The Mysterious Case of Adam Lambert, Adriana Lima and Zac Efron…All Nude!

Ahhh…the power of the internet. Tonight, we were looking through our daily numbers when we realized we had an extraordinary number of hits for Adam Lambert and Adriana Lima. It’s no surprise that Adriana was there as we obviously love her and put her on our SEXY LIST every chance we get, but we didn’t even remember writing about Adam Lambert. Honestly, after looking at some pictures of him, he’s a sexy guy, but really not either our types. So we didn’t understand why we had so many search hits about him and further more, we couldn’t even find the article we had written about him.

And as if that weren’t enough, the further we looked we found several searches on our site for “Zac Efron Nude”. Well, we may write shamelessly, but we know we didn’t write about or post any pictures of Zac Efron nude. Trust us, if they were out there, we’d post them, but they’re not.

And then we realized that under the search statements, NUDE was next to all of their names. So the question is…what is our infatuation with celebrity nudity. Why is it important to us, and trust us, we’d love to see them too, that we get to see pictures of our favorite stars in the buff? Didn’t the nude pictures of Brad Pitt ruin our fantasies for years to come? If you haven’t seen them…they’re right here at Skin Index.

Well, we don’t have any pictures of Adam Lambert, Adriana Lima or Zac Efron in the nude, but if we find them…we’ll be the first to post them! And hopefully someday, we will. Hell, hopefully someday, we’ll be famous enough that someone will hunt through cyberspace to find pictures of us nude…but probably not anywhere in the near future!

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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