Adriana Lima: The Queen of the Secret! Sexiest Woman of the Day! Runway Shows!

adriana lima

We don’t even know what to say.  There is no one else who should ever wear the fantasy bra except Adriana Lima.  She…just…is.  For that reason, this 32 year old, Brazilian mother of 2 daughters is our Sexiest Woman of the Day! We adore her!

Check out a compilation video of her Victoria Secret runway shows…of which she is most famous, and the Queen of the Secret!


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Sexiest ENGAGED Couple of the Day! Scarlett Johansson & Romain Dauriac

scarlett johansson romain dauriac couple engaged_raannt

We love couples in love…and this one takes the cake, wedding cake that is!  The always beautiful Scarlett Johansson has said yes to boyfriend Romain Dauriac, her boyfriend since late 2012!  Dauriac, a French journalist, will be Scarlett’s second marriage.  She was first married to Ryan Reynolds from 2008-2011! Who wouldn’t want to marry a French journalist!!!! Or Scarlett…we love her! Congrats to you both!

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Sexiest Woman of the Day! A Country Starlet!

sexiest woman of the day_raannt

We haven’t posted a Sexiest Man or Sexiest Woman of the day in awhile, but our pick for today’s Sexiest Woman of the Day so inspired us by her most recent look that we just had to post about her and get back to the routine of naming those deserving souls on The Sexy List!

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

We are soooo in love with Taylor Swift’s look at the MTV VMA’s!!! She not only looked classic and gorgeous but has obviously moved from the girlhood realm of cute to the woman’s side of SEXY!!!!

Let us know what you think below and check back for tomorrow’s Sexiest Woman of the Day!

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Lea Michele…Sexiest Woman of the Day! Sexy Video Compilation!

Lea Michele Sexy_raannt

Damn we love her! Not only are we huge Glee fans, but we are also diehard Lea Michele uber-fans.  Since we’re still reeling from the recent loss of Cory Monteith, we thought we would send out some love to our girl and spotlight her as our Sexiest Woman of the Day!!! Not only is she super talented, she is also able to transform herself from innocent schoolgirl to red lipped vixen.  We love all of her looks and are so proud of her for holding herself up through these tough times…the true sign of a Sexy Woman! Hang in there gal…we love you!

Check out this super sexy video compilation we found of her below!

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Jennifer Lawrence…Sexiest Woman of the Day! Catching Fire Official Trailer!

jennifer lawrence_raannt

We’ve posted this picture before and we’ll post it again and again.  Jennifer Lawrence has proved that she is one of the most amazing, young actresses of our time, being able to transform herself into many different roles, but with these gorgeous pictures of her from a few years ago, she also proves she’s one hot tamale! We love her and can’t wait to see where she takes us next which is why we’re picking her for our Sexiest Woman of the Day! Being sexy is about being talented, exciting, confident, humble…and unpredictable…and she has it all!

Check her out below in the official trailer for the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire!




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Blake Lively…Sexiest Woman of the Day! No Baby Yet!!!

Blake Lively_raannt

Rumors have been floating all over the web that Blake Lively is sporting a “baby bump”, but her reps have stated that there is no fact to this claim.  Although we’re sure the time will come, we’re excited to see what adorable children this sexy lady and her sexpot husband, Ryan Reynolds, produce! So come on guys…hurry up already!

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Kate Upton…Sexiest Woman of the Day PLUS…Sexy Video!

kate upton

We love Kate Upton.  She’s absolutely gorgeous in this Lolita kind of way.  Half Innocent…Half Wicked.  You know what we mean.  You know you wish you knew what mean! This 21 year old, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model hasn’t even been of legal age long enough to get into trouble…but being the natural flirt that she is, she finds trouble wherever she goes.

TMZ released a topless video of Kate awhile ago, but due to the fact that we’re a “classy” website(WE don’t have a problem with nudity, actually we encourage it, but our sponsors and advertisers don’t necessarily appreciate it!) we’re not going to post the video…just the link HERE. It’s literally Kate, looking like Daisy Duke in pigtails, riding a horse with her top off.  It’s extremely edited and pretty safe for work…but we’re warning you in advance!

But even though she’s a pretty face and an even prettier body…her look transitions well to many types of styles.  Below are some of our favorite modeling looks!

kate 5

kate 2

kate 4

Check back in tomorrow for our Sexiest Woman of the Day pick! And let us know in the comments below who you’d like to see on our list!!!!

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Salma Hayek…Sexiest Woman of the Day! Salma Does a Sexy Table Dance!

salma hayek

You know how we love our Latinas…so be sure to stay tuned for our long list of these spicy women who will be on our Sexiest Woman of the Day List!  Several days ago we asked a good friend who he thought was the Sexiest Woman of All Time and he said Salma Hayek! We’re not sure we’d pick her for All Time…But she’d definitely be in our top 3…Not bad for 46! It proves some things do get better with age! We love her and her work all the way back to the early 90’s up to her recent role as Drug Dealer extraordinaire in Savages! Check her out below in From Dusk Til Dawn when she performed one of the sexiest table dances EVER!

Check back tomorrow for our pick for Sexiest Woman and Man of the Day!

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Selena Gomez…Sexiest Woman of the Day! Hot New Video!

selena gomez

We knew we were going to have to put Selena Gomez on our list sooner or later so we figured why not on some boring Tuesday to spice things up! This spicy Latina, who was named after singer Selena, made her debut on Barney and Friends…and she’s come a long way.  All the way to the top of Maxim magazines chart for sexiest women of 2013!!!! At only 21, she’s taking over the world through music and film, and we’ve been taken away as well.  At the same time, both innocent and sexy…this girl has it all! Check out her new video for Slow Down!

Check back in to see our pick for tomorrow’s Sexiest Woman of the Day! And let us know in the comments below who you think we should pick!

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Shakira…Sexiest Woman of the Day! New Perfume Wild Elixir…See NEW Video!

shakira elixir

As we’ve stated many, many times before, we are huge Shakira fans.  We would probably put her in our top 5 for most beautiful women in the world.  With only 7 days left until the release of her new fragrance Wild Elixir, we thought it appropriate to pick her for our Sexiest Woman of the Day!

Check out Shakira’s website HERE to learn more and watch her new video below for Wild Elixir!

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