Massive Attack in 2 Soundtracks! Amazing!

Funny how music, like fashion, makes its way back into our daily lives and teleports us back to a night, week, event, minute, memory.  As little kids we heard our parents jam to their favorite tunes and talk to their friends over drinks about their college years, weddings and parties they attended and little details about their lives when they were younger.

Last week the hit ABC show Revenge showcased Paradise Circus by Massive Attack and as we watched the closing caption of the episode, right away we were taken back two years ago to the gossip girl episode when Little J made it her mission to get Nate to love her.

The same song, because it’s so amazing…was played in both shows!

As lovers of music, good music, we couldn’t help but fall in love with this song.  Its sexy and sensual, and it will forever bring the memories of nights ago when we sat on our couch and watched our favorite shows as they left us wanting more.

Check out this remix of the super sexy song:

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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