Talbott Street Revisited…

So…before we get started, let us just say that we love going to Talbott Street and we always have a good time. Just because we made several suggestions or comments about our own experience does not mean it is the experience of all, but it was interesting that after our first blog came out, we were ambushed by statements from people who felt our blog was “refreshing” and “honest” and encouraged us to keep writing in the same vain. One Indy promoter who promotes larger events and supports several national social blogs told us our blog was right on track and we should keep writing it in the same manner, even being willing to endorse our blog in other cities to bring attention to Indy. So, we hardly apologize for what we said, but do apologize if it was taken as a direct insult to any specific person. It was never meant that way. Incidentally, Vivian from Talbott Street did pull us aside for a one on one chat and, as far as we are concerned, we are both on the same page for making Indy’s social scene better and attempting to only give critiques that are helpful. Thanks for the talk V. We have never allowed nor endorsed our blog to be used on any other blogs, myspace propaganda, etc…but we do appreciate the free advertising!

Ok, now onto our recent experiences at Talbott…

Paul Van Dyk was absolutely amazing and we were so incredibly impressed that Indy folks finally understood how great it was to have an internationally promoted event in our midwest hub. The bar was packed to capacity and even the upstairs and the side drag bar were usually full throughout the evening. Paul played non-stop for several hours of which we were completely drenched in sweat from dancing. Although it was incredibly hot in Talbott, like it had been the past several weeks prior to this event, we were told they were installing fans to help circulate the air and that there was only so much they could do when it was so humid and so packed. Honestly, it didn’t really matter because we had such a great time. In the past, it has appeared that Talbott has had a difficult time getting crowds to come out to international dj’s on non-weekend nights, but that Monday appeared to be busier than any Saturday we have seen there in a long time.

In the side room, DJ Deanne and DJ Jackola spun for smaller crowds, but their music was still awesome and at some points, we enjoyed being in there just as much as on the main stage because it was cooler and the music was comparable…well, to some. The only problem people mentioned to us the entire evening was the difference in price between regular admission and VIP admission, where there appeared to be no gain for buying a VIP ticket, and no one manned the top floor to stop people from coming in. Nonetheless, it was a great evening…Thanks to the folks at Eden Promotions and Talbott Street for making one of the best events of the summer possible!

Which brings us to 4th of July…First of all, where was everyone? Greg’s was packed on Friday night, so was everyone hungover or still drunk from the 4th and the night before? We didn’t even get out until after 12:30 and it already seemed pretty dead; except in the drag room. Ok, so everyone seemed to like our “Pink Carpet Award” we previously gave out…so this week, it goes to Caress. What the hell happened to her??? For the past two weekends she has completely danced her ass off and given it her all in the drag bar. Honestly, in the past, she was not one of our favorite queens(still a little embarrassed that the nationally famous Alyssa Edwards was at Talbott on one of the deadest nights of the year, Chicago Pride), but she has quickly moved to the top. Her energy and creativity is much needed…maybe time to give a new queen a position to make it three again? Great job and thanks for bringing Macy Grey’s “Sexual Revolution” back, which we had only previously seen done by Regine Phillips in Louisville. Loved every bit of you that night! But everyone was good that night…and we do need to give Vicki St. James much credit for a beautifully written letter she wrote us regarding our first blog…you’re a class lady Vicki!

So many people wanted us to write about the music and the dj that night, but since we have been told by others that our previous endorsement was seen as critical, we’ll just say this…no comment. As one person leaving commented, “I think the dance floor speaks for itself”. We do wish Talbott would give DJ Jackola a spot on the main stage. We don’t even know him but enjoyed his music so much the night of Paul Van Dyk we’re confused why he doesn’t get more exposure at Talbott; and this is not us stirring the pot. The week before was so dead because of Chicago Pride and DJ Jared Curry gave it his all spinning great music the entire evening. We just don’t get it. But instead of blasting us with negative comments next time…put a suggestion box next to the DJ, you’ll get all the honesty you need from the patrons.

We did suggest to several people on Saturday that they should start their own blog since they had so many things they wanted us to write about Talbott, but even though it was dead and the music…well…we had a good time and got to see some good friends. And really, isn’t that what we want out of our experience at Talbott? So, keep on doing what you’re doing, and as long as we’re welcome…we’ll be there!

Eyes open, we’re watching…

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