It’s Brittany Bitch!


Brittany Mason, Miss Indiana USA 2008…has left the building! Well at least on Tuesday that will have been the case. Brittany has recently been offered much exposure and will be heading out west; working between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. We are so incredibly sad to see her leave as she is one of our dearest friends as well as social elite in Indy…(She is the queen of the Pink Carpet Award!)

While she has many stories she has told us, which we have crossed our hearts to keep to ourselves, and many opinions, although she won’t speak out against Miss California, she is truly a genuine, small town girl with class, style and absolute beauty. We will miss her and hopefully like others before her, she will bring Indiana some much needed fame! We can’t wait to come out and see you in Las Vegas in a few!

Her last event hosted in Indiana was a Bikini Contest at Rehab at Bella Vita yesterday, promoted by American Legends Publicity and Ok, we know what you’re thinking…bikini contest? But really, it was great fun and probably the most packed Rehab has been the whole summer. We want to think all of our dear, dear friends who promise to come out week after week and never show up…you’re really missing a good time! On Alex’s birthday, even though we didn’t have a great turnout, J.R. Peare, the promoter of Rehab and owner of, made our day amazing, taking care of us and treating us truly as VIP’s. Much appreciation also needs to go out to our waitress Sara; hilarious, beautiful, quick and down to earth, even taking time to sit down to get to know us. All of the waitresses at Rehab work their asses off, so if you do come, order a lot and tip high!

We’re not sure we know what else to do to promote Rehab at Bella Vita on Sundays? If you’re a name dropper, it’s definitely the place to be. If you could care less about those names, even better, because everyone is friendly and personable…not to mention a great networking venue in a fun atmosphere. Summer is almost halfway over and we still need to see some of you out there!

So…as we bid farewell to Brittany(and she better get her ass over here quick to lay out!), we want to say we’ll miss her and we appreciate all that she has done to make Indy a little more glamorous and a little more social! Time for you to move on…we’ll be storing those stories in case you get even more famous! Just kidding…she’s a true, class act, even bringing her mother to Bella Vita yesterday to spend time with all of us before she moves…

And as she packs up and heads out…it’s time for us to crown a new social queen…but who is she???

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