peter being in his office, here’s what it looks like…

Sleep til 10 or 11 and then immediately get coffee at Starbucks.  Alex drinks a Venti Green Iced Tea-Unsweetened and Peter either drinks a Venti Coffee with two shots and two equal or a venti six shot iced Americano…If you buy us Starbucks gift cards we’ll love your forever!

Then we pull ourselves together, showering, getting dressed, straightening up the house from the day before.  We also have three dogs who are our children; Dunken(who we call PP), Tucker and Boo Radley.

After those things are taken care of we head downstairs to our office, which is our dining room outfitted with two computers facing each other at a huge eight foot, old dining room table.  Our “desk” is covered with iPads, iPods, notepads, pens, binders, post-it notes, highlighters and all kinds of stuff to make it look like we’re extremely busy.

Next…we check our ratings and analytics for the day.

And then…emails.  Ok, we’re not sure how many typical emails the average person gets but between our personal emails, requests from people to review their products, emails from PR reps, agents and managers, organizing travel and event attendance emails, as well as emails from all kinds of people who read our site just asking questions or saying hi, we get tons of emails.  We personally answer each email because it’s really important to us that we never lose sight of why we started this endeavor.

Although…we excitedly have plans for an assistant who we are currently working with and she will begin next summer!

During the afternoon, Alex goes to the gym while Peter returns phone calls or runs errands…Now, this should read, “Peter and Alex hit the gym every afternoon”, but that hasn’t been the case.  It is our plan, however, to get back to the gym routine again soon!

Late afternoon, early evening is spent on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, or scheduling certain posts as well as working on write-ups for the following day.

And then of course…the infamous nap.  Peter takes a 2-3 hour nap every day, while Alex watches tv or downloads music.

Followed by dinner, which is always out.  We do not cook.  Yes, we know how much money we’d save, but neither one of us cook and we both enjoy going out to dinner.  Usual haunts for us during the week are Puccini’s, The Cheesecake Factory, Eddie Met Salad or Yats.  Typically, dinner is spent on our phones, checking things and eating, while laughing and gossiping to each other.  We consider these business meetings.

If we have free time, we’ll watch a movie in the evenings or just lounge around with the dogs but if it is the night of a show we write about, or an event night(such as The Oscars or The Miss America Pageant), we’re busy Tweeting and writing.  Most nights, we’re up late together working on “raannt stuff”.  Alex always goes to bed by midnight, whereas Peter is up late, late…late, writing and working on stuff for the next day.

So…that’s what a typical day looks like…adding in Alex’s school career and job and Peter’s office hours and writing his book.

We are such busy little bee…but…not a day goes by that we don’t joke with each other, smile at each other, make out a little bit, pinch each other’s butts and remember how truly blessed and lucky we are to have such amazing lives! If we ever come across as arrogant, which we’ve been accused of in the last few years, that is not our intention.  We are simply proud of how hard we’ve worked and how far we’ve come.  People sometimes confuse pride with arrogance…something you’d think the gay community knows best by now…but that’s not the case.

So we just keep trudging along, now adding assistants and guest writers, and feeling blessed to have such awesome lives while we’re still living and healthy, because we’re all on borrowed time as it is. 

To those of you who have supported us along the way…thank you.  We consider you true friends and we will always have your back!

Til tomorrow..

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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