Tantric Tuesdays at Blu…Yawn!


So…we gave it a chance, we really did. And actually, we think it has potential. Reminds of us Wednesday nights at Champs in the early days.(Which by the way…still packed!) But…and sad to say, the only thing Blu has to offer on Tuesdays right now is amazing go-go dancers, which incidentally we already knew, an amazingly sensual atmosphere and actually pretty good DJ’s.

The problem…BIG WARNING!!! This night appears to be for girls who want guys just for their money and guys that have nothing else to offer but a wad of cash to burn. Imagine a bunch of mid twenty year old guys in Ed Hardy Tee shirts, sports jackets and True Religion Jeans and girls in skimpy dresses and overly tan faces and you have Tantric Tuesdays. (We are even including a picture of the dance floor at 12:30 am, just to give you an impression of the true excitement this event held!
Where is Everyone? Hopefully in the future, Tantric Tuesdays will grow in participation and maybe we can make it a really enjoyable evening. Come on folks, there’s nothing else going on in Indy on Tuesday nights, right? So…given some time and people dedicated to making it better, we are hoping Blu doesn’t give up and keeps building Tantric Tuesdays! Better marketing and less VIP would make it more patron friendly.

See ya on some random Tuesday night!

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