Silver Carpet Couple…

This will be short and sweet. Classy. Just like the couple we’re talking about. Zach Reeder and Stephanie White. We’ve been keeping our eye on several couples in Indy, just to see who the next big deal will be, and yep folks…this is the one. We have the luxury of having been able to get to know them quite well in the last year, but needless to say, they deserve a Silver Carpet Award.

It’s easy today to get distracted by flashy rhinestoned shirts or skin tight $400 jeans, stilettos and Louis Vuitton bags…and miss what is right in front of your face. Zach and Stephanie. A refreshing fall back to old school luxury, charm and class. And we love every minute we get to be with them.

Zach is a local singer who only last month won Indy Idol at Bucky’s Grill and Pub in Westfield. We’ve seen Zach perform tons of times and he is truly amazing every time. Recently, we heard of someone who questioned his winning Indy Idol and we were absolutely amazed. Everywhere we go, whether it’s Mo’s Irish Pub in Noblesville or Champps or Bucky’s, Zach receives a standing ovation. He is absolutely humble and a consummate performer. He is also probably one of the sharpest, if not the sharpest, male dresser in Indiana, and is currently working on possibilities for building his own style firm. Zach has big plans in his future…shhhh…we can’t say, just stay tuned…Whether he is singing Journey or Stevie…this dude has some of the best pipes this side of the Mississippi…NO LIE!

And his longtime girlfriend Stephanie White is a class act herself. Not only does she mix current trends with old school class and charm, she is calm and reserved when needed, with a splash of wild to bring the rosiness to her cheeks, her trademark beauty! Stephanie is a stylist at Salon O1 in Carmel located at 200 City Center Drive…(the link is on our page). In the past, she has focused on updo’s and color, but recently has said she loves cutting as well as working with different blond coloring techniques. She is absolutely amazing and her work for bridal updo’s has been featured in local magazines.

What we hold so dear about this couple, other than that Stephanie is at EVERY ONE of Zach’s performances, or that they stand behind their moral and ethical belief systems in today’s world, is that they are humble, kind and compassionate while being trendy, classy and exciting. It is never a dull moment with them and even tonight, coming home from another friend’s house, we were commenting that we wished Zach and Stephanie could have been there.

Although it has it’s place, we’re a little tired of the couples with flashy jewelry, cars and no depth. We want some old flavor charm. And well…I think we might just have found it!

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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