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Collectively, Costello Tagliapietra, as a fashion label, have created lines that are delicate, feminine, soft and incredibly perfect for any woman that loves designers who know how to make a woman feel beautiful.  Their knowledge on what works on a woman’s body has allowed them to create, season after season, lines that consistently place them on top of the “must attend” shows during fashion weeks. As individuals, they are unified in a masculine mystique and history of being trained by their grandmothers.  Jeffery Costello has experienced the fashion, music, and art world, expanding his personal way of expression and pool of inspiration. Robert Tagliapietra has been part of the New York fashion industry since a young age and together they’ve become a power couple and  New York fashion house that’s loved by many.   What we love most about these fashionistas, on top of their eye for creation and design, is their personal style and outlook on the industry.  They dress for themselves, live to be happy and create to bring joy to women around the world.


1. Introduce us to Jeffrey and Robert in 7 words or less each.

Dressmakers, husbands, music-obsessed, video gamers, painters, round and friendly

2. Who is the girl who wears Costello Tagliapietra?

She is someone who is looking for something to express strength, femininity and romance and an inner sensuality that comes from confidence and comfort.

3. How did you meet and go into business together?

We met in 1994 at the Sound Factory in New York a few months before it closed down.  We were introduced (both too shy to speak to one another) through our friend Lauren Rosselli Johnson.  Robert was studying painting at Parsons and Jeffrey was working with musicians and actresses on wardrobes and costumes.  At the time we met, Jeffrey was working on Madonna’s Bedtime Story video and Robert happily assisted… so began the working relationship.

4. How do you separate business from personal when it comes to your relationship?

You cannot always do so, but you learn how to at least separate it mentally by limiting when you can discuss work related issues.

5. As designers, how do you think you’ve influenced the current fashion industry?

We hope we have influenced it by bringing a certain fluidity and femininity back to fashion without the obvious archetypes.  Our aesthetic always leans towards the minimal but at the core what we strive for is beauty and romanticism.

6. Do you believe you have changed to fit into the fashion industry? Why or why not?

Not sure we ever really acknowledged this idea.  If what you mean is our personal look, we have always been ourselves. If you mean the collections, sure, you always have to listen to your clients and not just design in a bubble.  Fashion is a commercial business and the intention is to sell clothes to people and our job is to ensure these people feel happy, feminine and confident when they wear these clothes.  Sometimes your favorite dress is not always the best seller.  Of course when the two are the same you are happiest.

7. If you were each a kind of fabric, which one would you be and why?

Personally we would both be worn flannels; soft and cuddly.


8. Jeffrey, what’s your favorite season to design for and why?

We both love spring, there is an inherent lightness associated that works extremely well with our aesthetic.

9. Robert, which starlet or celebrity would be your ideal client?

We both have always loved Shelly Duvall, her balance of beauty and quirky strikes a chord in us.

10. Where do you pull inspiration for each line you create?

It really starts with an indefinable mood or feeling that becomes the foundation for the collection, and the process of figuring that intangible thing out and defining it through shape, color and print.  We like to absorb everything we see and hear and filter that through what we make.

11. How do you define sexy?

Should be romantic and sensual and come equally from how clothes get put on to how they are taken off.

12. What is the sexiest…

City? Tokyo, Japan

Hotel? Standard NY

Designer? Poiret

Model? Too many to name

Place to kiss? Bedroom

13. What is a piece of advice you would give to a young designer trying to make it in the fashion industry?

Be prepared to be flexible and listen to everyone around you and then most importantly listen to yourself.

14. What’s next for Costello Tagliapietra?

Building the world of C&T one step at a time….. and some even more accessible surprises!

15. What are your three simple luxuries?

Early morning Walks in the woods or along the beach, our bulldog Sam and food!

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