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So here we go! In honor of Indy Pride, we decided to “come out” with our blog utilizing this weekend as the perfect opportunity to “christen the bow”, so to speak on our social blog of Indy’s activities. Some! May not like what we say or how we say it, but we hope that just gives them motives to change.

This past weekend, Indianapolis celebrated “Indy Pride 2009”, an annual event celebrating gender identity and sexual orientation…but really; it appeared no different than any other year. Alcohol tents, lesbian singers imitating The Indigo Girls, homos drinking and judging one another, rainbow flags and porto pots stinking up the streets. What should be a time of gay people coming together in Indy to join in our diversity once again ended up in a day of drunkenness, middle finger antics and should we say…some drag drama? Most of us don’t know the cattiness that occurs behind the scenes…the real story. And neither do we, but we might know enough.

This year’s background story goes to Alana Steele, one of Indy’s top drag sensations and Talbott Street’s retired, or should we say “resigned” legends, since no one is telling the real story. Alana will always have an amazing following, as was apparent yesterday at the Pride festivities. As the first headliner of Indy’s drag performances, out of line and not in conjunction with the other performers, interestingly in itself, Alana amazed the watchers with a roundup performance with dancers, props and costume changes. What was even more amazing was the box sitting by the street less than fifteen minutes later filled with Alana’s costumes and props. What could she have allegedly, possibly have done to a certain top bar owner as well as pageant judge/owner and drag aficionado(who care’s right?) that would upset her so much that would help Alana’s drag to appear on the street and for Alana to perform out of line? What’s the real story? Hmmmm…we don’t know the truth on either side…but we would love to be informed!

Highlight of this year’s street celebration was the competing DJ’ing of DJ Deanne and DJ Jared Curry. For over an hour they traded off spinning and “passing the mic”, as the crowd danced in the street and on the stage. Interestingly enough, we were wondering why they couldn’t spin this good when playing sets at Talbott Street. Absolutely amazing! As a close old friend of Jared Curry, it’s great to see a small town local go from making mixed tapes on a tape player to headlining at Indy Pride 2009…Great job Jared and Stephanie! You guys add flava flav much needed to Indy…

Which brings us to Talbott Saturday night. Why oh why did you even have a drag show? Get it right, just once. World famous Inaya Day and DJ Mike Cruz on the main stage and a drag show going on to the side. We don’t understand. The same way we didn’t understand why 45 Degrees had a basketball game on in the background at the Wicked Disco Party. Anyway, in some cities, Mike Cruz could get $20 to $30 entrance fee, and Talbott was packed, playful and pleasurable. One thing though, it would be really nice just once if Talbott’s elitist staff didn’t give the impression of being a “family” who allows no insiders. Come on folks, after all, you’re just a bar, and we are paying you for our drinks and admission. Sad to think patrons have to go to certain bartenders, namely Bennett, for being amazing and friendly, because others are so incredibly rude and standoffish. Well, anyway, bars come and go, we just hope Talbott stays around, we always have such a good time…we hope they aren’t having any troubles???

Certain people do deserve a positive “Pink Carpet” attention spotlight for positively contributing to this weekend…Namely, Keith Washington, proprietor of Mass Avenue Video who is extremely friendly and always looks professional. A true class act for Indy’s Gay scene. Also Mike Leeper, a local police officer who manned the crowds, and Steve Turner and Sam Cronk; a role model gay couple responsible for helping build Indy’s Pride celebration this weekend!

We would have loved to have made it to Zoobilation and The Talbott Street Art Fair, but unfortunately…we can’t be everywhere…

All said and done, we had a great time, as we hope you did…Next year, maybe less cattiness, more LOVE…eye’s open, we’re watching


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