Big Brother: Double Eviction! Who Was Evicted??? Complete Spoiler!

Is there anyone who likes Mike Boogie? Seriously.  What…a tool.  Did you see his outfit for eviction??? By a vote of 5-2 Mr. Boogie got Boogied outta the house! Thank God! Who voted to keep him???  Frank…obviously.  And Ashley.  Hmmmm…That was all in the first 15 minutes.  HIS 15 minutes of fame.  OVER! The best play in the season was when Mike sat in front of Julie Chen and had to watch Ian’s goodbye video when he told him he was the one that masterminded his demise!  Bye Bye Boogie!

And after a very quick Head of Household competition, who is the next Head of Household????


He then nominates Frank and Ashley…imagine that.  Next Up…Power of Veto competition.  And guess what???

Yep, that’s right.  Frank. 

As exciting as all of this is, we’re really rather bored with Frank.  Get him the hell outta the house.  Stupid, stupid, stupid! Of which he yells to Ian, “You made the wrong decision.” What decision did he think he was going to make???

Frank of course takes himself off of the chopping block and Ian replaces him with Joe.  The quick eviction takes place and everyone votes for Ashley to be evicted except for Frank.  Interestingly Dan says he is voting against Ashley because she didn’t ask for his vote??? Whaaaaa???

Her response as she’s heading out of the door, “See you in jury” and then walks through the door and tells Julie Chen, “love your side pony!”.  Although we love her…she’s a complete flake.

And then…it was over.

The next Head of Household will be on Sunday! But…if you’re really addicted, you can always watch it on the live feed.

Just some thoughts: Why the hell was Ian pacing around at the end like he was having a panic attack.  Nervy! And someone please cut Shane‘s hair! By the way…Love ya Brit!

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