CÎROC The New Year 2016 | Indianapolis, IN

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The year is pretty much over… crazy! OMG that’s so crazy!!!! It feels like yesterday we were getting ready to head down to our NYE home (CÎROC The New Year Indianapolis, IN) for our annual end of year celebration. For the last 6+ years CÎROC The New Year Indianapolis has offered us a space to get glammed up for, to spend time with our close friends, to dance in style, create memories with family and to introduce the party to Indianapolis Newbies. This year will be different, why?! Well A) The attention it’s generating this year is above average B) The energy from the CÎROC The New Year Indianapolis promotions team is on point and C) The Boys of Raannt are giving away 2 tickets to 4 lucky winners to walk down the red carpet with us, snap pics and join our VIP table at the all inclusive CÎROC The New Year 2016 | Indianapolis, IN!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter
  2. Subscribe to Peter Monn’s Youtube channel
  3. Share this post on your Facebook wall
  4. Tag us on the post!
  5. And let us know why WE should take YOU, plus 1(one), to the Circle City’s biggest end of year celebration!

We’ll announce the winners on our Instagram with a picture collage on Dec. 26th. So, get ready… GO!!!!

Don’t forget to look your best and to get your ticket while a few still remain! This 2016 party is selling out FAST! Visit CirocNewYears!

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