Kim Iverson’s Quest For Love

Last night DJ Kim Iverson mentioned us, the boys of raannt, on her national radio show Your Time with Kim Iverson. We had previously written an article about her show and her relationship problems. She joked that she was thinking about “switching teams” and that maybe she should contact us. Alex immediately jumped up and called her talking to her about our previous post. First of all, she earned major points with us by understanding that our post was all tongue in cheek and we think she is beautiful and that we obviously do enjoy listening to her show. If she hadn’t grabbed our attention, we would never be writing about her in the first place. Alot of people find her annoying and opinionated, but hell, they say the same thing about us, so we appreciate a girl whose fierce, genuine and authentic…not to mention beautiful!

What is apparent is that she continues to have problems finding the right man in her life or finding a meaningful relationship. As a psychotherapist, I often hear women explain to me that they feel fulfilled in all areas of their lives EXCEPT romantically. She joked with Alex that maybe I needed to fix her before she could find the appropriate relationship. Later on her show she explained that many times she gets into a relationship but her need for independence affects the outcome of the relationship. Pretty insightful for someone who claims they can’t get it right. I do agree with everything else she said about love and that often it’s timing or match and that a failed relationship isn’t indicative of a twisted soul. No…not at all. A lot goes into finding a healthy relationship and making it last.

But Kim…we still think you deserve this. And you asked us what we thought, so we have an offer. We would like to spend a day or two with you, getting to know you. Intricate details about your likes and dislikes, past relationships, mommy issues as you refer to them, and what you’re looking for in a long term relationship. Because it is realistic to have a healthy relationship and attain your independence. After we have completed our love log and background information we would love the honor of hosting a national search for five finalists, picked by us, who you will then have the ability to pursue a relationship with if you choose. We think you deserve the best and quite frankly we are very protective of our women so we will only pick the best, not to mention they will be under a very scrutinized eye. This will not be The Bachelorette or I Love New York. No…this will be classy and we will honestly pick men that are best for you…

And Kim…don’t switch teams. We don’t even think that’s possible!
Can’t wait to hear from you!

Your Time With Kim Iverson is on nightly from 7pm to Midnight.
Call her at 1(888)9CALLKIM or email her at
Visit her website at YOURTIMEWITHKIM

And Kim…Love is right around the corner…trust us!
Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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