The Art of Tee…DOPE Lagerfeld!


We’ve been HUGE fans of DOPE COUTURE for a long time and not just because these boys originated from our home state of Indiana.  They have crafted an art for perfectly twisting luxury and street wear into must-have, mouth-drooling items.  We first found their amazing tees a few years ago at got SOLE, a small specialty store in Indianapolis.  Now they have two stores, Bloomington(Indiana) and Los Angeles, and DJ’s and musicians across the country are proudly wearing their tees.  We personally love their stuff because we believe they have fine-tuned the art of luxury for everyone and encompassed the belief of unexpected luxury into every thread!

The Lagerfeld Tee is available at DOPE COUTURE $32

Be Yourself. Be Fearless. Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!