The Art of Tee…DOPE Lagerfeld!


We’ve been HUGE fans of DOPE COUTURE for a long time and not just because these boys originated from our home state of Indiana.  They have crafted an art for perfectly twisting luxury and street wear into must-have, mouth-drooling items.  We first found their amazing tees a few years ago at got SOLE, a small specialty store in Indianapolis.  Now they have two stores, Bloomington(Indiana) and Los Angeles, and DJ’s and musicians across the country are proudly wearing their tees.  We personally love their stuff because we believe they have fine-tuned the art of luxury for everyone and encompassed the belief of unexpected luxury into every thread!

The Lagerfeld Tee is available at DOPE COUTURE $32

Be Yourself. Be Fearless. Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!


The Art of TEE…I Made The Sexy List!


As lovers of true luxury, we are always fascinated by the finest watch, the finest suit…even the finest tee shirt.  Yes, there is no greater luxury than jumping out of bed to go get coffee on a Sunday morning and grabbing a pair of jeans from the night before and throwing on your favorite tee.  For most of us, we would be more upset if a tee shirt we got while scuba diving in Grand Cayman was torn than if we lost our most expensive tie.  True tee shirt lovers would look at the torn fabric as character and wear it proudly.

In our ever devoted mission of of a life of true luxury, we are going to host The Art of TEE…our daily pick in the search for great tee shirts.  We will pick these from random stores, online sites, stuff fans send us and even our own closets.

We thought it was only fitting our first tee shirt be our very own raannt I Made The Sexy List tee!(Yes folks, these little buddies are for sale!).

We look forward to surprising you with our picks of the day.  If you have a tee-shirt you’d like to send us, contact us on our contact page!

Be Yourself. Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!


a REAL fashion show….

Long before Teddy got hitched on 90210, we were married at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas by our minister and dear friend, supermodel, Miss Brittany Mason…

Not only has Brittany been an amazing friend and mentor…but she’s also taught us a thing or two about the fashion industry.

In the last two weeks we have received several messages asking about our thoughts on the most recent Midwest Fashion Week. We chose not to attend.

These are our thoughts…








Good thing ole Billy, Roy Halston and Brittany didn’t make excuses by saying “we’re from Indiana”!

Push the limits, take risks and live on the edge…
Be Yourself. Be Unafraid…Be your own Unexpected Luxury!

A Skater’s Wet Dream…

Getting an in school suspension was not part of your plan. You just thought you’d skip your last class of the day and go and watch her run the mile for gym, since you heard her complaining about it at lunch. You weren’t sure what was more embarrassing; your mother having to be called when you’re a senior or the fact that the dean busted you on the bleachers right as she ran past you. Either way it meant you’d be spending all weekend at home and the entire day Monday in the Biology lab serving your detention. Your friend Evan drives you home and as you turn the corner onto your street you see the cream color of your brother’s truck which must mean he’s decided to come and stay for a couple of days giving you even less privacy. You grumpily stumble out of the car and head up the walk just as your mom and brother are walking out for dinner. “Grounded!” Your mother says as she walks past you.

You head upstairs and throw your bag on the floor and fall onto the bed. Turning on the tv you notice your mom has set your skateboard on your desk. The new deck, a Sean Cliver for Girl Skateboards Blacklight Series “Buddha Superstar”, glows like sea monkey’s in the dark of the room. Just as you roll over in frustration your phone rings. “Boy, you have to GOT toget here now!” Evan whispers into the phone. He explains that she’s at the skate park. “And she’s alone. She didn’t come with him. I think they might have broken up or something.” You hold the phone in your hand thinking about how much you miss her. How her hair smelled when you sat next to her in her car. How she’d smile at you right before she’d kiss you. “Give me 15 minutes.” You say and hang up the phone.
Looking at yourself in the mirror you realize there is no way you’re going to get her back looking the way you do. In fact, since she broke up with you, because you got drunk instead of hanging out with her, you’ve kind of let yourself go. She always said how she liked the way you dressed because you didn’t give a fuck and just wore what made you feel good.

You quickly get undressed and throw on your Spenglish “Juan Two Three” tee (Spenglish, $45) that she loved. You pull up your tight Nudie “Thin Finn Faded Black Black” jeans (Nudie, $199) and check yourself out in the mirror. Not bad. Not too shabby at all. But it’s not enough. Running your fingers through your hair you realize it’s greasy and you haven’t washed it in a couple of days.

You look over at your clock and realize you’ve already wasted 5 minutes. You head into the bathroom and pull the clippers out from underneath the sink. Plugging them in you look in the mirror. “Fuck it.” Five minutes later the six inches of hair surrounds your bare feet. Some pieces on your head are still longer than others, but who cares. You’re not a barber and you kind of like how it looks edgy anyway. But something is still missing. You stand there for a second and then get an idea. Walking into the guest bedroom you stand over your brother’s luggage as if you’ve found your hidden Christmas presents and don’t know if you should open them and seal them back or not. Quickly you unzip the biggest bag and look until you find exactly what you’re looking for. His brand new Gucci Washed Ostrich Biker jacket(Gucci, $11300)

You slip the jacket on carefully realizing how much it means to your brother. Standing in front of the mirror you realize it looks absolutely perfect. You’re sure you’ll be back before your mom and brother get back anyway so you’ll just slip it back in the suitcase and you’ll never get caught. You quickly grab you board and run out the door.

While running over to the skate park you think back on the first day you actually got up enough nerve to talk to her after having watched her from far away for a long time. You remember how your friends were pissed because you chose to sit and laugh with her all afternoon instead of skating. “Bros before hos, dude.” Afterwards she asked you to teach her to skate. You kissed her instead. But she became a pretty good skater…for a girl. And for the six months you were together saved up your money to buy her a board. She broke up with you before you ever got a chance to give it to her and the board still sat on the shelf in your closet.

When you finally reach the skate park you immediately sitting by herself with her back up against a tree. You throw down your board and skate over to Evan. “She’s been by herself the whole time. I’m telling you man, I think they broke up. She looks really sad.” You look over at her but she doesn’t look back. You take a deep breath and skate over to her. “Hey” You say. She looks up. “Hey.” She says back. You sit down next to her just as it starts raining. “So.” You say. “So.” She says. “Not skating today?” She asks, barely looking up. “Naw.” You say. You scratch your newly shaved head and some hairs falls in front of your face. You laugh. “I’ve missed you.” She says. You don’t say anything. You never were good with words. “It’s why we broke up. I told him I couldn’t be with him anymore because I was still in love with you.” You close your eyes and scream at yourself in your head. Don’t Cry! Don’t be a little bitch and start crying! But she’s already beat you to the punch. You stand up and reach for her hand. “Let’s get outta here.” You say. She takes your hand and stands up. She’s still crying. You reach into your pocket and grab the Sugar Factory “Hello Kitty” couture pop (Sugar Factory, $25) you bought her while at your brother’s wedding in Vegas.

She looks up and you make a face. She laughs. “Come on you asshole.” She says, pulling you with her across the field towards her car. About halfway there you stop. She turns around, confused, her hair slicked back in the pouring rain. You take off your brother’s leather jacket and put it around her shoulders. Lightly grabbing her by the back of her neck you pull her towards you. “I’ve missed you too.” You say, right before you kiss her.

“Wait!” She says. You open your eyes and look at her mysterious smirk. “I want your new board too.” She says, biting the corner of her lip. You look down and feel the rain wash down over the back of your neck as you fix your eyes on the key of her 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (Jeep, starts at $25545) thinking about all of the times the two of you made out in that car. Man, not the new board.

You think about all the nights you tried to say you were sorry but she wouldn’t talk to you. You think about all the times you walked past her house after school just to see if she was there. You think about all the times you had to watch her with him. Sometimes…life is in the risks. “Deal.” You say, smiling. She grabs you and kisses you hard.

And standing in the field, your lips meeting hers in the rainstorm, you realize how happy you are that you decided to break the rules and just say fuck it. Because even though your life is going to completely suck for the next few weeks, this moment is totally worth it. After all…this might have just been the greatest day of your life.

Be fearless. Be yourself. Be your own unexpected luxury!

an Italian Sunday in bed…

Sunday…3:43pm…still in bed, your hand rubbing the stubble on his cheek as he sleeps softly, the smell of his cologne, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, burning off of his skin. Smiling, you remember the night before…Fresh oysters, several bottles of red wine in some loud, little bar where your friends were shouting and dancing with the sensual beats of the DJ spinning Federico Aubele’s Postales.


You look down, past your smooth stomach and bare navel and realize…you never took off your new Balenciaga shoes…a late night gift he slipped onto your feet right before you left the house in the pouring rain. Laughing to yourself, you kick him gently with the heel of the purple shoe, waking him up.

He yawns gently as he turns, the sheet falling slowly to the floor revealing the tanned skin of his ass tightly bound in the Jam briefs you bought for him two days before and secretly slipped in his briefcase. Snapping the band of the underwear, your finger stops to rest on one of the small dimples on the low of his back. And then…you lean in against him as he pulls out the carry out menu for the Chinese restaurant down the street. You smirk, shaking your head like a little girl…”No Chinese.” You say….”I want pizza.”

Simply Gucci…Cars and Boats

Last year, Gucci and Riva collaborated to upscale the original Riva luxury speedboat. The 2010 Aquariva was the result. Starting price: Approximately $750,000. Now, Gucci has taken it back to the road and teamed up with Fiat to create the Gucci Fiat 500C. Starting price: $19,500.


If you didn’t catch a glimpse of it at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City this month, check out the website HERE.

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

Lauren Conrad…Dancing Humbly Under a Paper Crown!

On September 28th, 2004, the world was introduced to Lauren Conrad as she walked the beach and narrated the opening of the MTV reality show Laguna Beach. We instantly fell in love with her as she slightly tucked her hair behind her ears and with an innocent smile turned her deep eyes into a brand of their own. In a world filled with reality stars and would be stars, she is the exception. Lauren has revolutionized pop culture, utilizing her foundation as a reality star on the MTV shows Laguna Beach and The Hills to transition her dreams themselves into reality. Now, she is a New York Times best selling author of several books including a series titled L.A. Candy. As fashion icon to the young, she is also a fashion designer with two fashion lines; LC by Lauren Conrad and her newest line, Paper Crown. Lauren also has an all inclusive, extremely impressive web site, simply called Lauren Conrad, which includes daily posts from Lauren herself, fashion and beauty advice, information about her fashion lines and books, decorating tips and a book club! There just doesn’t seem to be much she can’t do showing that maybe a lot of people underestimated her as just an Orange County teen with pipe dreams of fame. Quite the contrary. In a world where proof of true talent and earned stardom are measured by determination and success, Lauren is a princess…dancing humbly under a paper crown!

1. Describe Lauren Conrad; the person behind the brand.
I am 25. I live in LA with 2 of my best friends and our dog Chloe. I am a loyal and trusting friend. I am shy when I meet people. I am someone who is aware of how very fortunate I am. I hate surprises. I love planning parties for people. I enjoy being very busy. I love to travel. I am a nice person, but scold people that litter. I love being surrounded by my friends, mostly because they are all much cooler than I am….

2. After having most of your life played out so publicly, how do you keep some things, like your love life, so personal?
I really value having my privacy. Keeping my personal life private is special to me and it keeps me grounded. When you give so much of who you are to others its important to have things that are just for you. Things that only you have an opinion on.

3. Do you feel there are certain areas in which reality television has gone too far or exposed things, which shouldn’t have been exposed?
To be honest, I think everyone is ultimately in control of what they share. People should expose what is comfortable to them.

4. Have you ever thought about siting behind the camera and producing your own shows?

Yes,definitely. After working in front of the camera for so many years you start to image how you would do things on the other side. It’s certainly something I am planning to explore.

5. What are four small details about you that the world doesn’t already know?

1) I have a small chip on one of my front teeth. 2) I sing when I am alone in my car. Loudly. 3)I brush my teeth in the shower every morning because I’m usually running late. 4) I haven’t checked my voice mail in 4 years.

6. With Sugar and Spice, you have now written three L.A. Candy novels. You are currently working on a fourth fiction book. Where is the inspiration for this new book from?
My next book will be part of a three-part series called The Fame Game. It’s a spin-off from the L.A. Candy books inspired by an L.A. Candy character, Madison Parker. Madison is a callous fame-chaser who epitomizes everything ugly and wrong about the entertainment industry. It’s sure to be a juicy read…

7. How does it feel to have your books on the New York Times Bestseller list?
It’s unexpected and a little nerve wracking. Mostly, it’s an honor and a dream come true. I am so grateful to my fans and readers for their support.

8. You have defined your new clothing line, Paper Crown, as a collection for those who like to play dress up in a grown up world. What kind of girl wears Paper Crown and how do you mix whimsy and imagination with wearable clothing.
The Paper Crown girl is charming, fun and flirty, yet sophisticated. She’s a dreamer and is never afraid to wear jewels during the day. And most importantly, she knows who she is and is comfortable in her own skin. The look and feel of the line is clean with cool and pretty details. I wanted it to be polished looking, but still youthful.

9. How do you define sexy?
Sexy to me is being confident and comfortable in your own skin.

10. What is the sexiest city in the world? Sexiest beach? Sexiest restaurant? sexiest club? Sexiest designer?
Sexiest city is definitely Paris. Sexiest beach is in Cabo. Club is Club Teddys. Designer, Tom Ford.

11. You seem to have become this generation’s “Jennifer Aniston” of hair trends, meaning that anything you do to your hair become a trend. How do you keep your look young and fresh? Who do you rely on for fashion and beauty advice?
Well, thank you—that is such a nice compliment! Wow… To be honest, I’ve taken an interest in my health, so keeping my hair healthy from the inside out is important. There’s nothing lovelier than lush, healthy hair. Also, its important no to over style your hair which damages it. Needless to say, aside from healthy hair I think it’s important to mix it up and try new hairstyles. Just remember it’s important to frame your fashion and beauty sense around what works for you. It’s not all about trends.

12. Without knowing who it was to, what was the last thing you texted?
I texted a friend about going away for a girls weekend to palm springs.

13. We’ve followed you from the Laguna Beach days. In all of that time, are there any moments you regret or would have played out differently for the world to see.
I don’t regret the past; it got me to where I am today. And I’m thankful for that.

14. Of your co-stars, who are you still close with and see on a regular basis?

Lo is my roommate and bestie, so I’d have to say she is the closest.

15. If none of this had happened and you had simply graduated from high school, what do you think you would be doing today? Where do you want to be in 10 years?
I Would be working towards becoming a designer. It is and always has been my dream job.

16. If you were on death row for murder by beauty, what would you want as your last meal?

Pizza. But the good kind of pizza. The kind you find on the corner pizza shop in NYC and have to fold in half to eat. For dessert I would want Ice cream… So basically I have the same dinner request as a 5 year old. Pizza and ice cream.

17. What are three books, besides your own, that you would recommend to a close friend?

Definitely Bossypants by Tina Fey. We were just reading it for my Book Club. Also, Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls was great—loved it! And any of Chelsea Handlers book. I am obsessed with all of them!

18. What are five things we could find in your purse at any time?

Lip balm, my Blackberry, red lipstick, loose face powder, and keys… not very exciting.

19. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all?

Boxer briefs. I have a few pairs that I sleep in… you were asking about me, right?

Thanks LC…

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury.

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Brittany Mason…Will You Marry Me????

It’s OFFICIAL!!!! Our wedding plans are booked and at 6:30pm August 25th…our dear friend Brittany Mason, supermodel and former Miss Indiana USA 2008, will be marrying us at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas!!

The rest of the details…including the honeymoon…are secret…shhhhhh! So we can’t tell!

But….Brittany will be in town for 500 Weekend and we’ll be escorting her to The FANtasy 500 Race Party at The Columbia Club!

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!!!

There Is NO Fashion In Indianapolis!!!

…at least that’s what we were told last weekend by someone who had once held a vested interest in the fashion community in Indianapolis. And maybe we shouldn’t take cultural critiques from an experience we had while standing in a bar at 2am on a Saturday night, but it posed an interesting question. Is there any fashion in Indianapolis?

It has been almost 2 months since we posted our article Indianapolis “Press” Week…A Review of Midwest Fashion Week’s Last Night , sadly one of our most viewed post since our website started, even topping interviews with international superstar MYA, fashion editor and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia and CEO of PR firm Peoples Revolution and star of MTV’s The Hills, The City and Kell on Earth Kelly Cutrone; all three fashion and style icons of their own worth.

So, let’s dissect this a little bit, shall we. How does one define whether or not a city “has fashion”? Since the internet is where we go today for ALL of our educational needs, let’s borrow the definition of fashion by Wikipedia. Fashion, a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear or accessories. Therefore, that would imply that for Indianapolis to “have fashion”, it would need to have it’s own popular style or trend which would be identifiable to Indianapolis. But we think that’s a bit too broad. We believe we’re really talking about Indianapolis being fashionable, aware of style and attempting to move forward in regards to these issues.

Photo courtesy of Erin Finn

Twenty years ago the fashion industry in Indianapolis was known for really only two names; Bill Blass and Alpha Blackburn. Helen Wells was still the talent agency of choice but there were many of agencies as well. There was still a bevy of local models with only a few getting most of the work, such as Erin Finn. But, there was also an undercurrent of local fashions shows by designers and artists such as Stephen Garstang, who produced shows at The Patio and the likes, utilizing music and style to enable a subculture of hopeful artists who all dreamed they would one day make it big. Sound a little bit like Indianapolis today?

Yes and No. Today, we still have Helen Wells, Bill Blass and Alpha Blackburn, but we also have so much more. We have incredible new designers, photographers, stylists, models and producers all hoping to either make it big or at least live their passion. We were criticized horribly for our interpretation of Midwest Fashion Week. Well get over it! We were treated rudely as were many of our friends in the fashion community. And like it or not, we are a substantial part of the fashion community here in Indianapolis. Not only are we attempting to attend and support every fashion show or production, made difficult by the vast amount of fashion shows as of late, but we are also bringing international interviews of fashion icons to our city as well as being invited to fashion and style events all over the country. And we don’t mean this in any way arrogantly. We are simply stating this so that everyone will understand that when we critique something in Indianapolis it is because we only hope to raise the bar and make it as great as possible; something everyone else here is apparently afraid to do…except for us.

In speaking to Althea Harper, finalist for Project Runway, as well as the host of the Midwest Fashion Week After Party, we asked her if she felt Indianapolis designers should be held at any less of a standard because they aren’t showing in New York, Paris or other cities and she stated that she believed they should be held to the same standards if they ever wanted to be taken seriously, explaining that she didn’t believe it was any easier for her to put together a well designed show just because she was living in New York City. Some local designers are showing in other cities such as Arlinda Norris, head designer of powerhouse design firm R.LYNDA, who showed recently at Atlanta Fashion Week. Nikki Blaine recently had her work in swag bags at The Academy Awards and Bloomington streetwear prince Dope Couture is literally changing the face of national streetwear, even having his designs worn by hip hop and rap stars.

And that’s just the beginning. Just over a year ago, we saw the origin of The Indianapolis Fashion Collective who states their mission is “to Empower, Unite, Showcase and Grow the best of Central Indiana’s Fashion Industry talent.”
In the same year, Christy Pastore started her international online fashion magazine Fashion Wrap Up to unbelievable number of worldwide fans. Indiana’s very own Brittany Mason walked in six shows at New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and has done international campaigns all over the world. We have several local style blogs such as Haute in the Heartland and The Adventures of Lesalina, not to mention several other blogs and online fashion magazines getting their early start. M Renee Al-Eryani, owner and creator of Curat Handcrafted Soaps is beginning to be noticed on a national level. Truen Jaimes, creative director of House of 5th, is taking his brand and distributing internationally. Other models in Indianapolis have gone on to greater fame and are leaving every day. We have more stylists in Indianapolis now than ever before, led by Nikki Sutton, Zoe Renee Huse and our recent favorite pick DaNisha Greene who literally stole the show at the Roc Da Mic event created by showmaster producer Carolos Kirk. Other Streetwear designers and companies, such as Kaitlin Elyse of T.Party Clothing and the brand new BB40, are bringing a new culture of fashion to Indianapolis that most are taking for granted. And we have educational outlets and internships such as The Art Institute of Indianapolis and Harrison College, something Indiana didn’t have 10 years ago.

Magazine Cover/Photo Courtesy of Fashion Wrap Up

And the list goes on and on and on. The fashion industry in Indianapolis has grown so much in the last few years we can’t even list everyone who belongs on this list. Of course, we have some other favorites, such as photographer Polina Oscherov and brother and sister style team Ian and Erika Stikeleather who in 10 years may be running the fashion industry of Indianapolis. Models Shaunna-Marie Hill, Emily Nyberg, Steve Sebree, Taylor Holden and Alexis Farley. And who will be next? Well, hopefully all of the above as we’re huge fans…but what about photographer Robin Marchant from Ball State who has played such a sublime role in Indianapolis’ Fashion Scene? Could she be the next huge thing out of Indiana? We think so. Emily Nyberg and Alexis Farley will most definitely be names to remember. And remember DaNisha Greene…we’re putting our money on her. Not to mention some of the students we saw at The Midwest Fashion Week Student Show which absolutely blew us away!

So yes…Indianapolis does have fashion. Tons of it! The reality is that the person who told us that had absolutely NO idea what they were talking about, which is why we wished them good luck on their new endeavor and went on our way. We believe in the fashion industry in Indianapolis, but we don’t believe in how it’s run. Some of the mainstays who want to dictate how things should be run need to move out of the way or become more supportive to ALL of the fashion in Indianapolis. And you know who you are. We aren’t talking about the Helen Wells’ or the Alpha Blackburns who have continue year after year to endorse this community. We’re talking about the ones who want it their way or no way. Well…as good ole Bob Dylan once said, the times they are a-changin! There is so much fashion in Indianapolis right now we can’t even keep track of it! And this chaos that has begun will one day settle down, weed itself out and we will emerge as a town to be reckoned with seriously.

Photo Courtesy of Shaunna-Marie Hill

Our style is individualized as well. Our closet could literally be split down the middle, one half dedicated to Diesel and Joe’s Jeans while the other side is filled to the brim with Broadripple Vintage and Rag-a-Rama. Our house is littered with every style magazine from Vogue to Elle to GQ, Details and Arena. We interview people who know iconic style such as Nina Garcia and we adore models who have individual style, such as Velvet D’Amour and Dita Von Teese! We know fashion. We know style. We have our own, even if it’s off the rack or hidden in the backpack of a cowboy. Everyone has their own style. And that’s what makes it fun. Fashion is supposed to be seriously fun! Do what you want. Buy what you want. Make what you want. As RuPaul says, “We’re born naked and all the rest is drag!” The only thing Indianapolis doesn’t have, like us, is the ability to support one another in their differences and come together to make everyone’s dreams come true.

Isn’t there enough room in Indianapolis for every designer, photographer, blogger, stylist, columnist, hairstylist and model to be fulfilled? We think so…and we’re not going anywhere soon! So watch out! Because next time we might not be so nice and we might just have to call out a few fools!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

Nina Garcia’s Primitive Instinct

Photo Courtesy of Nina Garcia

Legs crossed tightly, pen in hand, she mentally critiques the contestants on Project Runway with a keen eye and an intricate sense of humor. We watch as she gently tucks her hair behind her ear, the other side falling in front of her eye as she chooses her words carefully and what we realize quickly is that we are in the audience of a style genius. We originally sought her out for this interview because, to us, she is the epitome of class. We only know what we have seen on our television screens and what we’ve read in her four books, the most recent, Nina Garcia’s Look Book, having just been published in 2010. Colombian born, educated in the United States at both Boston University and the Fashion Institute of Technology as well as being a world traveling connoisseur, she is a woman who apparently can float through time and space, continent to continent and yet retain the wisdom and beauty hidden in the small crook of her slight smile. Previously, she was the fashion director of Elle magazine and now holds the same position at Marie Claire magazine, allowing her to literally hold the ultimate position of directing the pulse of fashion and style to her readers. She has also been a judge on eight seasons of the award winning, fashion reality show, Project Runway. Not only does she hold hold these powerful positions, but she is also the wife of David Conrad and the mother of two sons, Lucas Alexander, born in 2007 and Alexander David born last November 29th, proving that actually, you can have it all. Her official website, Nina Garcia, presents with the same class and whimsy that she seems to carry from videos of fashion shows, notable and epic quotes, her favorite posts and of course style and fashion commentary. As she moves forward, family and fashion, we will continue to watch and relish the small intricacies, such as her hidden smirk and wildly gorgeous hair, which makes us love her so…

1. When looking at a new fashion designer, what are some things you look for that set one designer above the rest in being the next to follow?

I think there’s a word for that: “Instinct”. Somebody told me that to be old means to lose the ability to be surprised, and this, to be surprised, to see something unexpected on the runway it’s what sets one designer above the rest. As you can imagine, this is a very primitive instinct (that not only happens in fashion but also in movies, art, music), where you just feel that what’s happening in front of your eyes is something exceptional. I would have loved to be, for example, in 1863 at the Salon des Refusés where the first impressionist paintings were introduced to the world or when Picasso presented Les Demoiselles d’Avignon to the world. The same can be applied when the old Alexander McQueen presented his collections in Paris: we all went to his shows willing to be surprised.

2. How does your Colombian heritage contribute to your innate, fashion sense and success in the fashion industry?

Colombian women believe that physical presentation reflects the person you are on the inside. Women put a lot of time and effort into the way they present themselves. Growing up I was constantly surrounded by incredibly vibrant, confident, feminine women, women who knew who they were and what image they wanted to convey to the world.

3. Current fashion trends are displaying polka dots and color palettes. What are some current trends you think are overplayed and what trends have you been excited to see?

Overplayed: the 80’s!! So overplayed and done with.
Excited to see: anything except the 80’s please!

4. What do you believe will be the next, big fashion trend?

I think for Fall we will see: polka dots from spring will carry into fall, mod’s making a come back, long tail, minimalist.

5. How important do you think presenting ready to wear versus couture design in a runway show is to a fashion designers success?

It all depends on what you define as “success”. For some people success is equal to the number of sold-out items of your collection. For some other, “success” is defined by how many times your couture outfit has been seen in a magazine cover or by the blooming reviews your collection has got. “Success” as you can imagine is a very tricky word. I will say: it doesn’t matter to me if it’s couture or ready to wear if a designers conceives a great collection, that makes fashion move forward.

Photo Credit: Mark Abrahams
6. As one of the most well known fashion journalists, what is the best advice you can give to someone entering or trying to improve their career as a fashion journalist?

Always be on your toes, always be in the know. You never want to be the last person to hear about the news… always be ahead of the game.

7. In styling for a fashion show, what are the five most important things a stylist should consider?

1.) know your models: take down every measurement because you have to figure out which model should wear which look!
2.) always have a really well stock prop kit
3.) cohesive collection: there’s an inspiration so everything should all be a cohesive presentation
4.) do a pre-show run thru! Things may work out in your head but it might not always look the same in real life

8. What is essential in making an iconic, fashion model and who are three current models you would consider iconic?

unique look, recognizable face that becomes popular, personality, world renowned.

Newest ICONS: Lara Stone, Karlie Kloss, Freja Beha Erichsen, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Natasha Poly

ICONIC: Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen, Daria Werbowy, Karen Elson, Angela Lindvall, Natalia V, etc etc….

9. Who are three fashion designers who’s careers you would recommend to fashion students as impressive role models for success in the fashion industry?

Classic role models: Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent
More recent role models: Michael Kors, Prabal, Alexander Wang

10. What does a designer need to strive for to be on the cover of Marie Claire magazine?

Be daring! Be bold! Understand the woman’s body!

11. For any person, fashion noteworthy or not, what defines individual style and how can someone find their own individual style if they don’t feel they have one?

Individual style comes from within oneself. Being comfortable in your own skin, loving and owning your own body, being confident with who you are both inside and outside will help you define your own personal style. There are no rules, no seasons, it’s all about you. It’s how you feel its what you personally love and making it work for you!

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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