As Summer Ends…

So Ya’ll, we’ve been on vacation in Tennessee…and although we had a much needed relaxing week, we’re extremely happy to be back to the “Big City”! So many exciting things to do…The Indiana State Fair…Corn Dogs, Tenderloins, Elephant Ears and the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever at the dairy bar! We just don’t understand why the fair starts so damn early year after year and the kids go back to school so early year after year??? Right! So all the adults can have one month of summer to themselves!

Uhhh…we also HEAR the word on the street is that Sunday nights could be the next hot night out. The Vogue is hosting their new “alternative” dance night while Blu downtown is hosting some dance party with DJ Deanne. We attempted to look it up on their website after we heard about it from Facebook, but their website is so outdated that they are taking New Year’s reservations for New Year’s 2008. Also, Tuesday’s are not listed as “Tantric Tuesday’s” but Industry nights for people that work in the field…bartenders, waiters, etc. In 2009, where everyone’s business is on the internet, you gotta keep up! And to the people at The Vogue…folks, we didn’t even know you were starting today and we offered you our help, free of charge, to get people there?? It’s interesting to us, while receiving sometimes hundreds of readers daily, that some clubs don’t take us up on our free marketing? It’s like “Word of Mouth Productions”, right here…don’t come crying to us if it doesn’t work out, but we sure as hell will raannt about it!

Oh well…we can’t all be winners! Speaking of…we’d like to remind everyone to drive safe when partying. We’ve seen so many accidents and police officers roaming around the streets late at night. We rather enjoy witnessing someone walking a crooked line or handcuffed, sitting on the sidewalk, but we don’t want anyone to end up dead as a result of drinking and driving. Always be safe and have a designated driver, as we do, BUILT in, might we add! You should also ask the bar or club you go to if they give out free soda and juice for the designated driver. Recently, Shae at Talbott Street told us they didn’t charge for soda for designated drivers and we were extremely impressed. The little things go a long way!

Be Safe!
Have Fun!
Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

P.S…Our Dear Friend…Brittany Mason, who will be back in town for some work this week, just attended the Midsummer Night’s Dream Party at The Playboy Mansion. She told us she wasn’t allowed to take a camera with her, but filled us in about the rest! So happy things are going great for you in Vegas baby! Can’t wait to see you this week! Stay tuned to Brittany as she will most definitely be the next big thing to come out of the Indy area…besides us!

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