Rachel Boston from Lifetime’s Witches of East End Shows Us Her Dark Side; An interview

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Rachel Boston is back on Lifetimes Witches of East End and back on raannt!(We got to interview her last season too! Check it out!) The super sexy witch librarian from Witches of East End, Ingrid, goes on a roller-coaster of self-discovery and Rachel lets us in on the making of the newest season. Laitches of East Endst year we had the pleasure to be introduced to Rachel Boston and Ingrid as Witches of East End took on Lifetime TV fans everywhere and now we get to play catch up. Rachel Boston talks about the 2nd season, the cast, and what the “Darkness is Rising” tagline really means! We’re so excited for the season and can’t wait to catch it every Sunday at 9/8c only on Lifetime:

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What should Witches of East End fans expect from the 2nd season?

Season 2 is filled with adventure and mystery! The portal to Asgard has opened and we are trying to figure out who or what came through. There will be unexpected romances, incredible twists and turns and a whole lot of magic.

What has changed for you personally since starting in Witches of East End?

I have so many new and extraordinary people in my life. From Melissa De La Cruz who wrote the novel, to our amazing show runners Maggie Friedman and Richard Hatem, the coven and our wonderful crew. I love this family. I also joined social media and it has been lovely to connect with people from all over the world. And we film in Vancouver so I live in Canada for part of the year. Lots of beautiful changes.

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How will the new season be different from last?

We explore the dark side. My friend sent me a picture when she first saw the “Darkness is Rising” campaign and I thought it was really powerful. It said, “If you love the light, you will find your path. If you love the dark, you will navigate by the stars. If you learn to accept and love them both, you will find yourself.” That is part of the journey this season. We face the dark and discover more about who we are and what we are capable of along the way.

What’s your favorite part about playing Ingrid?

She has a huge heart. She loves her family and will fight for what is right. She is a woman of integrity and it’s inspiring to play someone who is so resilient. It’s also very fun to time travel. Playing a witch and living in a world where anything and everything is possible.

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What should we expect from Ingrid this season?

Expect the unexpected for Ingrid this season. Ever since the portal opened she’s been sleepwalking and somehow ends up in the woods with a man/Mandragora from another world. He’s very powerful so that takes us on quite a journey. She also helps guide and teach some new warlocks as they explore their gifts. And love is in the air. It’s complicated but love is definitely on her mind.

Describe your cast-mates with just one word:

One word! Oh my!
Julia Ormond: powerful
Daniel DiTomasso: soulful
Jenna Dewan Tatum: magical
Madchen Amick: fearless
Eric Winter: delightful
Christian Cooke: hilarious

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Re-define sexy? And would Ingrid define sexy?

A deep appreciation for life. A seeker, a dreamer, a person filled with hope and wonder, compassion and kindness. A beautiful, honest soul.

What’s the sexiest City? Hotel? Place to vacation? Co-star?

I moved to New York City when I was a teenager so NYC will always be sexy and magical to me. I also adore little bed and breakfasts. I stayed at a place called Los Poblanos when I was filming in New Mexico a few years ago and it was so romantic. Right on the Rio Grande. Connecting with nature inspires my heart and makes my soul feel alive. Hawaii is beyond sexy and beautiful and i really want to visit Switzerland.

Sexy co-stars? Hmmm. Where do I start? Christian, Daniel, and Eric are all very sexy. And the coven. We have a very sexy coven.

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Any spoilers you can let us in?

Dash and Ingrid have the same brain chemistry so it will be very exciting to explore what that might mean. And we reconnect with people who knew our family before we left Asgard. It’s a very exciting and adventure filled season!

What are your three simple luxuries?

Reading at night by candlelight, a cozy bed with way too many pillows, and long walks or hikes on a beautiful day.


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